Exopolitics: political implications of the extra-terrestrial presence
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In this book, Dr. Michael Salla addresses the core challenge of exopolitics - preparing the general public for the exposure of secret governmental policy on extraterrestrials. We the public are fortunate, for Dr. Salla has written a monumental, evidence-based work, firmly establishing exopolitics as the new political science of outer space, mapping relations between our human civilization and other intelligent civilizations in the Universe. His documentation of U.S. Government secret human-ET liaison programs and of Manhattan Project II - a CIA black budget funding of a advanced ET-based New Energy technology and genetic farming programs - is a profound public service. Dr. Salla's analysis of the flaws inherent in the Rockefeller-Kissinger power politics approach to extraterrestrial society makes the military-industrial complex transparent. Dr. Salla rightfully distinguishes between ethical and unethical extraterrestrials and concludes it is the very secrecy of Treaty agreements with unethical Extraterrestrials that threatens our consitutional order and human sovereignty. Dr. Salla supports a ban on the weaponization of space, and concludes that disclosure and not space weapons are the exopolitical solution to a future healthy relationship with extraterrestrial civilizations. This comprehensive book provides a first history of the development of exopolitics, and of its significant contributors. Dr. Salla sets out the possible paths of First Contact - from the "Evil ET" False Flag operation, to a genuine upper-dimensional federated galactic intervention on Earth. This book will be a standard reference in exopolitics for many decades to come.
Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed., author of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe.

Any public official or private citizen who wants to 'open the books' on UFO/Extraterrestrial evidence should open Dr. Salla's book first. He creates an essential historical perspective on both the challenges and need for disclosure. Most important, he highlights the basic requirement of engaging, and not ignoring, the public in this paradigm-shifting process.
Jeff Peckman, Director, Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission Campaign, www.extracampaign.org


Dr. Michael Salla has written a definitive and groundbreaking expose on the historical reality of extraterrestrial diplomacy. He traces the deep penetration of extraterrestrials into government, military, corporations, and society.The reader discovers that initial core questions of diplomacy-who are our neighbors and how do we live together-have been answered. According to Salla, protocols were developed, professionals trained, budgets approved and national security breached through hidden channels. This book is a clarion call for the electorate to acknowledge this history in order to exercise their constitutional, inalienable human rights.
Rebecca Hardcastle, Ph.D., author of Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind

There are two places one can learn about the Truth Embargo with regard to extra terrestrials and their interaction with this planet; the first being the Military Industrial Complex; (if one can get in) the second is by reading "Challenge of Exopolitics" by Dr Michael Salla. This book is a revelation of cosmic proportion illustrating 60 years of secrecy by the Military Intelligence Services. These include agreements with ETs without congressional oversight, the squandering of Tax revenues on Black operations and a truth embargo which prevents the media reporting high profile cases of UFO sightings or ET human contact. Consequently planet Earth has been deprived of a planetary voice; divided and ruled over by the Elites. Dr Salla's book contains testimonies by whistleblowers, all with first hand knowledge of the shocking truth. This book is powerful, a superb achievement -and finally, the truth is out."
Neil Gould - Founder of Exopolitics Hong Kong

"Michael Salla continues to expand the political and social consciousness of a planet of beings in desperate need of a vision. His portrayal of our current reality and his vision of the future will become an historical masterpiece and an awakening for our species. Michael tells a profound story about us and weaves a tapestry of things to come with those who live beyond the stars. Dare to read it and ponder."
Victor Viggiani, M.Ed., Director of Exopolitics Toronto"Dr. Michael Salla says in this new book that the main challenge for exopolitics practitioners is to expose the truth of extraterrestrial life and associated secret public policies to a largely unprepared general public. With his detailed analysis of evidence of secret treaties that were signed with certain ETs, it becomes clear that legitimate constitutional government has been subverted in America, and that this culture of secret governance is continuing to damage our fundamental rights and spread like a cancer. Dr. Salla also offers us solutions to this problem through education and a proposed "truth and reconciliation" process. This new book is another step forward for exopolitics research and practical application."
Thomas Hansen, Ph.D.

Meticulously documented, profoundly researched and intensely interesting, Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life written by Dr. Michael Salla reveals a historical piece of evidence outlining how the U.S. has been secretly implementing and creating policy concerning the Extraterrestrial presence without the awareness of Congress, the general public and the National Security System. It goes beyond the study of UFOS to credibly demonstrate that someone is preparing or has prepared for Contact. This book becomes the ultimate support for the discipline of Exopolitics and a major contribution to the field.
Paola Harris, M.Ed., Photojournalist/Reseacher. Author Exopolitics: How does one speak to a ball of light?

Michael Salla's new book raises probably the most important issue and yet also the most ignored and misunderstood one among those confronting mankind today. He analyzes systematically, on the basis of a number of official documents and personal testimonies from witnesses, the systems and methods devised by some major powers under the leadership of the United States, to deal with and respond to the revelation of a massive, technologically advanced Extraterrestrial presence since the Second World War.
In doing so, the author incidentally exposes some of the major but hidden factors for the Cold War, the seemingly unjustifiable growth of the military-industrial complex in the US and lately the major economic crisis now befalling America and the world. It appears, in the light of Salla's research, that more than one trillion Dollars a year has been covertly diverted from the US economy by the CIA and the Pentagon, over and above the official defense budgets, partly in order to finance an extremely complex and ambitious program, in the likeness of the Manhattan project, for reverse engineering of ET technology and for building a planetary defense system. This has been done by an unacknowledged, unelected, unsurpervised secret or "deep" government which has mostly operated outside the law and the framework of the Constitution on an international level,sponsoring a very large number of "black" projects, otherwise known as Special Access or Controlled Access Programs, without any regard for budgetary stability or the welfare of the civilian economy which seems to have thereby been hallowed out over the years.
The thesis laid out by Salla provides convincing reasons to believe in the existence of this long-suspected secret government, which has been accused of carrying out a number of far-reaching actions abroad and on the home soil, such as the JFK and RFK assassinations and the 911 "false flag" attacks in New York and Washington. The author cites and discusses a number of testimonies alleging that the US secret government has made agreements with certain Extraterrestrial visitors who have gained pervasive and probably undue influence over it. He proposes an alternative policy of disclosure, openness, public debate and scrutiny to deal with the Extraterrestrial challenge in a global cooperative manner, as opposed to the secretive, arbitrary and illegal methods used so far. This book does not just show us a time bomb ticking away under our current civilization. It also gives us a sensible method to disarm that bomb."
Come Carpentier de Gourdon, Convener of the Editorial Board, World Affairs Journal.

Dr. Michael Salla's latest book Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life is a powerful revelation about America's darkest secrets interlocked with identifiable extraterrestrial civilizations and their impact on our culture and our freedom. Americans have been technologically assisted; while spiritually and intellectually deterred by the unconstitutional compromises negotiated between our government and the aliens. A courageous pioneer, Dr. Salla is a learned scholar who is dedicated to uncovering the truth in his quest to uphold the Constitution of the United States and its spirit of freedom and equality.
Dr. Salla identifies some of the nation's foremost agencies, including the CIA, DoD, NSA, Presidential Administrations, the military services, private corporations and Special Access Programs as complicit in this well-funded, unlawful cover-up. The governmental, corporate and military leaders, who are aware of these programs, maintain a level of secrecy, coercion and compartmentalization that defies detection.
With a well formulated, clearly presented analysis and his educated commentaries, Dr. Salla provides reliable, factual data proving that billions of dollars in tax-payers' money and resources, have been funneled into these secret projects for more than 60 years. There is the strong possibility that indefensible human abuses have occurred and been condoned in military-E.T. laboratory facilities underground in America and elsewhere. Dr. Salla brings us the truth of these inhuman practices with well-documented and historical references.
Giving hope and understanding to his readers, he explores positive conclusions regarding our responsibility as Earth's citizens to educate ourselves in preparation for First Contact with humanitarian extraterrestrial civilizations who genuinely wish to assist the people of Earth. These extraterrestrials who have not participated in secret treaties with the governments of the world are the galactic civilizations who are devoted to upholding the welfare of humanity. These are the ones we welcome as we begin a new accountable era of honest communications with integrity on Earth.
This is a magnificently documented and meticulously indexed book. A reference book for many of the strange and secretive cases we have studied and sought to comprehend. Dr. Salla wisely and fascinatingly takes us through the eventual visitations with humanitarian extraterrestrials and the subsequent world implications of our mutual friendship.
Joan Ocean, MS, Executive Director, Dolphin Connection International, USA




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