Research Papers

The first section of articles includes Research Papers that are comprehensively researched and referenced, and range in length from 5,000 – 12,000 words. This section will also include research articles published in the Exopolitics Journal; and ‘Exopolitics Reports’ that provide a comprehensive analysis of a critical expolitical issues that range in length from 15,000 to 18,000 words.

Research Study Papers & Reports

Astropolitics: The International Journal of Space Politics & Policy (March, 2014), “Astropolitics and the ‘Exopolitics’ of Unacknowledged Activities in Outer Space.”

Exopolitics Journal (Dec 2013) – “Track Two Galactic Diplomacy: The Role of Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations” (5000 words)

Exopolitics Journal (March 5, 2012) – Celestials are helping humanity prepare for Extraterrestrial Contact and World Peace: An Exopolitics Perspective (6000 words)

Exopolitics Study 14 (Feb 8, 2012) China US trade imbalance: bad policy or payback for CIA use of stolen WWII gold? (4000 words).

Exopolitics Study 13 (Jan 18, 2012) Trillion dollar lawsuit exposes secret Bilderberg Gold Treaty & funding of extraterrestrial projects (7500 words).

Exopolitics Journal Paper (June 28, 2010) – President Kennedy’s deadly confrontation with the CIA & MJ-12 over ET/UFO X-Files – Part 2 – (4500 words)

Exopolitics Journal Article (July 1, 2009) – Kennedy’s Deadly Confrontation with the CIA & MJ-12 – (4800 words)

Exopolitics Journal Article (Jan 2009) –“Are ‘Celestials’ assisting Humanity in Relations with Extraterrestrial Life?” For PDF version click here (6000 words)

Exopolitics Journal Article (July 1, 2008) – Exopolitics: Discipline of Choice for Public Policy Issues Concerning Extraterrestrial life (For PDF version click here [4500 words]) Also published in World Affairs: The Journal of International Issues (Summer 2008) 114-129.

Exopolitcs Journal Article (Jan 6, 2008) – Galactic COINTELPRO: Exposing the Covert Counter-Intelligence Program against Extraterrestrial Contactees” (For PDF version click here [6000 words])

Exopolitcs Journal Article (July 10, 2007) – The Covert World of UFO Crash Retrievals – An Overview of Personnel Management in Majestic-12 Group Projects (For PDF version click here [5000 words])

Exopolitcs Journal Article (April 1, 2007) – How the US Government Supressed the World’s First Civilian Spacecraft (For PDF version click here [5000 words])

Exopolitics Journal Special Report (April 1, 2007) – Survey on Extraterrestrial Visitation – Public Feedback & Analysis” (For PDF version click here)

Exopolitics Journal Paper (October 1, 2006) – Extraterrestrials Among Us – For Adobe PDF version click here (5500 words)

Research Study #12 (September 11, 2006) – False Flag Operations, 9-11 and the Exopoliticall Perspective For PDF copy click here (4700 words)

Research Study #11 (August 12, 2006) – “Divine Strake” vs. ‘Divine Strike’ –  Did Extraterrestrials Deter the Pentagon from a Preemptive Nuclear War Against Iran? (5000 words)

Exopolitics Journal Paper (April 1, 2006) – Colonel Philip Corso and his Critics: Crossing the Rubicon between Objective Criticism and Debunking – Part II (Note: This is an Adobe PDF File – 5000 words)

Exopolitics Rsearch Study #10 – Nexus Magazine (Feb 9, 2006) – Using Space Weapons Against ET Civilizations (click here for Adobe PDF File) ( 5000 words)

Exopolitics Journal Paper (January 14, 2006) – Colonel Philip Corso and his Critics: Crossing the Rubicon between Objective Criticism and Debunking– (Note: This is an Adobe PDF File – 5000 words)

Exopolitics Journal Paper (Oct 1, 2005) – The History of Exopolitics: Evolving Political Approaches to UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (Note: This is an Adobe PDF File – 5000 words)

Research Study #9 – January 1, 2005. “Political Spin and Extraterrestrial Disclosure – Shaping Public Opinion for ‘First Contact’ with Extraterrestrials,”[11,000 words]

Exopolitics Report #2 (Revised) Jan 1, 2005 . “A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity,”(15,700 words)

Research Study Published on –“The Emergence of ‘Track Two’ Galactic Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Races – The Role of Private Citizens & Groups in Establishing Communications & Agreements With Extraterrestrial Races,” [9500 words]

Exopolitics Report #3 (Sept 14) 2004 – The Black Budget Report: An Investigation into the CIA’s ‘Black Budget’ and the Second Manhattan Project [15,500 words]

Research Study #8 – February 12, 2004. “Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials: The Fiftieth Anniversary of First Contact?” [6,700 words]

Research Study #7 – January 1, 2004. “The Failure of Power Politics as a Strategic Response to the Extraterrestrial Presence – Developing Human Capacity as a Viable Global Defense Strategy” [6,000 words]

Dulce Report – September 22, 2003. “The Dulce Report: Investigating Alleged Human Rights Abuses at a Joint US Government-Extraterrestrial Base at Dulce, New Mexico.” [18,000 words]

Research Study #6 – July 27, 2003. “Foundations for Globally Managing Extraterrestrial Affairs – The Legacy of the Nazi Germany-Extraterrestrial Connection.” [ 10,000 words]

Research Study #5 – July 4, 2003. “Political Management of the Extraterrestrial Presence – The Challenge to Democracy and Liberty in America.”[13,500 words]

Research Study #4 – May 30, 2003. “Responding to Extraterrestrial Infiltration of Clandestine Organizations Embedded in Military, Intelligence and Government Departments” [10,000 words]

Research Study #3- March 27, 2003. “America’s Triumph & Europe’s Angst – The Secret Race to Control Iraq’s Extraterrestrial Heritage” [10,000 words]

Research Study #2 – February 3, 2003. “An Exopolitical Perspective on the Preemptive War Against Iraq” [7,000 words]

Research Study #1 – January 20, 2003. “The Need for Exopolitics: Implications of the Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories for Policy Makers and Global Peace” [10,000 words]

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