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Exopolitics Today Week in Review – Sept 23, 2023. Topics covered: Germany & Artemis Accords, Biosignatures on Exoplanet, Unbalanced approach to David Grusch FOIA docs, Scientific American becomes UFO gatekeeper, US Customs & Border Patrol UFO doc dump ... https://exopolitics.org/exopolitics-today-week-in-review-with-dr-michael-salla-sept-23-2023/
Here's a review of four theories about Warp Drive & Faster-than-light technologies being proposed in open source science circles. However, credible sources declare scientific breakthroughs in developing such technologies happened in the classified world decades ago and have been applied in modern day secret space programs. "These Are the Top Four Theories That Could Bring Us Closer to Faster-Than-Light Travel"https://thedebrief.org/is-warp-speed-possible/#sq_hgcc8t1yrh
I watched a fascinating expletive laden, woke-free 4.5 hr interview with Dr. Jack Sarfatti who has some solid info to share about downed UFOs, extraterrestrial visitors, time travel tech, warp drives, CIA research into consciousness and UFO tech, but is wrong on the all-important issue of whether reverse engineering programs of captured UFOs have been successful or not. Sarfatti believes that the Tic Tac UFO and most UAP sightings involve humans from the future using time travel tech that he is destined to invent. All this is based on telephone calls he received in 1953 and his supreme confidence in the time travel and warp drive theories he has developed. My view is that Sarfatti has been played by the CIA into thinking no alien/time travel tech has been successfully reverse engineered. In Sarfatti's worldview, claims of successfully reverse engineered ET technologies belonging to a secret space program run by the US Navy called Solar Warden, a German Dark Fleet that was established in Antarctica, extraterrestrial visitors working with different military services to build antigravity craft, etc. is conspiracy nonsense. That's despite hundreds of whistleblowers/insiders revealing their participation in such secret space programs. Sarfatti is a good example of how even brilliant thinkers can be easily duped by the intel community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70Vrvg4dUHQ
There is Congressional opposition to the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023 and the need for more transparency on UFO/non-human intelligence related Special Access Programs. While the Act has already passed the US Senate, Sen Rounds supports cutting it back during the reconciliation phase between the House and Senate in the passage of the NDAA for 2024: https://twitter.com/MikeColangelo/status/1705918033359720502
How many of the dozens of whistleblowers reporting on recovered UFOs are aware of successful vs unsuccessful reverse engineering programs? "Dozens Of Government UFO Whistleblowers Have Given Testimony To Congress, Pentagon, And Inspectors General ... https://public.substack.com/p/dozens-of-government-ufo-whistleblowers
Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes. Much appreciated. A Kuria Matte.
Good to know who's behind efforts to block the historic UAP Disclosure Act from being enacted. While the Senate has passed it, the House of Reps didn't include it in its version of the NDAA 2024. It's fate will be debated in a conference committee to reconcile the 2 versions. https://twitter.com/end_uap/status/1706376303908135128
Glad to see some UFO researchers are talking about human-looking extraterrestrials having infiltrated Earth a long time ago. Many credible witnesses such as William Tompkins and Bob Dean confirm that this process is well known to US and military forces worldwide. https://twitter.com/planethunter56/status/1707178684174766247
You can add the Dept of Energy to the list of government agencies releasing UFO documents. I agree that this is another sign of the tsunami wave of official disclosures that are coming as the 2023 UAP Disclosure Act gets closer to being passed into law. https://twitter.com/Docneuroeo/status/1707718338170995138