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November 22, 2020 – Kennedy’s Last Stand: UFO’s, MJ-12 & 4th Reich Links to JFK’s Assassination

After winning the 1960 Presidential election, Kennedy learned a shocking truth from President Eisenhower. The control group set up to run highly classified projects involving captured Nazi flying saucers and extraterrestrial technologies, the Majestic-12 Group, had become a rogue government agency. Eisenhower warned Kennedy that MJ-12 had to be reined in. It posed a direct threat to American liberties and democratic processes. MJ-12 opposed Kennedy’s efforts at every turn. When Kennedy was on the verge of succeeding, by forcing the CIA to share classified UFO information with other government agencies due to an agreement with the Soviet Union on joint lunar missions reached on November 12, 1963, he was assassinated ten days later.
Youtube Trailers – click here and here.
Length: 4 hrs 15 mins. Recorded November 22, 2020

Why Space Force terrifies the Deep State & Rogue Secret Space Programs-September 26, 2020

Space has for decades been used by the Deep State and rogue Secret Space Programs (SSPs) to manipulate humanity through false flag operations, staged “alien abductions”, targeted satellite-based behavioral alteration and genetic modification, a galactic slave trade, and generating an enormous black budget for funding highly classified corporate technology projects. The recent creation of the US Space Force terrifies the Deep State and rogue SSPs since Space Force threatens to upend these egregious practices.
Youtube Trailers – click here and here.
Length: 4 hrs 15 mins. Recorded September 26, 2020

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Full Disclosure vs Limited Hangouts: How the Deep State Plans to Hide the Truth about SSPs & ET Life”- August 22, 2020 

Two recent New York Times stories on UFOs are part of a Deep State plan to unveil a very limited disclosure of the truth behind Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Life. The goal is not so much to inform, but to misinform the general public through a Limited Hangout that keeps the full truth hidden for decades to come.
Youtube Trailers – click here and here.
Length: 4 hrs 15 mins. Recorded August 22, 2020

China Secret Space Program Webinar Series

Part 1 – Origins of China’s Secret Space Program: From Technological Backwater to Military Superpower in Space

While living in the United States, a brilliant Chinese scientist, Dr. Tsien Hsue-shen, is chosen to work on the US (Army) Air Force’s most classified technologies for over a decade during the 1940s – 1950s. Suddenly, he is outlandishly targeted by the FBI, traded in a prisoner exchange by President Eisenhower and returns to China in a sequence of events orchestrated by the Majestic 12 Group/Deep State. These contrived events ultimately led to China’s development of a military-run secret space program using exotic electromagnetic propulsion systems now challenging US military dominance on Earth and in outer space.

YouTube Trailer for Part 1: Click here

Length: 2 hrs 15 mins. Recorded July 11, 2020

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 China’s Pyramids, Ancient Civilizations and Extraterrestrial Contact

China has a rich ancient history with many legends of advanced flying technologies, mysterious underground civilizations and extraterrestrial contact. What is the truth behind these legends and are China’s mysterious pyramids older than contemporary archeologists claim? Do China’s pyramids possess hidden repositories of long forgotten technologies that are secretly being studied and reverse engineered by leading Chinese scientists with the help of extraterrestrial visitors? Why did Chinese military forces, with Soviet assistance, invade a large UFO base built by Agartha and did they take away flying saucer technologies? All these questions will be answered with persuasive evidence and facts about China’s carefully guarded connections to ancient peoples, artifacts and the stars.

YouTube Trailer for Part 2: Click here

Length: 2 hrs 30 mins. Recorded July 18, 2020

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Part 3 – China’s Secret Space Program Today – Global Threat or Opportunity?

China is in the midst of a stealth war against the USA where it is using an asymmetric military strategy called “Assassin’s Mace” to dominate the strategic high ground of space, and replace the US as the world’s hegemon before 2049 – the 100th year anniversary of the Communist Revolution. By 2030, China’s economy will outgrow the US, and China plans to use its vast economic resources to project its presence deep into space in ways that may lead to escalating military confrontations with the newly created US Space Force.

YouTube Trailer for Part 3: Click here

Length: 2 hrs. Recorded July 25, 2020

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In this exciting 3-Part Webinar series, you will learn never before seen information about China’s development of a secret space program, its connection to pyramids, extraterrestrials and ancient technological artifacts, along with the CCP’s long term strategic goals for global dominance, the help it’s receiving from the Deep State and the necessary steps individuals can take to help ensure the preservation of liberty and freedom.

YouTube Trailer for Full Series: Click here 

Length 7+ hours, Parts 1-3

Available for purchase on Vimeo

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