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There are hundreds of website on ETs/UFOs. The following are links to primary sources of information for the study of Exopolitics. The choice of links reflects the extent to which these cast light on the political implications of the ET presence and are not an endorsement of all of the views found in each website. The following list is not exhaustive and will continue to grow as additions are made. I make comments where appropriate given my knowledge of the website founders and/or the material. [Michael Salla, Ph.D.]


Exopolitics Links : The following are sites directly related to the practice and understanding of Exopolitics.

Exopolitics Institute is the leading international exopolitics organization with an international Advisory Board and Board of Directors comprising pioneers in exopolitical analysis and action.

Exopolitics Journal is a free online journal exclusively focused on exopolitics research. Submissions are open to the general public.

Exopolitics Certification is a website promoting online courses in exopolitics taught by professional educators.

Exopolitics Network is a collection of exopolitics researchers and activitists associated with the Exopolitics Institute

Exopolitics World Network is a hub of websites promoting exopolitics.

Exopolitics.Org is my primary website and by April 2007 contained over 1200 pages of my exopolitical commentary and analysis.

Exopolitics.Com is the website of Alfred Webre, J.D., a pioneer in the development of exopolitics and author of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe (2005).

Exopolitics Italy is a website created by Paola Harris, MEd., for various Exopolitics initiatives in Italy. Paola is author of Exopolitics: How Do You Speak to ta Ball of Light (2007).

Exopolitics Toronto - website of Victor Viggiani, M.Ed., and Mike Bird with information on Canadian Exopolitics initiatives.

Exopolitics UK - webiste created by David Griffin who promotes exopolitical awarness in Britain and is organizing an Exopolitics conference for the United Kingdom.

Exopolitics Germany - website created by Robert Fleischer who has established a German Initiative for Exopolitics and Disclosure of UFO-Technology.

Exopolitics.Eu - website of John Kuhles who is promoting exopolitics in the Euroepean Parliament and has a popular radio show in the Netherlands, Untold Mysteries.

Exopolitics.blogspot.com - blogsite of Ed Komarek - Founder of Operation Right to Know.

Exopolitics Denmark is a non-partisan movement whose mission is to inform the public in Denmark about exopolitical events worldwide in Danish.

The Canadian is an online newspaper that regularly publishes articles on exopolitics

X-Conference is the website of the Exopolitics Expos created by Steve Bassett. These two international conferences in 2003 and 2004 helped establish the field of exopolitics.

CSETI is the website created by Dr Stephen Greer is dedicated to his galactic diplomacy initiatives

GalacticDiplomacy.com - Angelika Whitecliff is co-founder of GalacticDiplomacy.com, and co-organizer of two exopolitics conferences in Hawaii

Whistleblower Sites: These links provide information by former military, government and aviation officials on the ET presence

Disclosure Project provides an extensive database on information provided by former government, military and aviation officials. It is run by Dr Steven Greer and is a must read for anyone wishing to find out about the strongest evidence for an ET presence, and governmental non-disclosure activities. Dr Greer and I strongly disagree over the motivation of extraterrestrials and you can read my response to his critique on the Disclosure Project website here.

Project Camelot provides videos and transcripts of a number of recent whistleblowers. A very important site for researching whistleblower testimony.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. provides helpful information on a range of former government and military witnesses to the ET phenomenon. Dr Boylan and I have had many disagreements over the motivations of different extraterrestrial groups. You can read about one of our exchanges here.

Above Black is the website of Dan Sherman who spent three years as a member of the USAF working for the National Security Agency as an electronic intelligence specialist. During that time, he was an integral part of a project called Preserve Destiny -a project deeply involved with the ET presence.

Wingmakers has an extensive amount of online from what is claimed to be a former insider of a clandestine government organization that has extensive interactions with different ET races.

Al Bielek claims to have participated in an incredible series of clandestine military projects at the Montauk Naval Facility involving time/interdimensional travel, Martian colonies, Mind Control/Psychotronic weapons, and other exotic ET technologies.

Mars Record provides online information from the 'retrieved memories' of a former military serviceman who claims to have served on Mars and other clandestine military operations. Mind boggling material that certainly raises issues over what 'objective standards' need to be applied in conducting 'legitimate' ET/UFO research.

Witness Testimonies: These links provide information on the extensive witness reports and evidence of the extraterrestrial presence

Report on Unidentified Flying Objects was written by Capt Edward Ruppelt, the former chief of the Airforce's Project Blue Book. A definite classic in the field of UFO studies.

Flying Saucers are Real was the first book authored by Major Donald Keyhoe who was undoubtedly the most activie, popular and effective spokesperson for the reality of UFOs. His extensive connections with senior Navy personal led to much valuable information in his books.

Center for UFO Studies was first established by Dr Allen Hynek. It is a leading organization in the collation, and analysis of information pertaining to witness testimonies of UFOs and ETs.

Mutual UFO Network is another reputable organization in the collation, and analysis of information pertaining to witness testimonies of UFOs and ETs.

The National UFO Reporting Center is "dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data" and has been in operation since 1974.

UFO Evidence provides an extensive database of sightings and other phenomena related to UFOs.

National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena was formed during the 1950s and was the premier investigative organization of UFOs until the 1970s. This site preserves much of the evidence accumulated by NICAP.

Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence was created by James Gilliland and provides extensive video and photographic evidence of the extraterrestrial/UFO presence around Mount Adams, Washington State, USA. ECETI provides a model for how the extraterrestrial presence can be integrated into human society.

Abductions/Contactees: These links provide online information on the abduction and contact phenomena, and resources for those who require assistance in this area.

The John Mack Institute is website has numerous online interviews and writings featuring the work of Dr John Mack on the abduction phenomenon

Intruders Foundation was established by Budd Hopkins to provide accurate information on the abduction phenomenon

International Center for Abduction Research is headed by Dr David Jacobs who is a pioneer UFO researcher and expert in the abduction phenomenon.

International Community for Alien Research was created by Joe Montaldo and is one of the largest organizations created for abductee researchers and experiencers.

Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support provides resources for those interested in and/or desiring support in dealing with abduction phenomenon.

Malevolent Alien Abduction Research website gives testimonies and resources for those experiencing the dark side of the abduction phenomenon.

George Adamski was one of the first contactees to achieve world wide recognition for his extenstive experiences with a range of extraterrestrial races. This is a link to his book, Inside the Flying Saucers.

Daniel Fry was a former technician at White Sands Missile Base who had a number of contact experiences with extraterrestrials.

Billy Meier has long provided extensive video and photographic evidence of the extraterrestrial/UFO presence in Switzerland.

Alex Collier claims to have had extensive contact experiences with extraterrestrials from Andromeda, and has revealed much about ET politics and history in his book, Defending Sacred Ground which can be downloaded here.

Adrain. This is an interview with 'Adrian' who provided extensive photographic evidence of his contacts with Pleiadians.

Remote Viewing : These links provide information on the intelligence gathering process of Remote Viewing

International Remote Viewing Association is a starting point for a comprehensive understanding of the history and feasibility of Remote Viewing as it emerged as a fledgling US intelligence funded program at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). It has a number of excellent papers that can be read online and has links to important Remote Viewing resources.

Ingo Swann was the first psychic employed at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and helped create the first protocols for remote viewing.

Joseph McMoneagle was one of the first stars of the Remote Viewing program started by US Army Intelligence. His website contains fascinating information on what it was like to be a psychic spy while serving in the US military.

Farsight Institute is a non-government organization directed by Dr Courtney Brown who has written two books on the Remote Viewing conducted on the ET presence. Farsight offers Remote Viewing training and has information on the history and success of Remote Viewing as an intelligence gathering tool.

Psi Tech is a non-government organization run by individuals trained in the Remote Viewing program conducted by SRI. It offers Remote Viewing training and has information on the history and success of Remote Viewing as an intelligence gathering tool. It uses a lot of flash animation requiring a variety of plug-ins that makes for a visually attractive package though quite time consuming.

Independent Archeology: These are links to websites providing historical evidence for an ET presence

Zecharia Sitchin is a leading Sumerian scholar who has translated thousands of cuneiform texts recording the historical interaction of ETs with humanity up to the time of the Sumerians.

Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association providesLots of useful information on the latest news on archaeological research into humanity's ET heritage with a focus on the work of Erik Von Danniken.

Neil Freer has extensively researched Sitchin's Annuanki theory and has writtent a number of books discussing the exopolitical implications.

William Henry bases his work on the mythological writings from various ancient civilizations that discus the presence of advanced ET races that historically interacted with humanity. He has an extensive amount of material online; and, among other topics, he discusses the current interest in Iraq as related to myths of the return of the ET ancestors.

Laurence Gardner analyses ancient Biblical, Sumerian and Egyptian texts to describe an ancient world deeply influenced by the activities and powers of powerful extraterrestrial races, and their continuing global influence through secret societies.

Lloyd Pye is an Independent British Archeologist who has written a number of works on ancient records and evidence substantiating the historic ET presence on Earth. He provides online material supporting his views.

Bible UFOs analyses biblical references that support the existence of ET 'creator gods' that interacted extensively with humanity in ancient times.

Channels: These are links to some of the 'channels' claiming to be in telepathic communication with ET races.

Lyssa Royal claims to be channeling a number of ET races. She has written a number of books on the ET presence and its political implications. Her website has an extensive collection of online articles dealing with various aspects of the ET presence.

Arcturian Channels are a series of channeling sessions which I personnally witnessed. The channel has much integrity and the information on exopolitics and galactic diplomacy is well worth reviewing.

Kay Simmons channels Lady Kadjina who claims to be from Alpha Centauri and provides extensive information on a large range of topics that have political implications.

Bashar claims to be an Essassani that is channelled by Darryl Anka. I have seen Daryl channel on a number of ocassions and he provides a life changing experience for audiences.

Sheldan Nidle claims to be channeling a number of ET races from the Galactic Federation. He has written a number of books on the ET presence and its political implications. His website has an extensive collection of online articles dealing with aspects of the ET presence and the clandestine government activities associated with ETs. .

Jelaila Starr claims to be in telepathic communication with ET races associated with the planetoid Niburu. She provides a lot of information on the nature and composition of different ET races that have influenced, and continue to influence, political events on the planet.

Cassiopaea provides a tremendous amount of information that deals with virtually all topics that arise in UFO/ET discussions. The Cassiopians claim to be non-physical beings from a higher dimension located primarily in the Cassiopaea constellation.

Marshall Vian Summers claims to be in contact with ETs who call themselves "Allies of Humanity." He gives helpful information on the different forms of ET intervention in human affairs, and how to interact with ET's.

Ashayana Deane (aka Anna Hayes) is the 'transmitter'/author of the Voyager material. Provides a tremendous amount of information on a historic conflict between three broad groupings of ETs battling over the hearts and souls of humanity. Lots of controversial material here that's worth pondering.

UFO Documents: These are links to documents that concern the ET/UFO presence.

Black Vault contains thousands of documents dealing with the UFO question can be accessed here.

Presidents and UFO's website provides fascinating documentary information on various US Presidents and their involvement with the ET question.

Majestic Documents lists a number of documents that purport to describe official UFO policy

MORE ET/UFO LINKS: The following are links that provide helpful information on the ET presence and its political implications.

UFO Evidence has an extensive collection of online articles on UFO sightings, ET abductions, Crop circles and government secrecy. Well worth spending time at this site.

Ramanuel's Hyperbase offers a wealth of information on extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories and related topics drawn from a variety of sources that make up a very helpful reseach tool for exopolitics. I highly recommend a visit.

UFO Info has a wide range of UFO related information and news updates. Well worth a visit.

Alien Jigsaw has an excellent collection of articles on the abduction phenonemon, mind-control, and government complicity. Provides an excellent resource for research on abductions and mind control.

Why Files is an extensive collection of articles/information that help answer some of the key questions concerning controversial ET/UFO topics. The founders of this site have succeeded in presenting the material in a thoughtful and concise manner that aids researchers.

Alienshift has an extenstive collection of articles and links provided by David Farman on various aspects of the extraterrestrial presence. Well worth spending time here.

UFO Resource center has a growing selection of articles on UFOs and Exopolitics. It is run by Christopher Montgomery and has an internatioal advisory board.

Crowded Skies has an extensive collection of articles/information on the ET presence. You can download the Dulce Papers from here. Well worth a visit.

UFOs at Close Sight has over 9000 html files dealing with UFO related material. Many hours of worthwhile reading here.

Minotour Labyrinth website by Gabriel Chiron, if one ignores the anti-U.S. rhetoric, he has some thoughtful insights on a number of exopolitical topics.




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