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In his keynote presentation to Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, Ross Coulthart, an award winning Australian investigative journalist discusses his journey to accepting the reality of UFOs and a high level official cover up. He discusses reading Nick Cook's book, The Hunt for Zero Point, hearing from Australian Air Force pilots about the UFO reality, and hearing the testimonies of Karl Nell, David Grusch, Luis Elizondo, Kit Green, Tim Gallaudet, et al., convincing him that UFOs related to Non-Human Intelligence have been recovered and are being secretly reverse engineered around the world, albeit unsuccessfully in the US. I find it very curious and suspicious that the work of Dr. Steven Greer in finding hundreds of credible insiders/whistleblowers dating back to the early 1990s is entirely ignored by Coulthart. Greer has learned from these whistleblowers that UFOs have been successfully reverse engineered. Is this why Coulthart, et. al are ignoring him? Is Coulthart an unwitting player in a limited hangout? "Ross Coulthart reveals the night that convinced him to investigate UFOs ..." https://youtu.be/VuCPbavls0U?si=Wz1zXoJHAy7SqP81
The Calvine UFO photo showing a 100 foot long diamond-shaped craft viewed by two British chefs in 1990 is very clear and has only recently re-emerged. The two chefs who took the photo were debriefed by Men in Black from the Royal Navy that so unnerved them that they soon disappeared. One of the chefs said "It was the Americans". This suggests the craft was very likely reverse engineered by a joint US British aerospace consortium. 10 years earlier, the Cash Landrum incident happened in Texas involving another diamond shaped UFO that was being flight tested according to former AFOSI agent, Richard Doty: "Mystery of two British friends who took UFO picture then vanished" https://mol.im/a/13502811
Very revealing interview about missing children from illegal immigration. Human trafficking is a huge source of revenue for the black budget that funds DUMBs and SSPs. Where do the children end up? Not necessarily on Earth as there is an ET element in terms of a galactic slave trade. Tony Rodrigues is a child survivor of such a galactic slave trade. "This is America's DARKEST secret and no one can talk about it" | Redact... https://youtu.be/Vnwdj86ghak?si=1iFf_OBrONBw98nd
Dick Allgire's Future Forecasting Group is among the most accurate remote viewing projects in the open source world. Their latest project on CERN is very helpful for those wanting to know what's really happening at CERN⚠️ What's REALLY Going On At CERN 🚫 Remote Viewed [Pt.1] https://youtu.be/4RlHDia2AZ8?si=n0Sabkxna9cGiERY
Here's a fascinating roundtable discussion by male presenters at the Sept 27-29 GSIC conference on their respective topics. I discussed the upcoming 3rd volume of JP's US Army Insider Missions and his first public appearance. SECRETS OF DISCLOSURE REVEALED - GALACTIC SPIRITUAL INFORMERS CONNECTION... https://youtu.be/0DXibzHiO-k?si=Ex0WP9RQLVOUdPIc
Well worth watching the current edition of Star Nations News to learn the latest developments about the Jupiter Accords, the Artemis Accords, the Hub, safety zones & how this impacts the galactic slave trade, etc. STAR NATION NEWS /34~ June 10 2024 https://youtu.be/EZq1T8pNmSI?si=NWYjWn_cqekS7FU4
A UAP Caucus of over 80 Japanese legislators that includes former Defense Ministers has been formed to investigate UFOs as an important national security threat. A former senior Pentagon official, Chris Mellon, gave a virtual briefing of what the US has done to investigate UFOs and their national security implications. Japan has a rich history of UFO sightings, ET contacts and an alleged SSP. Is Japan getting ready for major UFO disclosures? https://thedebrief.org/japan-launches-uap-investigation-following-u-s-report-identifying-region-as-hotspot-for-sightings/
Stories of encounters with underground Earth civilizations (aka cryptoterrestrials) goes back many decades. Recently, a US Army insider, JP, has been on multiple covert missions where he has encountered cryptoterrestrials such as Ant People, Nordic ET colonists in underground bases, and an ancient underwater civilization in the Bermuda triangle. These cryptoterrestrials have reached agreements with Earth governments/militaries and exchange technology and knowledge without surface humanity being aware. "Hidden UFO civilization could be on Earth: Harvard researchers" https://www.newsnationnow.com/space/ufo/ufo-uap-hidden-society-harvard-paper/
A deal between Russia and China to establish an International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) first agreed to in 2022 has been ratified by Russia's Parliament and signed into law by President Putin. The deal heralds two rival space blocs coming into existence over the next decade. The Artemis Accords led by the US currently has 42 signatory nations, while the China-led ILRS has 11 signatory nations. "Putin signs Moon-station deal with China" https://www.rt.com/news/599170-putin-russia-china-moon/
A militarized version of SpaceX's Starlink is to be acquired soon by the Pentagon to form a global satellite communication network. This is another example of how classified tech is transitioning to open source. According, JP, who currently serves in the US Army and has performed covert missions with US Space Command, classified satcom systems similar to SpaceX have already been set up around planets and moons such as Ganymede. "Pentagon embracing SpaceX's Starshield for future military satcom" https://spacenews.com/pentagon-embracing-spacexs-starshield-for-future-military-satcom/
The Secretary of the Dept of Energy substitutes the word "Drone'" for UFO and admits they are a national security problem at nuclear facilities. Importantly, the Secretary confirms the DOE works with JSOC in dealing with national security issues. JSOC is part of Special Operations Command which is based at McDill AFB in Tampa, Florida. In 2017, JP, who is currently serving in the US Army took dozens of photos of antigravity craft operating out of McDill, and was encouraged to do so by SpecOps personnel. How many of the UFO craft witnessed over DOE facilities are antigravity vehicles used by JSOC and SpecOps? "Energy czar makes UFO admission during GOP lawmaker's fiery exchange – and that's not where it ends" https://www.foxnews.com/us/energy-czar-makes-ufo-admission-during-gop-lawmakers-fiery-exchange-thats-not-where-ends #FoxNews
In the following interview, Dr Gary Nolan applies what he considers to be the scientific method to witness testimony in general and on UFOs in particular. He defers to sociologists on dealing with witness testimony and then goes on to explain how medical researchers/scientists regard such evidence as anecdotal. This is generally the position taken by mainstream physicists, astronomers, etc., on witness testimony, these are viewed as anecdotes that a competent scientist will disregard and leave to social scientists to examine. Problem with this approach is that there is a big difference between an anecdote and first-hand witness testimony from whistleblowers, experiencers, etc. An anecdote is something you hear from someone else that you relay to others making it second hand info. E.g., "my friend who serves in the military told me about the UFO he saw". That is an anecdote if all we know is what you are relaying as second or third-hand testimony. If the military friend comes out and directly reveals what he saw then that is not an anecdote but is eyewitness testimony. Dr Nolan is conflating first hand eyewitness testimony with second hand anecdotes. This is something that other scientists such as Dr Avi Loeb do and they need to be admonished for doing so. This is very dismissive of first hand witnesses such as whistleblowers and experiencers who often risk much in coming forward to reveal what they know about UFOs, and their testimonies should not be confused with anecdotal story telling.https://youtu.be/ilou4EU9XgE?si=eT7yaIZnHuzBQrfA&t=612
Very impressed by Alex Collier's June 14 webinar. Lots to contemplate in terms of where we are going as a planet & challenges that lie ahead as we reconnect with our individual sovereignty, make contact with ET life and deal with release of advanced tech. https://www.crowdcast.io/c/alex-collier-webinar-211
Why is the US Congress passing bills to reinstate the military draft in the US? In both the Ukraine-Russia and China-Taiwan conflicts, it's unlikely that conscripts will be needed given that hot wars there involving the US military would be respectively fought by the USAF and US Navy using high-tech weapons rather than massive infantry formations. The draft makes more sense if the Deep State is preparing for a war scenario that involves the need for massive infantry formations to defend the US homeland. What possible war scenario would require millions of conscripts being trained to fight on US soil? For over three decades, there have been many warnings about a False Flag Alien invasion being staged. The Deep State can use the legacy media and general public fears over the recently contrived "UAP threat" to manufacture an alien invasion scenario. Conscription would be an effective way to silence dissenters and to rally public support behind the troops fighting a largely contrived and mysterious alien entity. "Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service" https://www.zerohedge.com/military/military-draft-coming-house-passes-measure-automatically-register-men-selective-service