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ET Seeders, Space Arks and the Great Reveal Webinar – Part 2

On April 9, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla presented his ground breaking research in a 2 hr webinar titled ET Seeders, Space Arks and the Great Reveal. Today this information stands as an important resource of uncensored disclosure in the exopolitical and more importantly, Humanity’s Global Awakening. We...

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The Ancient Underground Castle with Gold Plates – JP Update #31

On February 20, 2024, JP was sent on a five-man mission to an underground location in an icy cold region of the US. He was taken by a Blackhawk helicopter, where he and his companions were drugged and woken up when they arrived at the destination. They were dressed in black outfits equipped with radio-connected...

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A Glimpse into Catastrophic Disclosure – Webinar Highlights

On February 03, 2024 Dr. MIchael Salla held his first webinar for 2024 that analyzed the consequences of the failed UAP Disclosure Act of 2023. The “Controlled Disclosure” initiative contained in the Act was gutted. In the webinar Dr Salla presents a compelling case for Catastrophic Disclosure...

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What’s Coming In 2024: Catastrophic Disclosure

Failure to include the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023 in the Pentagon’s massive National Defense Authorization Act for 2024 put an end to an officially sanctioned initiative for controlled disclosure of the reality behind UFOs. The stage has been subsequently set for “catastrophic disclosure” a far more...

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