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Today marks the 20th anniversary of which was created on January 20, 2003, on Martin Luther King Day. The date was chosen to celebrate the life and mission of Martin Luther King who was a personal inspiration to me, and whose work had important similarities with the new research and life venture that I was embarking on with the creation of Dr King confronted racial segregation that discriminated against people of color in the American South. In first being exposed to the reality of extraterrestrial life, and a massive cover up of supporting evidence I saw a similar struggle ahead to what had confronted Dr King in the civil rights arena – it would be segregation based, not on skin color, but, on privilege and access to advanced technologies reverse engineered from alien visitors and ancient civilizations.

After a 20-month period of researching the issues raised from my watching of Dr Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project Press Conference in May 2001, I decided to change my conventional research interests at American University where I had worked since 1996 as a peace and conflict resolution scholar. In writing my first exopolitics paper, “The Need for Exopolitics: Implications of the Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories for Policy Makers and Global Peace, I naively thought it would be welcomed by my superiors at American University in Washington DC. How wrong I was. I was told not to associate the University with exopolitics in any way, and so could not publish my article on my Amerian University webpage, which I had created in 1996. This refusal directly led to the creation of . Continued opposition led to my eventual dismissal from American University in 2004.

Twenty years after the creation of the website, I am encouraged by the increasing number of individuals that have become interested in exopolitics, and who have created exopolitical websites and organizations around the world. Nevertheless, the struggle is still massive and much work needs to be done to expose the extent of the cover-up of extraterrestrial life and reverse engineered technologies used in secret space programs. We continue to live in a globally segregated society where the vast majority of humanity struggle with basic energy, food and health issues on a daily basis, while a privileged minority have unfettered access to incredibly advanced technologies used in deep underground bases and off-planet facilities with zero transparency and accountability.

The individuals, institutions and processes that hide this truth from the American and world publics need to be exposed. Up until very recently, there were powerful public biases that individuals discussing UFOs and extraterrestrial life are on the fringe of society and needed to be shunned. That has begun to change with recent mainstream coverage of UFOs (aka UAPs) as a national security threat that culminated in the creation of the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office on July 15, 2022, which is now delivering regular reports on UFOs/UAPs to the US Congress. Nevertheless, much work needs to be done as the extraterrestrial origins of many UFO/UAPs continues to be downplayed or shunned by mainstream media regardless of the evidence.

Instead, the mass media is consistently describing UFOs/UAPs as a national security threat that raises the specter of a false flag event being orchestrated that once again manipulates public opinion through deception and hides the truth that we live in a deeply segregated global society, which has profound quality of life implications for the general public.

All studying UFOs, extraterrestrial life and secret space programs are courageous individuals who have dedicated much of their time, and lives in many cases, to finding out the truth despite public dismissal and ridicule. While there will always be differences of opinion and methods among researchers, I admire all who have dedicated their time to UFO and exopolitical issues given the historical public biases against such interests. I especially appreciate those individuals that have supported my work in many ways and given me the courage to continue despite the determined opposition of public institutions and the mass media.

Exopolitics continues to personally inspire me and my research interests. Those visiting can view online for free the full scope of my 20 years of research – well over a thousand articles equivalent to ten books worth of material or over a million words. More recently, I have begun doing regular Exopolitics Today podcasts featuring interviews with many witnesses, contactees, and researchers that cast more light on the exopolitics phenomenon, which is far to big and complex for any one individual to have all the answers. My full archive of interviews going back to 2004 can be found on, again, all for free.

I look forward to what the next 20 years will bring to the field of exopolitics and to my own endeavors to learn the full truth. I am very thankful for the contributions of Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, JP, Wendelle Stevens, William Tompkins, Clifford Stone, Steven Greer, Paola Harris, and many others who have cast light on the complexity surrounding extraterrestrial life and secret space programs. I greatly appreciate the support of my webmaster Jas Marlin who also helps with the videography of my interviews. I am especially grateful to my inspired and talented wife, Angelika Whitecliff, who continues to support me in all my exopolitical endeavors through her editorial, artistic and videography skills.

Finally, I sincerely thank all that have had the courage to write, speak or commit themselves to investigating and informing others about evidence of visitors from other worlds coming to our small planet, and overcoming the segregated global society we live in that has been created by those controlling access to reverse engineered technologies from extraterrestrial or ancient civilizations. You continue to inspire me and give me cause for optimism over the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead for us individually and as a species as we boldly step forward to embrace the truth about our cosmic visitors and our Star Trek future.

Warmest Aloha

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

January 20, 2023

Secret deals have been struck between an Earth Alliance of space faring nations and extraterrestrial organizations for major disclosures to happen in 2023, concerning the existence of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. Senior military and government officials are participating in clandestine meetings being held in highly classified facilities, the news of which is being released as part of a plan to accelerate official disclosure.

In addition, insiders report ancient underground civilizations now plan to increasingly reveal themselves to surface humanity in 2023. Meanwhile, the awakening of giants in stasis chambers, the intervention of Seeder extraterrestrials, and return of the Enki faction of the Anunnaki will ramp up events in 2023 – with colossal disclosure ramifications! In the midst of all this, the US Congress has for the first time given protection to whistleblowers to reveal the truth about UFOs to the newly created All Domain Anomalous Resolution Office.

Meanwhile, the unprecedented growth in public discontent over rigged elections, the refugee crises, mismanaged economies, political censorship, the Ukraine War, etc., is leading to an unprecedented collapse of the Deep State control system precipitating a global revolution. Simply put, Truth revelations are causing a mass awakening.

The Deep State’s imminent collapse will facilitate major disclosures in 2023 about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life that have long been the crown jewels of the global control system.

In his first webinar for 2023, Dr. Michael Salla will review the incredible changes happening behind-the-scenes and provide details of how these are part of an unfolding disclosure plan developed by White Hats and positive extraterrestrial alliances. This webinar will prepare and inspire you for the amazing revelations about to happen and is not to be missed.


Date: February 18, 2023, at 1 pm East Coast / 10 am Pacific

Length: 2 hours plus 30 min Q & A

New Platform: Crowdcast

Cost: $35

Past Webinars

Hope you are enjoying your New Year celebrations wherever you are. I’m presently in Australia meeting family members after a 3-year hiatus due to the global plandemic, which leåd to severe travel restrictions in my country of birth. I’m ready for 2023, which promises to be a revolutionary year for the entire planet after a lackluster 2022. I’m most excited by growing evidence that the Deep State is unravelling with more and more of its most deeply held secrets being released every day by whistleblowers and White Hats in what appears to be a globally coordinated plan.
It’s no accident that the recently signed 2023 National Defense Authorization Act in the US gives whistleblowers protection from any Non-Disclosure Agreements when it comes to UAPs/UFOs. This is going to spark an avalanche of whistleblowers coming forward and revealing more of what has been happening in corporate and military facilities dealing with reverse engineered alien technologies and off planet visitors. One of the individuals who will be impacted by the new law is my long time source JP, who continues to serve in the US Army, and may be able to reveal more about his missions. I hope he will succeed in persuading other serving military personnel to come forward under the new whistleblower protection law.
Also, the James Webb Space Telescope is focusing on distant star systems such as Trappist containing multiple populated exoplanets, which makes the detection of technosignatures inevitable. Exopolitics is fast going mainstream as discussion of extraterrestrial life and its implications is increasingly being seriously discussed in official circles and major media.
At this point, it’s still not clear what the trigger will be for the global revolution. Will it be:

  • Judges overturning rigged elections as more data comes in?
  • More Twitter files exposing the truth about Deep State operations?
  • Ukraine’s military collapse from an impending Russian winter offensive that will lead to NATO’s implosion?
  • The truth about Deep State’s Plandemic coming out?
  • An announcement that the Webb Telescope discovered ET life?
  • The Deep State finally moving ahead with a false flag alien event that is bound to fail?
  • The ETs themselves forcing the issue by uncloaking their motherships/Arks and exposing the Deep State’s biggest secret?
  • The awakening of giants or Inner Earthers coming forward to reveal themselves to the mass consciousness?

It could be any one or a combination of these factors that leads to a global revolution as the people wake up to the decades of Deep State manipulation and deception.
In 2023, I’m planning to do many new weekly interviews with fascinating guests who will cast light on many exopolitical issues. I will again do eight webinars this year on topical issues beginning in late February. Also, I plan to start a weekly podcast to cover the Exopolitical news that week, and eventual turn it into a live podcast with Q & A. Finally, I’m working on Book 8 of the Secret Space Program Series which should come out in May.
Unfortunately, the growth of exopolitics and my podcast channels has led to many impersonators, scammers, etc., imitating me on Telegram and YouTube. If you ever receive a personal message from someone claiming to be me encouraging you to sign on to some financial scheme, then note you are being scammed. I never privately approach anyone offering financial advice or to solicit funding.

Scammers have also been phishing my email address ( to impersonate me. Thankfully, I found a great new startup company in Australia ( that strengthens websites to stop phishing by scammers. Click this link to see if your website is vulnerable (see banner below for more details & an exopolitics discount code).
Well, that’s my New Year’s message for 2023, so stay tuned as much more is coming.
I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Michael Salla, Ph.D. & Exopolitics Today


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JP is currently serving in the US Army and in 2021 traveled three times in covert missions to a submerged space ark in the Atlantic Ocean, which can be accessed by a US Navy ocean platform positioned directly over the ark. JP says that in his first mission, a group of Aztec Indians from Mexico were singing the words “A Kuria Matte”, which activated the space ark and allowed them to walk into it far further than American and Chinese soldiers accompanying them in a multinational mission.

This video comprises JP chanting the words he heard sung by the Aztec Indians to an African drumbeat. The video has text summarizing JP’s journey and what he witnessed.

Watch Video on YouTube, Rumble or Odysee

The opening Aztec music is by Victoria Vesta Solongo singing “Songs for the Soul“.  The “African Drums” was created by Maria Hexe.

My grateful thanks to JP for his musical rendition of the Aztec Mexicans singing, and to my highly talented wife, Angelika Whitecliff, for putting together multiple elements and creating this short video. We are releasing this video as a Xmas Gift to Exopolitics Today supporters.

Merry Xmas and A Kuria Matte

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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This newly released video features highlights from the “Enki’s Return Adamic DNA, the Tree of Life & Awakening Giants” webinar recorded on December 3 with a 2.5 hour presentation by Dr. Michael Salla, and a 2 hour panel discussion & audience Q & A with Alex Collier, Elena Danaan & Dr Salla. For a description of the webinar contents, click here. The full webinar recording is now available on Vimeo.

Webinar highlights available on YouTube, Rumble & Odysee

More Webinars by Dr. Michael Salla

The Great Awakening is upon us; however, it’s not just humans waking up because of the most recent political machinations done by Deep State elites. Ancient giants are also waking up after millennia of hibernation, according to multiple sources. The subject of giants is shrouded in mystery and controversy today thanks to the Smithsonian Institute. In the 1800s, there were over one hundred news reports about the discovery of giant skeletons, but the Smithsonian Institute arranged for the skeletons to disappear and for researchers to be silenced. The little we do know about giants comes from historical texts such as the Hebrew Bible, Sumerian cuneiform tablets, and Egyptian glyphs.

The Book of Genesis tells of the creation of giants (aka Nephilim) from the union of Fallen Angels (aka extraterrestrials) with the daughters of man. According to the Bible, the giants soon began corrupting humanity and were so wicked that Yahweh ordered the early Israelites to slaughter them to the last man, woman, and child. Subsequent ethnic genocide campaigns against the Anakites, Amorites, Moabites, etc., were all encouraged by Yahweh’s prophets to decimate these tribes of giants. If you believe that the Bible is the literal word of God, then the only good giant is a dead giant—end of story.

Thankfully, we know more of the truth about the giants because of even older Sumerian and Egyptian records. The Sumerian and Egyptian accounts paint a very different picture of the giants. It is important to note here that stories found in many Hebrew texts are merely derivatives of the far older and more authoritative Sumerian cuneiform tablets. These Sumerian texts describe extraterrestrial visitors from another world, the Anunnaki, who were giant in stature.  The Anunnaki decided to create modern homo sapiens from primitive hominids in order to have a worker race to serve them. 

The chief Anunnaki scientist responsible for the genetic experiments was Prince Ea, aka Enki, who created multiple versions of humanity with the assistance of his sister, Ninhursag. It’s clear from Sumerian records that different-sized humans were created who varied in intelligence and fertility. Some humans were intended to be workers, others were to be soldiers, a select few would be intermediaries with the Anunnaki, and finally, others would become avatars for the Anunnaki to use while staying on Earth. This explains the variation in the size of giants, since Anunnaki society used social status to determine the size of the human avatar an individual would use while on Earth.

Enki’s half-brother, Enlil, orchestrated the great flood around 9600 BC. Enlil believed that humanity had advanced far too quickly and become a big problem for the Anunnaki as overlords, so humanity needed to be radically culled. According to historical texts such as the Atrahasis, Enki objected and prevented a select group of humans from being obliterated, thereby saving his genetic experiment. The Atrahasis tells us that Enlil was enraged by his brother’s deed. Consequently, Enki left our solar system taking his core scientific team with him. However, 12 of his trusted colleagues were left behind and went into hibernation to await   humanity’s eventual recovery from the flood or Enki’s return. Enki’s departure made it possible for Enlil’s scientists to subsequently manipulate human DNA, and dramatically shorten the human lifespan from a thousand years to under a hundred, as evidenced in Sumer’s Kings List, Egyptian records, and the Bible.

This takes us to the modern era: Enki has returned to our solar system, according to multiple credible sources, and his former Anunnaki scientific colleagues are waking up from their stasis chambers. Is this something to be welcomed? Are there other, more unfriendly giants also awakening who pose a genuine threat to humanity? Whatever happened to Enlil and his minions, are they still manipulating human DNA or have they been made to account for their crimes? Has Enki brought back humanity’s original Adamic DNA blueprint that will reverse the damage done to human DNA by Enlil and his cronies? Finally, how does the legendary Tree of Life fit into this complex mystery?

To learn more, I encourage you to attend my all new webinar this Saturday, December 3, titled: “Enki’s Return, Adamic DNA, The Tree of Life & Awakening Giants”. In this webinar, I will give a 2-hour presentation where I analyze the complex history of the Anunnaki, Enki, giants, Adamic DNA, and the Tree of Life. I will be followed by a special panel featuring the legendary Alex Collier and former French archeologist Elena Danaan, both of whom have much to share on these elusive topics. Finally, there will be an opportunity for attendees to participate in a Q&A session. This webinar is the last one of 2022, so don’t miss out—register today.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Now Available on Vimeo 


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This is the trailer for the upcoming Dec 3, 2022 Webinar titled: Enki’s Return, Adamic DNA, the Tree of Life & Awakening Giants. Trailer discusses what is known about ancient genetic experiments on early humans led by the chief Anunnaki scientist, Prince Ea, aka Enki. Enki’s genetic upgrades were supported by 12 Anunnaki scientists, who were regarded as god kings by early humans. The Anunnaki scientists decided to go into hibernation when Enki lost a power struggle with a rival Anunnaki faction led by his half-brother Enlil. Recently, Enki has returned and seven of the Anunnaki scientists are awakening, one of whom, Ningishzida, was the custodian of the mythical Tree of Life.

Trailer available on Rumble, YouTube & Odysee

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Webinar is now available on Vimeo

Many thanks to Jas Marlin for creating this video trailer, and to Angelika Whitecliff for assisting me with the narration.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Past Webinars now on Vimeo

The role of the Anunnaki in creating modern homo sapiens is clearly described in Sumerian cuneiform texts, which outline the principal Anunnaki scientists involved in genetic experiments that spanned millennia. These Anunnaki scientists created two distinct branches of humanity: one was a suitable host for the Anunnaki to incarnate into on Earth and the other branch formed a slave species to be controlled by the former.

Different factions within Anunnaki society held opposing views and argued over the future role of these two branches of humanity, including the extent to which human slaves would be allowed to evolve organically into their fullest potential. The greatest of the Anunnaki scientists, Enki/Prince Ea, lost the power struggle and fled our solar system upon his flagship, the Nibiru, taking with him the secrets of the original Adamic DNA.

As a consequence of Enki’s departure during the great flood (associated with the downfall of Atlantis), the human life span began to shorten dramatically by a factor of ten, as recorded in the Bible, the Sumerian King’s List, and Egyptian texts.

According to multiple sources, Enki has recently returned and has begun the process of sharing the blueprint for the original Adamic DNA with a Galactic and Earth Alliance that are working behind the scenes to manufacture technologies that will dramatically impact human health and longevity. Soon, we can once again understand a key feature of our lost history, which is the role of a Tree of Life in extending the human life span as well.

At the time of Enki’s exodus , Anunnaki scientists, aka giants, were left behind in key locations all over our planet in stasis chambers. One of these giants, Ningishzida, is located underground in Florida and is associated with the original Tree of Life and Mesoamerican deities such as Quetzacoatl, Virachoca, and Kukulkan.

The awakening of Ningishzida and other Anunnaki scientists will lead to the dissemination of many long-forgotten alchemical secrets that can prolong human life and restore health despite millennia of forced genetic degradation done by a powerful faction of Anunnaki associated with Enlil, Marduk, and Ninurta.

In this all new 2 hour presentation, Dr. Michael Salla will:

  • Identify the role of different leading Anunnaki figures in creating and manipulating modern homo sapiens.
  • Discuss recent updates about the return of Enki.
  • Reveal how the Enlil faction of the Anunnaki will be punished for their crimes.
  • Cover the awakening of different Anunnaki giants from stasis chambers in Florida and elsewhere.
  • Explain the connection to Mesoamerican myths associated with the return of Quetzacoatl.
  • Offer the latest updates about the existence of a Tree of Life and so much more!

Includes ‘Special Panel’ featuring Alex Collier and Elena Danaan (90 min)

Webinar will also include a special panel featuring Alex and Elena discussing the presentation topics in greater depth and sharing their latest intel.

Includes Audience Q & A (60 min)

The panel discussion will be followed by a 60 minute audience Q & A.

Now available on Vimeo

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This video extract features highlights from the Prophesied Second Coming: ET Motherships, Webb Telescope & Congressional Legislation webinar held on September 24, 2022, presented by Dr. Michael Salla. Video begins with indigenous prophesies of a “Return of the Gods” arriving in spacecraft or portals, and how a similar process manifests in organized religions as a Second Coming featuring an Avatar, Prophet or Messiah. Discusses the Second Coming of Jesus as presented in Christian and Islamic prophetic literature and what this means today.  

Webinar Highlights available on YouTube, Rumble, Odysee & Vimeo.

Full Webinar is now available on Vimeo. Click here or poster below to learn more.


Indigenous peoples from all over the world have talked about a return of the gods at a time of great turmoil and corruption. The Aztecs, the Incans, the Hopi, and Assyrians, are some of the sources of indigenous beliefs in creator gods who protected native peoples and helped establish the first laws, agricultural practices, and civilizations. These indigenous legends describe gods with supernatural or magical powers, which today we would recognize as advanced technologies. Many of these creator gods were, in fact, refugees from Atlantis, Inner Earth residents, or extraterrestrials (Elohim/Seeders) that were helping rebuild human civilization after the great flood around 9600 BC.

After helping post-flood humanity rebuild, the creator gods/Inner Earthers departed and left human rulers in charge of the civilizations that had been built. This is documented in the Sumerian Kings List and Manetho’s history of Egypt. But the gods’ departure occurred with promises of their future return when humanity would enter a period of great turmoil and corruption.

With the rise of monotheistic religions, indigenous beliefs about a return of the gods were coopted and transformed into prophecies of a Second Coming of a prophet, avatar, or savior, fundamentally connected to an all-powerful God. References to a plurality of Elohim were changed to a singular Lord, God, Father, or Yahweh, as documented by biblical scholars such as Paul Wallis and Mauro Biglino. The former peers of the singular God (Yahweh) were relegated to minor status as pagan gods, angels, Elohim, spirits, etc. Both Wallis and Biglino point out that the all-powerful God of monotheistic traditions dictated his followers to embark on genocidal campaigns against the followers of the old indigenous pagan traditions. We all know the sad history of those campaigns over the millennia.

A key group in understanding the return of the gods and a second coming is the Anunnaki. Sumerian and Assyrian texts such as the Eridu Genesis and Atra Hasis both describe the rivalry and roles of Enki and Enlil in the creation of humanity. Enki was a geneticist and is clearly identified as humanity’s protector, while Enlil is described as a despot who wanted to either enslave or destroy humanity, which had become far too clever for his liking. After the departure of the Anunnaki, the minions of Enlil stayed to play a disruptive role behind the scenes with unscrupulous extraterrestrial visitors such as the Draco Reptilians and the Orion Grays, who are largely responsible for genocidal religious crusades throughout the ages.

We have arrived at a time of great global upheaval, as prophesied in indigenous traditions and religious texts, so it’s not surprising that the creator gods, aka extraterrestrials, have returned in large space fleets to observe and assist humanity’s transition into a new era. The Enki faction of the Anunnaki has joined the Seeders. In the meantime, followers of major religions say that the Second Coming is at hand and are prepared for the return of a savior, prophet, etc. The Deep State and Illuminati are well aware of all this and plan to coopt these developments for their nefarious purposes.

In my upcoming webinar on Saturday, September 24, I will go into detail about this complex history, outline the agenda of government and military authorities regarding the return of the Seeders, and explain how all this relates to the idea of a Second Coming occurring very soon. It’s critical that clarity is achieved on these complex issues as there are many psychological operations in play designed to muddy the waters and confuse people during these momentous times. In joining this webinar, you will receive all the information you need to make the right choices about what’s coming and who is to be believed or not.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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