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Beginning in October 2010, Eric Hecker spent a year working at the South Pole’s Amundsen Scott Station for the Raytheon Polar Services Company where he performed maintenance on scientific equipment including the massive Ice Cube Neutrino Detector. He learned that Ice Cube did far more than passively record neutrinos passing through the Earth, but acted as a giant transmitter. Its size and power suggested it could be used for Deep Space (quantum) communications with spacecraft traveling throughout our solar system and beyond.

Eric Hecker at the South Pole

More ominously, its vast transmission power made it also the world’s largest Directed Energy Weapon, far eclipsing the infamous HAARP facility in Alaska. Eric described how Ice Cube could be used for weather modification, mind control, and played a role in two Earthquakes that struck Christchurch New Zealand in September 2010 and February 2011.

In this Exopolitics Today interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Eric describes his experiences as a gifted child and brief service with the US Navy that led him to concluding he was part of a secret space program, and that the Raytheon corporation played a key role in his covert service. Since Raytheon was also his employer during the year he worked at the South Pole, he suspects his work there was a cover for his continued service in a secret space program operating out of Antarctica, all memories of which have been wiped. Eric described his efforts to recall more memories of his secret space program service and how it relates to the year he spent working in Antarctica.

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In early 2022, Tony Rodrigues published his book, Ceres Colony Cavalier, in which he described in detail his “20 and back” experiences as a slave, both on Mars as a military auxiliary fighting against indigenous insectoids and then serving with a German-led Dark Fleet. Rodrigues’ book came to the attention of Dr. Courtney Brown, who subsequently organized a remote viewing project to investigate two of the book’s core claims. The results greatly surprised Dr. Brown who concluded Rodrigues’ testimony was accurate and carried much significance for full disclosure.

First, a brief overview of Rodrigues’ story is appropriate. His traumatizing experiences began in 1981 when he was only nine years old and in 4th grade. Rodrigues was involuntarily recruited into a “twenty and back” program as punishment for something he did to one of his classroom peers. He publicly embarrassed the son of a high-level member of the Illuminati who used his influence to have Rodrigues covertly recruited. Rodrigues says that he was soon after abducted by three Gray aliens and one small Reptilian ET.

He was then genetically tested to determine what skills he possessed, which could be used in covert ‘support’ programs and eventually for one of the secret space programs once he got older. Ceres Colony Cavalier describes in detail how Rodrigues was subsequently manipulated, sexually abused, and humiliated as a slave used by different individuals and groups.

After briefly serving on Mars as a slave fighter for a mercenary military force protecting corporate bases from indigenous Martians—which included highly intelligent insectoids—Rodrigues says he was taken to Ceres, a planetoid in the asteroid belt. He worked at Ceres for 13 years with a German-led freighter crew that was part of the “Dark Fleet.” For more about Rodrigues’ experiences, check out my earlier interviews with him.

In setting up the remote viewing project to investigate Rodrigues’ core claims, Dr. Brown emphasized that it would incorporate blind scientific protocols. None of the four expert remote viewers knew anything about the targets or subjects being investigated. Nor did Dr. Brown contact Rodrigues or communicate with him.  

The two targets for the remote viewing sessions were:   

Target 1: The interior of the asteroid Ceres.

Target 2: The interaction between the personality currently known as Tony Rodrigues and the “Bugs” on Mars as described on pages 185-193 in his book, Ceres Colony Cavalier.

In the first part of the remote viewing session, the four remote viewers also focused on several characters, locations, and ships identified in the book. The remote viewers were only given alphanumeric targets, locations, and subjects such as Target 1, Subject K, etc. Only Dr. Brown knew what the alphanumerics corresponded to in terms of the material discussed in Ceres Colony Cavalier.

After the four remote viewers, Intysam, Aziz Brown, Shantae, and PrinCess Jeanee shared the visuals of what they had seen concerning Target 1 (Base on Ceres) and the different subjects, locations, etc., Dr. Brown offered the following synopsis:  

OK, so it seems like the asteroid or planetoid known as Ceres has quite a bit of hollowed out interior. There is a base on the inside. Moreover, it seems like there is some support for the memories of Tony Rodrigues that suggests that the base has a number of extraterrestrial species, and that the administration of the base is done by former Europeans. Indeed, former German Nazis.

Apparently, pulling pieces together, these are the same Nazis that we reported on the Farsight mysteries project called Operation High Jump, a slave mercenary military force that was organized by the Reptilians. I understand that such Nazis or “IS-BEs’ are just like anyone else, so they can be placed in new bodies as each body wears out. So having former Nazis still hanging about is entirely possible.  

This is remarkable independent corroboration for Tony Rodrigues’ core claim that he spent 13 years serving on a merchant marine spacecraft operating out of a large underground base on the planetoid Ceres. Crucially, the remote viewing confirmed that the base and vessel were controlled by former German Nazis that operated a secret space program called the “Dark Fleet” that Rodrigues and others have described.

The second half of the Farsight remote viewing project focused on Rodrigues’ claim of a military engagement with intelligent insectoids on Mars. Once again, the remote viewers were only given alphanumeric terms to investigate the target and subjects that Dr. Brown was seeking information about— e.g., Target 2, Subject A, etc.

After the four remote viewers described the military engagement on Mars with the insectoids in terms that closely matched what Rodrigues described in Ceres Colony Cavalier, here’s what Dr. Brown concluded:

So what can we say to pull things together? From our point of view, our data seemed to indicate the activities, places, and events that are reported by Tony Rodrigues in his book Ceres Colony Cavalier actually exist and happened. Now let’s be clear that we only checked two things: the existence of the base inside Ceres, and the activities on Mars reported by Mr. Rodrigues, but given the significance and centrality of those two things and his writings, it seems a reasonable bet to say that the rest of the things described in the book by Mr. Rodrigues have a high probability of being accurately described as well—which given what he says regarding some of those other things is more than a little bit bone-chilling. Nonetheless, it is what it is.

It is vital not to underestimate the importance of Dr. Brown’s conclusion here. Independent investigation by multiple expert remote viewers had just confirmed Rodrigues’ core claims about his involuntary service on Mars and Ceres. While this did not confirm the entire scope of Rodrigues’ book, it did point to the high likelihood of its accuracy, especially when it came to claims of slave labor.

On the topic of slave labor, Dr. Brown went on to make some vital points to keep in mind:

Now it is natural to ask what can be done to stop these things from happening, these twenty-year long-term abductions into slavery, or at least to influence these things in a positive manner. There really is only one thing that can change all of this—disclosure. The negative or oppressive extraterrestrials can get away with all of this for one reason and one reason only. They are doing it secretly, apparently, with the consent of some human authorities. As long as the bulk of humanity sticks its head in the sand, they will keep doing it. Disclosure that is the single thing that is needed to pull humanity back into the drivers seat.

Dr. Brown is correct that only full disclosure can prevent this covert program that involves the exploitation of abducted individuals used as slaves from continuing in the future. Secrecy makes such exploitation possible, and only full transparency can bring about the end of such abusive practices. The rest of humanity needs to wake up to the big picture of how extraterrestrial life has long been interacting with us, led to the creation of multiple secret space programs, and how these battling entities involve both positive and negative factions.

In the meantime, I highly recommend reading Tony Rodrigues, Ceres Colony Cavalier, to understand what is happening to slaves in space and on Earth and watching Farsight’s latest remote viewing project “Supersoldiers of Ceres.”

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Jean Charles Moyen and David Rousseau both served as children and adults in a joint US French secret space program since 1981/1982. The both completed ’20 and back’ programs where they remember meeting and becoming friends on the Franco-US flagship — the Solaris.

In this Exopolitics Today interview they discuss experiences they shared while working in the SSPs. In particular, they discuss their training with Maria Orsic, multinational and extraterrestrial personnel and facilities on the Solaris, and joint missions to Mars. Critically, they corroborate recent claims that large fleets of spacecraft belonging to extraterrestrial seeder races have recently arrived, and are closely monitoring events on Earth.

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Thanks to Malou Panchèvre for translating David Rousseau.

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Jean Charles Moyen’s movie “South Shore Origin” is available on Vimeo here

Jean Charles’s “Alien Connexion” which comprises 15 episodes about his life experiences is available for free on YouTube

His video “Starseed Revelation” which offers more details about his life experiences is available on Vimeo:

David Rousseau’s websites: &

Books available at:

NEW! = The English Edition of David’s first book is available here

Niara Terela Isley served in the US Air Force from 1979 to 1983 and specialized in the newly developed “autotrack radar” designed to lock on to and track surface-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft artillery using precision LASER technology. After completing her training, she was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base, from which she assigned on a rotational weekly basis to Tonopah Test Range in Nevada over a three month period in 1980.

At Tonopah she was asked to attempt to track advanced aerospace vehicles including up to ten flying saucers with the cutting edge autotrack radar. After completing the task she was assigned by superiors—where the autotrack radar was unable to lock onto the flying saucer craft— she was taken to the Area 51/S-4 facility where she was subjected to trauma based mind control that involved her memories being wiped. Later she remembered that she was used as slave labor in a highly classified program that involved Gray and Reptilian extraterrestrials. During this 3 month period, she later recalled being taken to the Moon where she and others were used as slave labor.

Niara also has memories of having served on Mars in a 20 and back program. Her abuse only ended when it was recognized by one of the extraterrestrials that she was affiliated (a starseed) with a human looking group of extraterrestrials that the USAF wanted to have positive relations with. Niara has documents and photos proving her service with the USAF and her being stationed at Nellis AFB from which her trips to Tonopah took place.

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Niara Terela Isley’s book, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light: A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening is available on Amazon . Her Facebook page is here.

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On January 10, 2022, my US Army insider, JP, revealed that he participated in a classified mission to an extraterrestrial space ark located under the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast in the vicinity of Bermuda. This was the second space ark that he has encountered in covert military missions – the first involved a space ark found on the Moon, as reported in an earlier article.

JP described how the mission began with an official briefing he received at the military base where he is currently serving. Then he was taken by Osprey helicopters to a large donut-shaped platform in the Atlantic, which was placed directly over a submerged space ark. JP estimated to be at least a mile long ovoid-shaped.

What follows are extracts from our skype call where he described different aspects of the mission. Here is the first extract where he describes being taken to some kind of large platform suspended over the space ark:

I think he was one of the pilots that flew us to the ships, these massive boat ships I was telling you about that has a big surface. They’re huge. We got there and then they line up everybody in formation. You can see the painting on the floor. This ship is the same ship that I visited a couple years ago but now it had paintings on the floor saying OK Chinese and then it says Russian but it says in their language. Like where the formation is so everybody formation. So I was in a where you know United States park square. Well everybody forms up. There’s at least 20 or 30 people United States and there are at least 15 Chinese….

JP recognized the ocean platform as the same one he was taken to by a triangle shaped antigravity spacecraft around 2014, which is when he first told me about the platform. Rather than being allowed to descend from the platform to whatever lay beneath, he was denied entry by a senior military officer (a General) and told to leave. At the time, JP was a civilian.

JP next described an elevator that carried mission members from the surface down into the interior of the craft. Personnel were mainly drawn from the US and China. Apparently, China had been allowed access to the space ark found under the Atlantic as a reciprocal favor after it had allowed US access to the space ark found by its Yutu 2 Rover described in an earlier article.

What follows is what JP had to say about the US China deal, and his 2014 trip where he was denied entry into the platform:

Because of the Chinese they let us go on the moon and because they helped us investigate that ship now we have to let them investigate the one we found here in the Atlantic. It is a deal that we made with the Chinese that you know all if we go over there now we let you go on this massive ship that we’re gonna do the mission with and it started this you know start this mission. So there was just talking with Chinese generals and uh about the deal about. OK, you let us on the Moon but now we’re gonna let you on this ship, but there’s stuff here in this location that was not on the moon that is gonna be groundbreaking. Like it’s it’s crazy the technology that is in this particular ship that is in the Atlantic that got activated with all these other ships that got activated.

M: OK so it’s the similar ship to what was found on the moon just a massive kind of sphere shaped extraterrestrial craft.

JP: it’s bigger. 

M: It’s bigger.

JP: It’s bigger

M: And this is like somewhere in the Atlantic near the Bermuda area and it’s at the bottom of the ocean.

JP: Bottom of the ocean, there’s a ship that we get on right where the Ospreys land, and they land there and then there’s like an elevator. It looks like a donut this massive ship that we get on it looks like a massive donut, but in the middle there is a in the middle there’s like an elevator, like an oil rig kind of thing looking thing and then there’s an elevator that goes down to this massive ship that is under the Atlantic.

M: Oh, so this ship or craft that you were taken to is actually floating above the extraterrestrial craft at the bottom of the ocean

JP: Yeah there’s this is how I was talking about that everybody lights up, remember I got in trouble one day because I think “Shen” or “Lovent” I don’t know who it was, but we were like they were talking, like oh you shouldn’t be here. Remember I was telling you about the guy that was doing the briefing, he saw me he got mad that I was there, and they took me back. Yeah I wasn’t supposed to be there

M: He was a general right I think you said he was a general.

JP: He was a general.

MS: Yeah that he was briefing everyone and it’s like said what are you doing here you shouldn’t be here.

JP: Yeah exactly.

MS: OK, so that that structure it’s like you say it’s like a mining rig. It’s just built over the abandoned ship or the you know the ET craft and they go to it down the middle like a mining rig, like a rig.

JP: Yeah.

It’s important to note that the Atlantic ark is much larger than the one found on the Moon, both were activated when a large fleet of spacecraft arrived and parked in the vicinity and Ganymede, which involved another mission that JP participated in.

JP next explains what happened when he traveled down the elevator with the rest of the mission members which also included a group of indigenous Aztec looking Indians into the interior of the giant space ark:

We were there talking and everybody it’s like talking about the discovery and how it got activated and how you hear the humming noise because everybody is like really scared to go into this ship, because once you get close to it it’s like is going like a wave like if it’s stuck in time like. You look at your hands and you wave it and you can see your hand in a wave like if you’re stuck in time so a lot of people are really scared to go into the ship but when a group of us we went. You know I was dressed in black, we change, they took us to his room uh on the back part of the donut part of the ship and they put us in roll, and then we went through um like sprays and disinfecting and all that because whatever was in this ship we didn’t want to bother it with anything that you know infected or if there is something living’, cause they found like oxygen like really pure pure pure pure oxygen inside this ship and they’re thinking that is plants that are still living. Type of like not fungi but like a Algae kind of plant,and one of the scientists they were telling me that this fungi kind of plant it is glows in the dark in this glowing it’s stuck to the walls. It is connected to this to the moldavite type of rock that is is on the walls and it’s glowing. The whole ship like a like a light blueish greenish color that goes on and off and humming and we didn’t need those drones that we used on the moon because in this massive ship it was more activated than the other ones.

MS: So you did go inside, or the elevator from the from the surface ship goes all the way from the surface of the ocean into the ship.

JP: Yeah into the surface into the ship into the ship so after we change these black clothes they put us elevator and everybody was nervous, everybody’s looking at each other. The Chinese they were laughing, they were laughing at us like making fun of us they’re like oh you pussies. You know like huh they’re laughing turn off I remember seeing Mexican looking people there as well. But they didn’t speak Spanish they spoke a like a like an ancient Aztec language, and they were really short, and you can still see the paint on their faces but they had these suits on to. So I guess when because scientists already went onto that ship but they couldn’t open certain locations that’s what happens and when they came up they were talking about oh wow time is different down there you can see your hands like multiple times when you wave it like the type of matrix you know. Like time is really slow and when you jump it takes a couple seconds to jump back down like it’s crazy, and then we started going down, and then and you look around and then when it goes to the ocean and two or three or four seconds it turns black, puh, so that’s how fast it goes. It goes really fast and we have to buckle up.

I’m in an elevator but we’re standing up there’s no seats so we stand on the walls and you buckle up and you stay standing up and it goes down and you can feel your ears popping, like it pops, like really fast but and then the elevator has this pressurized, it pressurizes itself and then you could see it turning small because of the pressure but it’s the type of metal that is really unbreakable, it doesn’t break the type of metal so when it goes down the pressure it doesn’t it doesn’t squeeze the elevator but when it goes up and down you can see expanding and turning small.

There was a time dilation effect that mission members experienced inside the craft, and the air was compressed to facilitate their trip into the interior of the craft that would have been pressurized to some degree to withstand the enormous ocean pressures at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Once inside the space ark, JP revealed that the Mexican Aztec looking members recognized some the hieroglyphic writing and reacted very emotionally to what they were seeing. He again elaborated on the space time effect in the Ark:

MS:  So when you’re down there what do you see?

JP: We see the lights of the algae like all around the place and then the little Mexicans they started pointing at the wall on these kind of writings that they were familiar with. So we went over there with them, and they were like touching it and they were like crying and happy and they were like looking at it, and they were like A curia Marte I remember that particular word “A curia Marte”, “A curia Marte” and and they were like touching it and they were really happy. That’s a particular phrase that I remember, A curia Marte, A curia Marte, A curia Marte. They were crying and say that word. They were like almost dancing because they saw this particular writing. I think it was a missing writing on their temples and Mexican or or one of these Aztec writings that they they they were like really looking for, and I guess the ruins the ruins is actually connected to a tunnel, a tunnel that goes in, goes in the earth, but we wasn’t allowed to go in there.

The little Mexicans looking people that try, the Indians, they went in, and they were only allowed to go in there because I think it was sacred to them that that particular area where they went under and then when they went under they never came back and everybody was like wow OK what do we do now what do we tell upstairs when when we come back and they’re not coming back, and we were like oh crap oh shit, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna say,

And then the Chinese they were starting walking towards over there but and then they started going slow, like everything was going like time, and then the one of the Chinese came back and he was out of breath. He was like, he was like, really mad that they couldn’t go, and then … they started arguing with one of our guys. Saying, “hey you guys promised us that … we were gonna go in there and investigate everything the same way we … you know we went to the moon and we’re not getting access.” So they were getting mad because they weren’t … getting access, but it wasn’t our fault the ship itself lets certain people in and certain people out.

This is a fascinating observation by JP about how the extraterrestrial ark would react to different visitors. The Mexican Aztec group was allowed to proceed far ahead, presumably because their genetics and/or frequencies were acceptable. However, when the Chinese tried to do the same, they were blocked by the craft which recognized some incompatibility. Could this have anything to do with Communist China’s materialistic philosophy influencing behavior and beliefs, thereby precluding them access deeper into the craft on their own?

JP continued his account of what happened as the multinational mission members moved forward in their exploration of the Ark:

So, when we went in we started going through and everything started going slow, like … slow motion, and we felt like a peace and happiness. And then the Chinese, after we started going in, the Chinese were behind us, following us. So, we were going little by little and then in the distance you could see like lights of certain kind of like crystals like Moldavite, like shining into the walls and it was beautiful, and you could see certain kinds of plants that glow. Amazing, it’s mind blowing the experience, and everybody was like almost in a chain, because we were like holding each other to get to this particular spot. And after we got to a particular place where it was full plants that glow, we saw the little Mexicans like out in the distance, but we couldn’t reach them. We scream, we talked to them but they couldn’t hear us, but we still saw them keep going but it’s slow motion, but they probably, like was … gone, but we could still see the reflection of their bodies, like leaving, like disappearing, like you could see it disappear.

This disappearance of the Mexican Aztec group was unanticipated, but the Mexican scientist/translator accompanying them stayed with the mission.

JP described recognizing one of the Chinese scientists as the same person he witnessed during his visit to the ancient space ark found on the Moon:

So we got to this location and then the Mexican scientists that was there, he stayed with us and the other little people that were Mexicans they left and we could we didn’t see it no more and we were also investigating the walls the writings of the walls and that same Chinese archeologist that was on the moon he was there as well, I saw him. But the guy that I was with in the moon he was not there. There was another different guy there, investigating the writings and all that and we were there just to, you know, to be with him and make sure everything is you know he does his work right, and the other guy was told to watch over the Chinese because they wanted a particular information that they didn’t tell us that they found on the Moon.

It is noticeable that even though the US and China were conducting a joint mission to explore the submerged craft, there were deep suspicions on both sides that the other was holding out on key information vital to mission success. It appears that this is going to be a perennial problem between the US and China as they collaborate in joint missions vital to planetary security.

In the next extract from our Skype call, JP responded to one of my questions:

MS: What was it about the ship that activated. I mean you said you know the scientists or the military got very interested or that this craft activated so before they were there they saw it and they were inside and it wasn’t activated, so when it activated what happened?

JP: Well everything started glowing. Everything you could see the writings glowing because you know the writings they’re like, they’re like carved but because of the algae that’s grow on them and it glows you can see, you can see, you can see the language easier with the glowness of the algae that is on top of the writing. So you can see it with more perfection. So that’s what really intrigued scientists. That there were some parts that they didn’t know that there was writing, there were writings you know, and they found some similar language of the Aztecs.

The strange hieroglyphic writing could be clearly seen glowing under the algae that covered it.


I next asked JP to describe what he was feeling when inside the craft:

MS: So, when you’re inside the craft you know you said you felt good can you talk more about your feelings, you know, what you were sensing?

JP: Similar to what we felt near that Ganymede, in that particular building. You feel that happiness, and similar to what you feel on the Moon, but it was more intense. What we felt here on this ship.

MS: Yeah, well when you say more intense … just describe what was going on.

JP: It was you see everything slow and you feel so happy that you feel like crying that you feel, like good. Only people that were mad was the Chinese because they wasn’t  given access, but you could also see their face that they were astonished with what they received. They were happy, they were almost crying, but not like these two little Mexican people, they are really happy. They were like dancing, and they were like you know they were really happy…. Then I remember looking at these other writings, I remember seeing it actually in Ganymede, because it looked really similar to these writings and I felt so much bliss like if everything was connected. Like I felt like [when] I was on the moon and Ganymede, like the same feeling.

MS: OK, just remind me when you’re on the moon, when you’re on Ganymede, you went to some different locations and spots on the on the surface of Ganymede, different locations were any of these kind of similar like ships, similar ships or were [they] just similar technology?

JP:  Similar technology, it … is the same type of technology but I think this was even more like … older. You can tell it’s more older, … like the wear of it. It’s older and so I think there’s, like the same, I think the same age

JP described how he and a few other individuals had the ability to activate the ark by simply being physically close to it. JP described how the ark lit up in areas that he walked into, but this was not the case with other personal. 

MS: So when you went down there … your job was to accompany or assist a archaeologist studying the writings?

JP: There are some things that were activated when I got there.

MS: Tell me about that, well you know … when you arrive things began to activate.

JP: Yes, things became to light up when I was, like with certain people go no lights turn on, but when I went certain lights came on, and they were like what the hell. People were like the hell you know, like there were like surprise… it was weird but it was good feeling….  It was certain lights on the walls that were not on and they glowed on when I arrived.

MS: OK, alright so … actually your physical presence is part of the activation process or maybe you have genes or there’s something you carry.

JP: Also, with the Chinese there was a guy that I could not see his face he had a hoodie and he was with the Chinese and he was also activating … you know lights and all that. And then when I … wanted to see his face always he never let me see his face. Never ever let me see this guy’s face, like I couldn’t see his face. He had a hoodie and he was also working with the Chinese but on the other side you could see the lights activating when he waved his hand. Like he knew what he was doing like activating the lights and he knew that you know what he was doing. I did not know. I just walked in and like turn on and but I think there’s certain people around the world that have, you know, that they can activate these ruins

Some have inquired about the rather mundane roles JP appeared to play in his covert missions to Ganymede and the Moon, given his low military rank and rather dreary armed escort duties for archeologists studying the strange hieroglyphic language. One of the things JP shared in our communications since 2008, is that he was often taken by human-looking extraterrestrials into large hemisphere structures, which he described as arks. He witnessed ancient plants, animals and technologies that were being preserved for a future time. He also said that he met several other individuals being taken to these arks—one of whom was a Chinese national.

JP said he was taken to these large arks for a time when they would become important for humanity in dealing with planet-wide contingencies. JP began sharing this information with me around 2014, and I kept this information to myself since no one else was talking about it.

US covert operatives, however, have monitored JP’s extraterrestrial contacts and our communications since 2008. This is best evidenced in photos of classified triangle and rectangle shaped spacecraft he photographed near MacDill Air Force Base in 2017 that he sent to me for public release with the active support of covert operatives.

This leads me to believe that JP is doing far more than simply escorting scientists to these ancient arks and performing mundane escort duties. Due to his earlier access or innate genetic traits, he carries some energetic frequency, vibration, or code that activates parts of the craft he visits, thereby facilitating the safety and success of missions to these ancient space arks.

What is intriguing about JP’s January 10 mission to one of the ancient extraterrestrial arks being found under the Atlantic Ocean is that it matches with information released by Thor Han Eredyon through Elena Danaan on January 4. When asked by Elena where the ancient arks could be found on Earth, Thor Han replied:

South-America, Central Europe, North-West of Russia… One under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This one is the biggest. There are others as well but I won’t tell any precise coordinates, it is not my responsibility but that of the Earth Alliance.

Less than a week before JP’s mission, Thor Han had already independently confirmed that a space ark was under the Atlantic and it was the largest of all those hidden throughout our planet. I found this to be stunning corroboration since JP had first told me about a location in the Atlantic to which he was taken around 2014 where a massive circle shaped platform was suspended over the top of something big.

He wasn’t allowed to enter the floating structure when he was taken there by covert operatives. In short, JP had learned about something hidden in the Atlantic years before Thor Han’s statement.

In conclusion, JP’s trip inside the Space Ark located under the Atlantic Ocean is likely just the first step in these arks being revealed. Their activation signals that there is a timetable now in play, and it’s up to the Earth Alliance to reveal them. The Ark’s location does raise the question of any possible connection to ancient Atlantis, UFO sightings in the area, and of course the famed Bermuda Triangle. I hope to soon learn from others who may have insight into what lies hidden deep beneath the Atlantic which the US Navy is keeping hidden from American citizens and the world.

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Tony Rodrigues book, Ceres Colony Cavalier, is available on Amazon . His website is here.

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On January 4, 2022, I received an important update about ancient space arks being discovered on the Moon, Mars, Antarctica, and other locations in our solar system. According to Thor Han Eredyon, a Galactic Federation pilot, whose messages are relayed through a former professional French archeologist, Elena Danaan, these huge space arks are activating due to the recent arrival of a large fleet of spacecraft belonging to an Intergalactic Confederation—parked in the vicinity of Jupiter and its moon, Ganymede.

Thor Han’s update is startling corroboration for information recently released by my US Army insider, JP, who visited one of these activated space arks on the Moon in joint secret missions being conducted by the US, China and other members of an “Earth Alliance” led by US Space Command.

Elena passed on to me the following messages she received from Thor Han early Tuesday morning about the activation of these ancient space arks:  

Jan 4, 2022

At 1 am, I am contacted by Thor Han telepathically via my implant.

TH: I have clearance to answer your question about the ancient vessels that activated. Those studied by the Terran scientists. It is exciting to watch them and to guide them, as they uncover a past that was hidden for long millenniums. Terran culture has been ready for a long time but now that threatening shadows are leaving your world, truth can be unveiled in the open. Finally. The Earth Alliance unfolds the plan elaborated together with the Intergalactic Confederation and the Galactic Federation of Worlds of Nataru [Milky Way Galaxy], exposing what was hidden until this day.

A long time ago, the Intergalactic Confederation had several colonies in this star system. On Naara (Venus), Terra, its moon, Tyr (Mars) and the fifth planet. Great wars occurred with the Anunnaki and the colonies left. But before leaving, they gathered the essential of their knowledge in arks they buried deep, on the planets I mentioned. These arks preserved the essential information necessary to rebuild the glory of these colonies, if one day this was to happen.

Thor Han’s information corroborates what JP was told in a classified briefing he attended before departing for a Moon mission on December 23, 2021, which I discussed in an article one week later. JP entered the giant spherical spacecraft—estimated to be over two aircraft carriers in size—accompanied an archeologist studying its hieroglyphic style writing. JP was one of the military escorts accompanying scientists from the US and China sent to investigate the spacecraft that had activated.

There have been several people wondering about the rather mundane roles JP has played in covert missions to Ganymede and the Moon, given his low military rank and rather dreary armed escort duties for scientists.


One of the things JP shared in our communications since 2008, is that he was often taken by human-looking extraterrestrials into large hemisphere structures, which he described as arks. He witnessed ancient plants, animals and technologies that were being preserved for a future time. He also said that he met several other individuals being taken to these arks—one of whom was a Chinese national.

JP said he was taken to these large arks for a time when they would become important for humanity in dealing with planet-wide contingencies. JP began sharing this information with me around 2014/2015, and I kept this information to myself since no one else was talking about it. US covert operatives, however, monitored JP’s extraterrestrial contacts and our communications (see here and here). This leads me to believe that JP is doing far more than simply escorting scientists to these ancient arks and performing mundane escort duties. Due to his earlier access, he carries some energetic frequency, vibration, or code that facilitates the safety and success of missions to these ancient space arks.

Thor Han’s reference to arks belonging to ancient Intergalactic Confederation colonies that were forced to leave millennia ago due to great wars in our solar system is also very revealing. Just as Egypt’s Sphinx has long been rumored to be a repository of ancient Atlantean technology, so too there are technological repositories of ancient cultures hidden throughout our solar system.

It’s helpful to keep in mind that the Atlantean civilization was said to be an offshoot of one of the 24 extraterrestrial civilizations making up the Intergalactic Confederation. According to the Council of Nine information channeled through Phyllis Schlemmer, in her book, The Only Planet of Choice (1993), Altea established the Atlantis colony on Earth. Thor Han’s information is telling us that Altea and other extraterrestrial seeder races have similar colonies scattered and hidden throughout our solar system.

Thor Han continued his message as follows:

When the fleet from the Intergalactic Confederation approached this star system, the arks activated. It was time. The return of the Seeders marks the beginning of a new era, when Terrans are ready to receive the long-time hidden knowledge. No rules are broken when the Terrans make their own research and discover the keys by themselves. You understand, this knowledge and technology couldn’t fall in the wrong hands. The arrival of the Seeders occurs when the enemy has lost all power and possessions in this star system. The time is right, now. Also, I was authorized to tell you that two great archaeological discoveries are imminent on Terra, this year. It will change the way Terrans look at the chronology of their History. What they believed was truth carved in stone will flow like water.

Thor Han’s message reveals that these ancient arks were well-hidden and kept away from the Dark Fleet and its extraterrestrial allies that until recently dominated our planet. Most importantly, the Cabal/Deep State that controlled powerful secret space programs looked for these arks but were unable to find these ancient vessels.

Now that the “Dark Alliance” has been forced to leave our solar system, the hidden ancient technologies are being activated so they can be found and explored by the Earth Alliance that was created in July 2021 as a result of the “Jupiter agreements”. Now the time has arrived for these technologies to be openly shared so humanity can learn about long forgotten extraterrestrial colonies, their advanced cultures, and technologies—before devastating wars led to their demise.

Elena next had a Q and A with Thor Han:

E: What you just said, this last sentence, it’s a metaphor that foretells a story, right, I know you: “What they believed was truth carved in stone will flow like water.” (TH laughs). Can you talk about what is in these arks?

TH: Great technology that will change everything.

E: What do these arks look like?

TH: Elongated and some are miles long. Crystal technology.

E: What do you mean?

TH: The Intergalactic Confederation largely uses crystalline materials to transcend densities, that a built structure can simultaneously exist in several densities.

E: Such as the crystalline architecture I saw inside of the motherships of the Intergalactic Confederation? Does that mean these ships are solid in different densities at the same time?

TH: Correct. Terrans haven’t yet discovered all the capacities of crystals. Core engines are powered by crystals, portals are made of fluid crystals, time devices, pyramidal energy generators, and more. These density belts that we wear, are made with nano-crystals. The fabric of our suits, our weapons, the skin of our ships …  

What’s crucial here is that JP said that when he entered one of these arks found on the Moon by China’s Yutu 2, the crystal inside of it was Moldavite. He said it created a pleasant vibration that helped elevate consciousness. It’s very possible, given JP’s earlier exposure to arks, that he carried the right frequency that would be recognized by the ark’s consciousness.

The Q and A continued:

E: So these buried ships have activated at the arrival of the Intergalactic Confederation.

TH: They received the signal and responded by resonance, due to the simple proximity of the mother fleet. Remember what I showed you, certain ships are living entities. They woke up. Although, your people knew already about some of these locations. We left some clues for them to find. The Dark Fleet found one of these arks, under the ice of Antarctica, but they could never activate its power and use its potential. One of the reasons why the Intergalactic Confederation was waiting.

This is very meaningful given that JP received coordinates from an unnamed Lt Colonel that pointed to a structure in Antarctica that was in an area used by the Dark Fleet until recently. Could the apparent structure shown in the coordinates be linked to one of the Arks hidden underneath or nearby?

Another possible location emerges from the testimony of two special operators that spoke with Veteran UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe, and whose testimonies were released in January 2019. They revealed their participation in missions to a massive Octagon-shaped structure found near Beardmore glacier, Antarctica, in 2003. This is how Howe initially reported the discovery:

In 2003, a U.S. Navy Seal Special Operation team traveled to Antarctica to investigate a perfectly geometric 8-sided octagon structure discovered by ground penetrating radar near Beardmore Glacier, about 93 miles from the American McMurdo Station.

Another previous team of engineers and scientists had dug out the top layer of one octagon made of a pure black substance that was built on top of two more black octagonal structures that went down deep into the 2-mile-thick ice.

Only part of the Octagon-shaped structure, the Navy Seal stated, had been uncovered so far by the archeological teams, with the rest buried under the ice and extending far below. Ground penetrating radar had shown the structure to be an Octagon in shape, and covering an area of 62 acres (about 0.5 square kilometers).

The Navy Seal described the walls and doors as being covered by hieroglyphs that were about eight inches (20 cm) high and about two inches (5 cm) deep. The hieroglyphs were neither Egyptian nor Mayan, but appeared similar to both in terms of depicting animals and other strange symbols. Similarly, JP said that the large spacecraft he witnessed on the Moon was filled with hieroglyphs that were being recorded by the archeologist he escorted. This makes it possible that the ancient octagon structure described by the Navy Seal was one of the arks discovered by the Deep State and their Dark Fleet allies.

Egptian and Mayan hieroglyphs

Elena continued her Q and A with Thor Han:

E: How many arks are on Earth?

TH: I am not allowed to tell you, and don’t try to read my mind!

E: I won’t, you know I respect the rules. But I know already there is one in Egypt somewhere.

TH: South-America, Central Europe, North-West of Russia… One under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This one is the biggest. There are others as well but I won’t tell any precise coordinates, it is not of my responsibility but that of the Earth Alliance.

E: You won’t be in trouble, right?

TH: No. What I am telling you is validated by my superiors. Since you were calibrated on military frequency, they are listening to all our conversations passing through your device.

E: Is there anything else that you can tell me, that the world doesn’t know yet?

TH: Each revelation comes in time. There is a plan. Terran civilians will come this year to the complete realization and acceptance of other positive galactic cultures. Politically many changes are on the way. But I must say no more, for the safety of the plan. The Earth Alliance is in charge, of pretty much everything. Be patient.

E: Thank you, I will pass on this info to Michael.

TH: Give him my warm salutations. One day we will meet, but not yet.

Thor Han’s statement that this year, 2022, will be when there will be “complete realization and acceptance of other positive galactic cultures” is very telling, given that the Galactic Federation has sophisticated time travel technologies it can utilize for its future projections. His optimistic statement indicates that the Deep State’s hold on political power around the planet is crumbling, and that soon the walls of secrecy will collapse.

Consequently, the Intergalactic Confederation and other extraterrestrial races will be revealed to the public in joint disclosures coordinated with the Earth Alliance, and US Space Command. Critically, some of these disclosures will involve announcements about the discovery of advanced technologies found in ancient arks that were built by humanity’s ancestors many millennia ago.

A video version of this article is available on YouTube & Rumble

Thanks to Elena Danaan for permission to publicly release Thor Han’s message. Elena created a video simulating the telepathic conversation between her and Tho Han which is available on her YouTube channel.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

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In November 2021, a photo from China’s Yutu 2 Rover was released showing a cube-shaped object found on the farside of the Moon. According to JP, a pseudonym for my longtime source who currently serves with the US Army, China’s space force (the People’s Liberation Army Strategy Support Force) and US Space Command have recently begun joint missions to explore the object, and that he participated in one of the first missions.

JP claims that early in the morning of December 23, he was sent to a secret research facility on the Moon on a triangle-shaped antigravity vehicle, and was then taken to the giant spacecraft that was partially submerged under the lunar surface. JP says part of the craft’s exterior had been discovered by China’s Yutu 2 rover, and that a joint operation to explore the craft, which was the size of two aircraft carriers had begun between US Space Command and the PLA’s space force.

JP said the giant alien spacecraft was discovered when it began to activate after an extraterrestrial fleet entered our solar system in October, and parked itself between Jupiter and Ganymede. JP participated in an earlier classified mission to Ganymede where he met with some of the extraterrestrial visitors. In this Exopolitics Today interview, JP discusses his role in the classified Moon mission and what he witnessed first-hand.

Available on YouTube & Rumble

Podcast version will be available on Apple, Spotify and Google

If anyone else currently serving in the US military would like to contact me regarding their own knowledge and/or experiences regarding recent Moon, Ganymede or other solar system missions, I can be reached at

Heartfelt thanks to my wife, Angelika Whitecliff, for her creative visuals and editing of this interview.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

[Update 5:45 pm, 12/31/2021JP has just informed me that he is currently facing disciplinary measures for releasing information about the classified Moon mission into the public arena. There are those in his direct military chain of command that assert the information was not supposed to be publicly released and want to punish him. Despite JP getting into trouble for his actions, and having to do “unpleasant jobs” as punishment, he intends to continue to reveal information, but emphasizes the need for his continued anonymity. He says that he is being protected by a lot of “white hats” that want the information to come out. I am working on another update concerning information JP received about Antarctica, which the “white hats” want to come out.]

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In this Exopolitics Today interview, Jean Charles Moyen discusses extraterrestrial contact experiences that culminated in him being identified by French officials as a potential candidate for France’s Secret Space Program (SSP). Jean Charles explains the role of a Galactic Confederation that cooperated with French authorities in his recruitment and training that began at age 13, and his subsequent SSP service that began at age 21. One of his trainers was a blond blue eyed female called Maria, which he later learned was Maria Orsic. After his formal recruitment into France’s military, he served on two spacecraft belonging to a joint Franco-US space fleet from 1991 to 2011( the Solaris and the Excelsior) before being age regressed and returned to his point of departure.

In this first public interview to an English speaking audience, Jean Charles responds to a set of questions submitted in advance which are read out. The interview was conducted in this way to facilitate Jean Charles responding in English, which is his second language.

Interview available on YouTube & Rumble

Audio Podcast for Apple, Google, Anchor & Spotify available here

My thanks to Jean Charles Moyen for permission to use his graphics to illustrate our interview.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Jean Charles movie “South Shore Origin” is available on Vimeo

Jean Charles video series “Alien Connexion,” which comprises 15 episodes about his life experiences, is available for free on YouTube.

His video “Starseed Revelation” which offers more details about his life experiences is available on Vimeo

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Interview Transcript


Interview published on 12/26/2021 on YouTube & Rumble

[MS – Michael Salla; JC – Jean Charles Moyen]

[MS] Well I’d like to welcome Jean Charles Moyen to Exoolitics Today. I’m very pleased to have you Jean Charles all the way from Quebec and we are here through zoom.

[JC] Thank you Michael.

[MS] Well, I’m really looking forward to this Jean Charles because people know very little about the French secret space program and you are someone that can give us an idea of what is happening in that program and the connection to extraterrestrial life. So first of all I’d like to just begin Jean Charles by saying or asking you the question. Throughout your early life you had a number of psychic or ‘high strangeness’ experiences, at what point do you believe French officials learned of your special abilities?

[JC] I think they discovered it when I had serious sunstroke when I was in summer camp at the age of thirteen, when I was hospitalized and they had to scan my brain, strangely the scanner wasn’t working properly. The first X-ray revealed a spot on my brain, at first they suspected a dust on the scan, they had to do the X-ray twice, but the second time the X-ray revealed a mysterious object looking like a small metal capsule.

[MS] Can you describe the incident in 1981, when at age 12, you woke up during the night and saw Victor rummaging through your bedroom. What did he look like? Describe how you weren’t supposed to see him and what happened next in him confiding to you his identity and mission.

[JC] I often heard rummaging in my room at night, and when I wanted to turn around to see what it was, a force would stick to my bed and I couldn’t move, I could only hear rummaging. But one night I slept on my back so that I could open my eyes more easily in front of me. And that’s when I first saw him, he was in the dark, he was tall. And when he saw that I had seen him he didn’t move.

 He was thinking certainly, if I don’t move, he doesn’t see me. Suddenly he moved, I said “I SEE YOU”, he came closer and he came out of the darkness, I could see him in detail with my little night lamp, he was about six feet tall, he had no hair, green skin and completely red eyes without pupils.

 He sat down at the end of the bed and said: “Hello, my name is Victor” and I said to him: “But what are you doing here?” and he answered: “You are not supposed to see me, because your vibratory frequency is not able to pick up the frequency I am in.

 This is probably due to your highly developed sensorial abilities and other things that you will understand later. I’m here to protect you, but when they find out from above that we’ve made contact, I might be in trouble, because it wasn’t supposed to happen now. And suddenly he disappeared.

 A few days later he came back and he told me that he had been approved by the Galactic Confederation Council to stay in touch with me, because in the near future I was going to experience things and have a lot of questions about myself and I was going to be part of something very special.

[MS] Explain how Victor said he was with the Galactic Confederation and identified you as one of their starseeds.

[JC] He said he was a part of the Galactic Confederation, himself and his planet. And I was part of their people as a Starseed on a special mission to Earth, and I had accepted this mission before I was incarnated into Jean-Charles’ body.

[MS] Do you think the incident with Victor led to the Galactic Confederation informing French officials that you were one of their starseeds, as part of some agreement?

 [JC] Not at this moment. But later yes, during my time in hospital.

 [MS] In 1982, can you describe what happened during summer camp when you suffered heat stroke and was taken to a place where you heard someone speaking German and medical procedures being done on you.

[JC] In nineteen eighty-two, during a summer camp, I had a terrible sunstroke, I was thirteen years old, it was one year after I met Victor, strangely enough. I arrived at the hospital very dehydrated and they put an intravenous solution in my arm, and as I was complaining a lot of headaches, they decided to make me pass a scanner of the brain, strangely, the scanner didn’t work correctly when I was inside.

 The first X-ray showed a spot on my brain, at first the radiologist and the doctor suspected a dust on the scan, they had to redo the X-ray twice, but the second time the X-ray revealed a mysterious object looking like a small metal capsule. While the doctors were talking to each other, I often lost consciousness, suddenly when I opened my eyes I was in my room, the doctor was looking at my X-rays and next to him there was a military man, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying because he was speaking a different language, it was German. And I was fainting a lot of times, and suddenly I felt a kind of mask put on my nose and mouth, there was a kind of greenish gas and I fainted again.

 Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, I opened my eyes and I saw a military man with white hair and blue eyes who said to me: hurry up, we have to go, we are going to be late, we are going to miss the jump, I didn’t understand what he was talking about, I was in a hospital gown, I got out of my bed and I followed him, we took a large corridor, I think I am going to be transferred to another section because they discovered something on my x-ray. We arrive at an elevator, there are two military dressed in black with an emblem on the chest representing with a red triangle. I start to wonder, the fear rises.

 That makes a little moment that we go down and I find that abnormal because a hospital is not so deep. I start to panic and suddenly the lights in the elevator start to pulse and dim. The old soldier said to me: “Don’t worry, everything is fine, you have nothing to fear. We arrive and the doors open but they are not the same doors that we entered through, they are other doors that appeared like that. We get out of the elevator and the soldier says to me: “This is where I leave you, it stops for me here continues alone. I am in a big hangar with a lot of other children in line. Strangely enough I don’t feel any fear, I hear a voice inside of me saying: “Hold on, everything is fine”. I continue and I arrive in front of a table.

[MS] Can you explain how you were given an all-black jumpsuit with a winged horse logo, and then began a training program for the French Secret Space Program.

[JC] When I found myself in this huge hangar, I approached a table, a woman gave me a black suit with a logo representing a silver winged horse. The woman told me to go to a tunnel of light with the other children, when I arrived in the light I felt thousands of needles piercing me and suddenly I found myself in another place like a very futuristic military base.

 [MS] You say that you were tested for several weeks in the training program for your special abilities and then mind-wiped and returned back in time. Please explain what happened.

[JC] When I arrived at the base, we were separated by age and gender, and I was tested for speed and logic for several weeks. Then the tests started to get more intense, Clairvoyance, Out of Body, and Telekinesis. They tested our fear with different nightmarish creatures in special rooms to see our tolerance and control, many failed, but not me. A doctor spoke to a military man and said, “This is the boy I told you about.” I recognized the radiologist, and I remember being particularly watched by people in white suits taking notes.

 I was selected. I went into a dark room, and that’s when I saw it come out of the darkness, it was huge, there was a giant mantis, it came up to me and put its big paw on my shoulder and it was looking at me with its big eyes and I heard in my head: relax, it’s not painful, you’ve been chosen. And I collapsed. When I opened my eyes, I was in my bed in the hospital and I had forgotten everything. My head was spinning and I was nauseous, like I had been on a roller coaster. I felt very tired and fell asleep. I was woken up by the sound of a horn, I was on a bus leaving the hospital to take me back to summer camp.

[MS] After returning to the summer camp and telling the boys some of what your remembered you were ridiculed and felt depressed. You left and then had a contact experience with Victor on a Galactic Confederation craft. Please explain what happened.

[JC] Yes I was very sad, I waited until everyone was asleep and I went out the window of the chalet, I went to a field at the base of a mountain and I sat on the ground with my eyes raised to the sky and I said, I don’t want to be here anymore, come and get me. Suddenly a star moved in the sky and it came closer, it was a golden disk, a light and a heat surrounded me and I felt that I was leaving the ground. I found myself on a ship.

 Many creatures were looking at me and seemed to be waiting for my arrival, they welcomed me. Victor was there and said to me, “Welcome aboard the Solaris.

[MS] Do you recall anything about size, shape and number of the Confederation craft?

[JC] The size of the spaceships could be very different, there were small reconnaissance spaceships of various shapes, very long or spherical, large spaceships with more crew resembling aircraft carriers and huge spaceships looking like floating cities with a complete ecosystem of vegetation, waterfalls, various animals, I was in a fleet in which several spaceships were operating.

[MS] On the Galactic Confederation craft you and several young extraterrestrials were given special psychic training classes by a human lady called Maria. Please explain what happened.

[JC] Yes, when I arrived on the ship, Victor and other creatures were waiting for me. I took a large and very bright corridor and at the end of this corridor arrived a splendid blond woman with beautiful blue eyes, she introduced herself to me by name, Maria.

 She asked me to follow her, and we entered a very futuristic classroom, the desks were floating and translucent. In this classroom there were other children, but they were young aliens, except for one human child. Maria asked me to go and sit next to him because there was only one seat left. This little boy’s name was David.

 [MS] You describe meeting another young human boy, slightly younger than you called David Rousseau on the Galactic Confederation craft. Please explain the special connection you developed, and why David was confident he would remember you later.

[JC] With David the connection was made very quickly probably because we were the only two human children in that class, but we felt that we knew each other before our incarnation on earth, there was a very strong connection that left no doubts about its origin, we knew each other before, it was a certitude but we couldn’t explain it. We were inseparable, we took care of each other, I was older than him by three years.

[MS] During the next nine years, do you recall any other training events where you were taken and then returned back in time to the point of departure?

[JC] During the training with the other children in the class, I was on the SOLARIS Ship with Maria who was also teaching us, we had classes on developing our psychic abilities, fights and evaluations every day with different teachers, who were not all human. I had different instruction than the other children because Maria told me that I was very special and unique. She told me that I was a Super Starseed and that I needed different training from the other kids, she introduced me to a Mantis being who was very impressive in appearance, but very kind to me, she was telepathic and Telekinetic and helped me with my training. We had classes like in a school with different subjects and we had breaks to go for a walk with the other beings in the huge ship, we visited other worlds and stayed on different planets, we met a lot of races in order to prepare us for our future missions, all this was part of our training.

We had our own rest rooms, individual cabins with MED BED regenerating beds, and our food was like baby food, with all the necessary nutriments in it. At the end of my training Maria came up to me and said: we will see each other again sooner than you think.

[MS] In 1991, at age 21/22, while completing military service as a parachute commando you saw a black flying triangle fly over a former American Air base, explain how your Captain reacted when you reported the incident to him.

[JC] I remember one night with the guys from my section, we saw a huge black triangular UFO, as big as a soccer field flying over the base without any noise, and the next day we told our leader what we had seen in the sky and it was not an airplane because it was Easter vacation and there were no flight operations, we asked our leader what it was. He told us that it was nothing at all and that if we continued to ask questions, we would be sent to jail.

 [MS] After being injured during training, you are taken to a military hospital and told about patients strapped to gurneys being taken down to the basement and being handed over to a tall Reptilian beings, please explain.

During my military service I had a big accident and I had to leave the base to a military hospital in Paris to be treated, the nerves and muscles of my arm had torn during an exercise, I stayed 3 months in this hospital. there were different sections, including a section of psychiatry, it was forbidden to talk to other patients, but I did the contrary, I wanted to know what they said.

 At nightfall, they saw doctors with a military come to pick up people in their rooms on a medical bed they were tied and they went down by an elevator where the morgue was, but with a special key the elevator went down lower. They discreetly followed the doctor and the soldier and arrived at the basement and saw the elevator doors open with a reptilian being holding the doors.

[MS] On a following day you go to the basement to check for yourself what is happening to the patients and you see a very tall Gray being in the elevator, please explain.

[JC] A few days later I saw these doctors coming to pick up other people, I followed them, but when I got to the elevator, I was stopped by a guard who asked me what I was doing on that level. I just said I was on the wrong floor, he didn’t believe me, he was threatening, I looked him straight in the eyes and curiously he left. The next day I went down again, there was still a person strapped to a stretcher, when the elevator doors opened, it wasn’t a reptilian, it was a tall gray with a suit.

 [MS] After seeing the Gray ET you go back to your hospital room, and soon begin your official 20 and back service for the French SSP. Can you recall any details of how your service began, e.g., signing documents, registering DNA, etc.

[JC] The day after the incident with the tall gray, I was in the hallway of the hospital, I asked the doctor where the other guys are, he told me it was none of my business and that they had left, as I left in the hallway the doctor told me not to forget my treatment for my shoulder. I went to my treatment, it was an experimental equipment called Excalibur with infrared to reconstitute and repair the damaged muscles, I was lying on a table, but the machine had a malfunction and I was burned at the 2nd degree,  the pain was so bad that they had to give me morphine, one night when I was injected with morphine, I started to lose consciousness, and just before, I saw the door of my room open and a doctor came in with a military man and I went down to the basement.

When I got downstairs my eyes were open and I saw other people on stretchers. When I got there I felt a sting in the back of my neck, he had probably injected me with adrenaline because I sat up suddenly and I had no more pain in my shoulder.

A soldier asked me to follow him to a table and asked me to put my hand in a box with a light, I inserted my hand and felt a tingling sensation, He told me that it was to compare my DNA signature with the one I had when I was young and that’s when I remembered when I went down to the basement of the hospital for my sunstroke at thirteen years old that I had put my hand in an identical box before taking the suit with the winged horse emblem and entering the tunnel of light with the other children.

After having put my hand in the light box for my DNA identification, I put on a black suit and the soldier told me to go towards a kind of strange corridor where a very powerful bluish light was pulsating, I entered the light and I felt a multitude of needles going through my whole body. Suddenly, Maria was standing in front of me with a large smile and she said to me: “Hello again, you see, it was not so long. I said to her: Excuse me, but who are you?

Oh yes, excuse me, follow me. We arrive in a room there are several tubes, I enter inside and I feel a big heat and a strong light and when I go out of the tube all my memory came back to me completely. She gives me another suit with a logo on the chest and the shoulder representing a circle with three black spheres and a triangle not closed. 

Then she asks me to follow her to a large room, like an amphitheater there are many adults and some are not human, David is there and waves to me very happy to see me again, I go to sit next to him, and Maria begins her speech, behind her, there is a huge emblem representing a planet crossed by 2 rings with stars around it a kind of united nations of planets.

[MS] You say you served on the spacecraft carrier called the Solaris. Please explain the Solaris in terms of size, shape, spacecraft it carried, and how many personnel was on it.

[JC] The Solaris was a large, long-shaped ship resembling an aircraft carrier mixed with a rocket. Carrying several thousand people, it had several departments, Botanical, Tactical, Inner Lakes, and different ecosystems. With several alien races from different worlds, but each had its own territory.

[MS]  You say that Solaris was a joint French US space craft. Can you remember anything about its command hierarchy and crew in terms of different nationalities?

[JC] The SOLARIS was part of the Franco-American fleet of the SOLAR WARDEN, I saw mixed race people, Asians type, tall blond people, hybrids, it was very diverse. The command was multiple, each one had a responsibility which allowed each one to be autonomous if something happened to the ship, we all had piloting skills and we were multitasking, but there was a non-human leader that’s all I know.

[MS] Can you remember anything about life on the Solaris? What was your rank and responsibilities?

[JC] I was a Captain and I finished Commander, I was in charge of a squad for rescue missions outside our planet and also in diplomatic missions on other worlds. I had about fifteen people under my command (Humans, Hybrids, and Aliens)

[MS] What do you remember of your service on the Excelsior?

[JC] I have some memories of my service on the Excelsior

[MS] Please explain the size, shape, crew of the Excelsior. What was your rank and responsibilities?

[JC] The Excelsior ship was colossal, it was a mother ship, it looked like a floating city under a glass dome, it wasn’t an attack ship but a ship where you could live. I went there several times, but my memories are more accurate on the SOLARIS, I would have to do hypnosis to have more details.

[MS] Do you recall any explicit interaction between the French SSP and ships of the Galactic Confederation?

[JC] There was an interaction between them, The Extraterrestrials/Humans relationship was good, but they were suspicious, because there were several secret space programs and stories told of misunderstandings about agreements broken by the reptilians. The main relationship was working together against this hostile race. There were various secret space programs, including the black fleet, but we were part of the protection of our solar system and there was an alliance between the alien and human program. There were also exchanges of soldiers.

[MS] You remember one mission where you were sent to Mars to lead an attack against Draco Reptilians, what can you remember of the mission, and your injury there.

[JC] I remember a secret rescue mission on Mars that went wrong for me, in which I was severely damaged in the abdomen on the side by the tail of a Draco reptilian, I was evacuated in an emergency aboard the Solaris, I almost died, but I was saved thanks to the intervention of David and his unit, I was regenerated in a medical bed. I completed other rescue missions on Ceres, Mars, Alpha Draconis and Delta Draconis as well as the moon to rescue human and alien women and children from slavery held in captivity by the reptilians. These very dangerous reptilians had a particular appearance, they were black and they were named the BLACK DRACO

[MS] Who is David Rousseau and explain his role in the covert mission to Mars when you were injured.

[JC] David Rousseau is a French-Irish-American author, and intuitive artist (illustrator specializing in galactic portraits) David is a Walk-In, Soul Experiencer, Messenger, Empath, Ambassador of Universal Peace, he has been communicating with the beyond and the higher dimensions since his early childhood. At the age of six one evening in the summer of 1981, while playing outside. He saw a bluish-white light descend from the sky, come to a position just above him, and remain there, motionless.

This moment seemed to last forever. When the object was gone, he found himself in front of a being, who was obviously not terrestrial: humanoid in shape, bluish skin with slight silver reflections, large green eyes and long dark hair, his name was Ezayhel, just as Victor was his [my] protector and brother of the stars.

David has written 2 books (Beyond our World) in French for the moment, in which he explains his life path with his extraterrestrial encounters and his experience with the Space Force in France like me, his sightings of black triangular UFOs close to his military base, his visits to the Moon, as well as the planet Mars and his involvement from a very young age in the secret French space programs including special missions where he saw and recognized me and vice versa. We were together on the Solaris ship and we remember the same things in detail. On the SOLARIS, David Rousseau, was a sort of intermediary of connection with the other races, he was also a special operations agent and he often was in many rescue missions, we participated in various missions together, but he was not a soldier. He was often with me on the Solaris and we did all our training together for several years.

[MS] Many years later, you read a book by David Rousseau where he describes his life in the French SSP and the Mars incident, please explain what happened when you read the relevant chapter.

[JC] I discovered David Rousseau a year ago, by a friend the Director of MUFON France Janny Charrueau who I thank very much once again. I am myself the ex Assistant Director of MUFON Quebec and now Director of Investigations for Quebec.  The universe had been conspiring for us to find each other. When I first saw David’s face in an interview, I had intense déjà vu, but when I read David’s book, my emotion rose instantly, everything he described was similar to my life. I decided to send him my film South Shore Origin about my life and his reaction was the same, emotion and tears, the connection was there and nothing could break it. We decided to see each other by Skype and there, again a shock we were unable to speak the tears flowed I had found my friend, my brother. And that very moment I started to have conscious memories that came to the surface.  

I decided to find out more and without telling David I did a regression hypnosis, my wife is specialized in Hypnosis Dolores Cannon method. For more than 2 hours I described everything I just told you in detail, my training on board the SOLARIS, Maria the blonde woman with blue eyes, the class, the alien children, the Mars mission that went wrong. And at the end of my service, I said to David in the hallway of the ship we will meet again my brother, I know it, and we cried together. Maria was next to me, and she said: we’ll see you soon!  My wife Melanie and I wrote the details of my hypnosis.

 Two months later, David and I talked again because we were very busy with our projects. He knew nothing about my hypnosis. And there it was the shock all over again. David had done a regression hypnosis with his hypnotherapist cousin. David saw exactly the same things, the class, the children, our training, the mission to Mars, my injury, the SOLARIS, Maria. And at the end of his service, he saw himself saying to me: “We’ll meet again my brother, crying. And it’s not over, he told me on skype, I wrote everything in my second book that will be released in November 2021, everything is written in detail. I was in tears again.

 And he adds, you know, several years ago I was discouraged, not being able to talk to Michael Salla, but Ezayhel told me this: A FRENCHMAN YOU KNEW IN THESE PROGRAMS WILL BE IN YOUR LIFE NEXT” I was upset, and I still am. I can’t wait for his second book to be translated into English so that the world can discover our unique story.

[MS] When you finally spoke with David Rousseau you realize that you both served on the Solaris, were starseeds with the Galactic Confederation, and had a deep soul connection where you would remember each other despite mind wiping technology used upon your return. Please explain these connections with David.

[JC] Our connection goes far beyond human understanding, probably due to many incarnations before coming to earth, as we feel we knew each other long before. But having been raised and trained together in a ship, having done missions and having spent 20 years together, it is obvious that this forges an indestructible connection and even all their memory erasing devices have not been able to erase this relationship that links us forever.

 [MS] What other missions can you remember about your covert service on the Solaris?

[JC] I served on different bases, including the moon base name: ARTEMIS LUNAR, the base EPSILON CENTAURI and we were in operation in the constellations Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Orion, Nova.

 [MS] Did you serve on other spacecraft that were part of the French SSP?

[JC] I served on the Solar Warden fleet, in the SOLARIS ship, and on the EXCELSIOR, but I have very few memories at the moment.

[MS] Explain the agreement between the Galactic Confederation and the French US SSP in fighting against the Draco Reptilians.

[JC] The agreement was to keep the Galactic Confederation informed of the actions of the reptilians on our planet, so there would be no violation of agreements. Unfortunately, the reptilians did not respect any of the agreements, and conflicts broke out very often, and also in other solar systems, in which we had to operate, there were genetically modified super soldiers to face the Draco, who were sometimes huge.

[MS] Explain what happened at the end of your 20 and back program.

[JC] End of the service after 20 years, back in time in 1990, molecular regression (to return physically to 21 years old) and erasing of my memory in a kind of tube sending powerful waves in my brain to make me forget everything. I woke up in my bed in the military hospital, but just before they took me back to my room, I remember hearing someone say: erased everything correctly this time.

 [MS]  Why are you coming forward now to reveal your involvement in the French SSP?

[JC] For 40 years I kept my story deep inside me, I didn’t dare to talk about it for fear of people’s judgment and nasty attitude. Today, the many Disclosures and Revelations about the Secret Space Programs encourage me to come out of the shadows because it’ time to share my story with you.

[MS] Where can people learn more about your film projects and works?

 [JC] You can see my films on Vimeo on demand

You will find South Shore Origin Docu-Film based on real events mixed, a reference to the TV series x-files I made a mix of documentary and fiction films to bring my revelations across discreetly. South Shore Origin part 2 should be released in 2022 with you Michael who gave me the great honor to play in it.

 And the last one the most important Revelations Starseed Exclusive Worldwide Release Today

 In which I make revelations about my life, everything is all true. This documentary follows the 15 video capsules about my life and goes much deeper in my disclosures. Very important you have to watch these free 15 videos before watching Revelations Starseed. You can find them on YouTube by typing in Connection Alien or on  vimeo.

 Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, a serving member of the US Army, JP, discusses his recent mission to Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, and the time he spent at different locations on the surface and below ground performing various tasks. JP is disclosing covert space assignments he and other military personnel are asked to perform, and keep silent about when returning to Earth. JP provided a 4 minute video where he discusses the time spent on Ganymede which is presented immediately after the interview.

JP is keeping his name and physical appearance confidential to preserve his career, but is encouraging other former or serving US military personnel to come forward to share their own extraterrestrial related experiences. In this video interview, I’ve only included the audio to protect his identity.

I have known JP since 2008, and believe he is very sincere and a credible witness. I have written an extensive number of articles on his UFO photos, ET Contact and secret space program experiences which are available here.

Video Premieres today at 11 am EST on YouTube and Rumble

Podcast version will be available on Apple, Spotify and Google

If anyone else currently serving in the US military would like to contact me regarding their own knowledge and/or experiences regarding recent Moon, Ganymede or other solar system missions, I can be reached at

For an earlier interview and video release by JP describing the emotional impact of meeting and befriending extraterrestrials and leaving behind military colleagues on Ganymede, click here.

Many thanks to Angelika Whitecliff for her creative visuals and editing of the interview segment of this video.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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