Exopolitics: political implications of the extra-terrestrial presence
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Foundations for Globally Managing Extraterrestrial Affairs – The Legacy of the Nazi Germany-Extraterrestrial Connection

Research Study #6

Published July 27, 2003, www.exopolitics.org

ă Michael E. Salla, PhD    


Introduction [1] :
There is compelling evidence that in the early 1930’s, the technology and presence of one or more extraterrestrial (ET) races became known to the leaders of Nazi Germany who embarked on an ambitious effort to communicate with these races for the purpose of acquiring their advanced technology. Using communication techniques that would be widely dismissed today as ‘psychic channeling’, there is evidence that the Nazi sponsorship of occult societies that specialized in this form of communication with these ET races, was successful in gaining information that produced rapid technological breakthroughs that eventually came to the attention of the intelligence services of Britain, France, USSR and the USA. While predictably dismissive of such esoteric practices by the Nazi regime, each of the intelligence services of these major states initiated efforts to attain whatever intelligence information they could gain on the purported Nazi communication methods with an ET race(s) while monitoring the ‘ET inspired’ technology being developed by Nazi Germany.
At a time of growing international tension where another major European war (World War 2) loomed on the horizon, major global powers would have been concerned about the ramifications of Nazi Germany seeking to acquire advanced technology through esoteric forms of communication with ET races. While sightings of ET/UFO craft were relatively rare in the 1930’s, historically there had been sufficient sightings to raise the possibility of an ET presence on the planet for political leaders. [2]   Not only was Nazi Germany actively developing technology that was inspired through such communication, but it had also learned of remote locations around the planet where it could retrieve ET artifacts. The Nazis sponsored numerous expeditions to remote locations the results of which were largely unknown to Western intelligence services. [3] There is also evidence that Nazi Germany was able to eventually retrieve an operational ‘ET craft’, which suggested the Nazis were being assisted by one or more ET races. [4]
In this paper I analyze how global management of what can be defined as ‘Extraterrestrial Affairs’ – government policies dealing with the existence of ET races and ET inspired technology - has as its foundations events that occurred during the 1930’s when ET’s first began to communicate with the leadership of a major world government. The fact that this government was that of Nazi Germany who soon began a campaign aiming to establish military dominance in Europe, was significant in terms of how the ET presence would later be globally managed by the victorious Allied powers who emerged from the carnage of the Second World War. I begin by analyzing Nazi Germany’s ‘success’ in communicating with ET races and gaining information for the development of ET inspired technology that would be used to build offensive weapons for the Nazi war effort. I will argue that the ‘successful’ conclusion of the Second World War led to a rude awakening on the part of the Allied powers of the full ramifications of the Nazi successes in developing ET technology. Not only had Nazi Germany successfully developed and/or reverse engineered ET technology through questionable psychic channeling methods, discovery of ET artifacts and retrieval of ET craft, but a significant number of the Nazi elite had escaped with the most advanced of their ET inspired technology to hidden locations in Antarctica and South America. This meant that contrary to public perceptions of a successful conclusion to the Second World War, a significant portion of Nazi Germany’s most advanced technological assets and military-scientific elite was outside the reach of the victorious Allied powers.
What compounded the serious policy dilemma confronting the Allied Powers with the continuation of remnants of the Nazi regime in Antarctica and South America was the physical intervention of ET races that seriously impacted on the need to manage the ET presence globally. Even more disturbing was the possibility that the elite remnants of the Nazi regime was being assisted by one or more ET races thereby making it impossible for a complete eradication of the Nazi presence. What follows is an effort to identify the main policies used by major states to globally manage the acquisition and development of ET technology, respond to the ET presence, and deal with the policy consequences of Nazi elites hidden in secret bases in the Antarctic and South America....


A complete and updated version of this paper has been published as chapter three in Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence









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