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Jean Charles Moyen has had multiple encounters with extraterrestrial entities and has displayed paranormal abilities that led to him being eventually recruited into a joint US French Secret Space Program where he says he completed a “20 and back” tour of duty aboard aircraft carrier sized motherships called the Solaris and Excelsior.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, he discusses his recent meetings in Orlando, Florida, with several individuals who he recognized during secret space program service and/or through teleportation experiences. He describes the unique circumstances where he respectively met with Tony Rodrigues, Chris O’Connor, Elena Danaan, and JP.

In addition, Moyen discusses the release of the English dubbed version of his documentary, Starseed Revelations 2, where he presents extensive evidence supporting his extraordinary claims of extraterrestrial contact, teleportation, and encounters with Men in Black.

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Jean Charles Moyen’s documentary Starseed Revelations 2 is now available on Vimeo.

Earlier documentaries/movies by Jean Charles Moyen

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After Mark Domizio applied to join the US Navy in 1981 a chain of events began that culminated in him being coerced into signing up for a two year period for a highly classified program run by the “Black Navy”. The program involved clones of him being created and animated with part of his consciousness (aka soul fragment).. He claims that he was then taken to the Diego Garcia naval base where he was involved in abduction and assassination missions. When he refused to assassinate a requested target as ordered, he was placed in an underground prison and tortured for a year. He was next taken to the underground Dulce facility in New Mexico, where he was examined by Gray extraterrestrials for a 2 week period and witnessed many other human prisoners being held in cages in the lower levels of the facility.

Mark Domizio has been able to identify key features of both the Diego Garcia Naval base and the underground base at Dulce in support of his story. His experiences at Dulce match witness reports of conditions at the underground facility undergone by survivors. He believes that his ordeal was part of a sting operation conducted by a higher dimensional galactic civilization to gather data on conditions in classified Earth programs that will be eventually exposed, leading to full accountability for all those humans and extraterrestrials complicit in the abuses conducted in such programs.

On January 7, 2023, an alleged meeting occurred at a secret underground military facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains to discuss an extraterrestrial disclosure plan developed by an Earth Alliance of military leaders and the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Elena Danaan, a former French professional archeologist, claims to have witnessed some of the events that transpired at the underground base through her primary Galactic Federation of Worlds contact, Thor Han Eredyon, with whom she is linked through a physical implant.

She gave testimony and provided sketches of what she witnessed through the eyes of Thor Han, who was present at the base and participated in a meeting with its military leader. What makes Danaan’s extraordinary claim significant is that major elements can be corroborated with what is known about underground bases in the Blue Ridge mountains and rumors of a Continuity of Government emergency that was secretly implemented after the 2020 U.S. Federal Election.

I will present what Danaan had to say, along with an analysis of the plausibility of her video report:

Today is Saturday, January 7, 2023. I received this morning a very sharp, clear communication from Thor Han Eredyon high officer in the command of the Excelsior battleship of the galactic Federation of Worlds… The signal was extremely sharp and clear and strong… He said to me that he was on Earth at the moment on a temporary short mission for the Earth Alliance… The Earth Alliance, as you know … is the cooperation between the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the earth military … [the] U.S. Navy but also U.S. Army.

… He said close your eyes. I send you a visual, and you will like it. Where was it? He was in front of the entrance of a secret military base in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Appalachians, U.S. He looked at the landscape, and he was on the top of the hill, not a very high hill, but with trees and bushes, it was very thorny because it is winter and it was very early in the morning, and he showed me the Blue Ridge Mountains in the far side, and it was in the location where the mountains look quite even, the ridge quite even. It was really blue … it’s a beautiful place.

Then he reconnected later. He was inside, and I made some drawing sketches to show you and because this is what I need to show you. Look at this very carefully. This is where he was this morning, Saturday 7th of January 2023, and it was when his back was turned to the entrance of the military base.

Reproduced with Permission by Elena Danaan

There are two known underground government/military installations in the Blue Ridge mountains, which extend 550 miles from southern Pennsylvania to Georgia. One of the bases is the Mt Weather complex, located near Purcellville, Virginia, while the other is Raven Rock Mountain Complex near Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania.

While Mt Weather is controlled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Raven Rock is a military installation. Both facilities play critical roles in the Continuity of Government system created to deal with extraordinary events such as an attack or national disaster that impacts normal Federal government functions.

Here is how a US military bases analyst describes Raven Rock:

The Raven Rock Mountain Complex (RRMC) is a highly restricted military installation complete with an underground nuclear bunker. Located in Pennsylvania, RRMC is part of a continuity-of-government plan incorporating remotely-located, hardened, and secured facilities that could be used to run military operations and even the entire country in the event of a national emergency such as a nuclear war.

A comparison of the terrain surrounding Mt Weather and Raven Rock with Danaan’s sketch of what Thor Han witnessed points to the relatively flat mountainous terrain adjacent to Raven Rock as the more likely location for the meeting attended by Thor Han. In a Skype communication comparing the surrounding terrain of Mt Weather and Raven Rock, she identified Raven Rock’s terrain as a match for what Thor Han had seen and not Mt Weather.

Danaan next went on to describe what Thor Han witnessed when he went inside the base:

Then he went in. He reconnects from inside, and he showed me this. It’s huge, huge; look at the size of the military vehicles, OK. It goes really deep, deep, deep, deep into the Blue Ridge mountains, into the mountainside.

He went there to show directives, to give directives to a five-star general of the Earth Alliance, probably Space Force.  He said to me U.S. Army, but I just felt it… You know I can read his mind … even if he tries to block it. It was related to Space Force. He gave directives from the Galactic Federation of Worlds regarding disclosure to this general and also an oblong device, long like a pen case, a little bit longer. It was a … storage device where there was a lot of information in it and directives.

So he gave it to the five-star General. The General was Caucasian, tall, with quite a regular nose but flattened here a little bit or a little broken or flattened here. I couldn’t see the color of his eyes, but he was pale skin and white hair, short white hair, and the uniform of this General was dark blue.  

Reproduced with Permission by Elena Danaan

Currently, there are no five-star generals in the U.S. military – the last surviving five-star was General Omar Bradley, who died in 1981. In a Skype communication, I asked for clarification on the number of stars the General wore on his shoulder lapels. Danaan said that she only had a quick glimpse and that she had likely mistaken four stars as five as her focus was on the storage device Thor Han was giving to the general rather than the number of stars on his shoulder lapels.

I sent Elena Danaan a list of 44 current active-duty four-star officers in the U.S. military and she identified General Glen VanHerck as most resembling the officer that Thor Han gave his directives to. VanHerck is currently the joint commander of the United States Northern Command (NorthCom) and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) both of which are headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. General VanHerck was appointed to those positions and promoted to four-star rank on August 20, 2020, during the Trump administration.

This is how the Northern Command website described the functions of the two commands:

NORAD Mission The North American Aerospace Defense Command conducts aerospace warning, aerospace control and maritime warning in the defense of North America.

USNORTHCOM Mission USNORTHCOM partners to conduct Homeland Defense and Civil Support operations within the assigned area of responsibility to defend, protect, and secure the United States and its interests.

Consequently, the Commander of NorthCom and NORAD becomes a highly significant position in the event the U.S. is attacked either kinetically or through cyberspace. General VanHerck would subsequently take operational control of all military forces needed to defend the U.S. from foreign attacks, this would include personnel and resources from the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Space Force.

What Thor Han next described reveals an unfolding extraterrestrial disclosure plan between the U.S. military and the Galactic Federation:

Then he [Thor Han] explained to me by telepathy Thor Han, that in this base it was the kind of the headquarters for … E.T. disclosure on Earth that was where the operations were led regarding disclosure in this underground base. He didn’t say the name because, you know, in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, we do not say the name, but we leave it to you to guess where it is.

So we do not disclose it, but you got to find it. All suggestions are open, he said, but I think it can be really easy to guess. I shared this this morning with Dr. Michael Salla so he may follow up on this. I do not know; it is very much possible.

The above passage points to Raven Rock as the headquarters for a secret disclosure plan being orchestrated by an Earth Alliance involving the U.S. military and the Galactic Federation. As one of the three known official U.S. centers for Continuity of Government [COG] operations, Raven Rock would be a logical choice to manage the country in the event of a COG emergency.

In such a scenario, General VanHerck would have extraordinary authority, including the ability to disclose the extraterrestrial presence to the general public. Could a secret COG emergency be in operation authorizing General VanHerck to acquire such power and disclose the truth about ET life?

There have been persistent rumors that the U.S. came under a Pearl Harbor-like cyber attack in the 2020 President Elections after the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliff, was stifled by the Intelligence Community in publicly revealing the true extent of foreign election interference. According to this scenario, President Trump secretly authorized a Continuity of Government [COG] emergency, which gave authority for US NorthCom to secretly take control of the country.

Subsequently, there have been rumors that the Cheyenne Mountain complex went into lockdown for the duration of the COG emergency using the pretext of the Covid pandemic. If such rumors are accurate, then General VanHerck would have the authority to make decisions concerning the future of the U.S. in his capacity as both NorthCom and NORAD Commander in an undeclared COG emergency.

Thor Han also witnessed some TR-3Bs parked in the underground base before returning to his scout ship:

Afterwards when he [Thor Han] had finished his meeting with this general in this underground base he, Thor Han, went back to his scout ship… he came in… The scout ship was in a hangar like in the landing Bay like a spacecraft landing bay where others there was a lot of TR 3Bs there…. Really the latest model. It was black with a kind of a yellow windows on the sides of the triangles I think it’s the latest model of TR-3B…. It has another name it’s not the TR3B now. It’s TR something else and I didn’t get this information.

The hangar is in the underground so there is a shaft an entrance for spacecraft in the mountains … in that area.

Reproduced with Permission by Elena Danaan

Freedom of Information Act documents dating back to 1976 confirm multiple UFO sightings in the vicinity of the Raven Rock complex. This corroborates Thor Han’s observation that Raven Rock has a secret spaceport that is used for antigravity craft, and craft from extraterrestrial visitors such as Thor Han.

Whether one agrees with the proposed scenario that a secret Continuity of Government emergency was declared prior to President Trump leaving office on January 20, 2021, it is very significant that a high-level COG base is being used for meetings with a representative of the Galactic Federation and as a secret spaceport for antigravity craft.

Finally, what’s critical to understand is Elena Danaan’s recognition of the four-star General involved in the secret meetings, Glen VanHerck, and that a joint disclosure initiative is underway involving the commander of NorthCom and NORAD, with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Disclosure would first involve revealing the existence of antigravity space craft, some of which operate out of Raven Rock, and then the presence of extraterrestrial visitors associated with the Galactic Federation and other groups that have established diplomatic relations with the Earth Alliance generally, and NorthCom and NORAD more specifically.

Based on the circumstantial evidence presented in this article that corroborates Danaan’s information, it is very plausible that the Raven Rock Continuity of Government facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains is being used for a comprehensive disclosure initiative. This plan firmly points to 2023 being a major year for disclosure of secret space programs and extraterrestrial visitation.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

Many thanks to Elena Danaan for permission to use her sketches of what was witnessed at the Blue Ridge Mountain Facility by Thor Han Eredyon. Her video report of Thor Han Eredyon’s Blue Ridge Mountain visit is on YouTube and Rumble.

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JP currently serves in the US Army and has been disclosing covert missions he has participated in with the approval of more senior officers in secret space programs. Contrary to his recent SSP missions, he was taken this time by Nordic-looking extraterrestrials in one of their spacecraft that was part of a convoy to two of Jupiter’s moons: Ganymede and Europa. The spacecraft’s crew involved three Nordics that he met back in 2008 during his first contact experience in Brazil.

In the Ganymede visit, he was asked to observe a resupply mission where a base belonging to another extraterrestrial group was given supplies by the Nordic convoy. JP said that the base he visited was not one he had seen when taken to Ganymede by another convoy that was organized by US Space Command in late 2021.

He was next taken to Europa where the spacecraft flew into a cavern located inside a crater on the surface. Inside the huge cavern he witnessed a large crystalline city. A vast ocean was also witnessed adjacent to the city. JP made sketches of the underground city and the Nordic space convoy which are shown in the video of this interview.

JP says that the Nordics allowed him to take his mobile phone with him, which is currently not the case with his SSP missions organized by US Space Command. where all personal electronic devices are left behind. JP took photos of the city inside Europa, and of the departing Nordic space craft when he returned to the pickup location. Photos and a video of the departing Nordic spacecraft are being released in this video. The photo of the city inside Europa is being withheld until he has permission to release it.

Interview available on Rumble, YouTube & Odysee

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Many thanks to JP for permission to release his sketches, photos (2 + closeup attached below) and video (interview timestamp 39:20) of the departing Nordic spacecraft.

1st photo of departing Nordic Spacecraft 4th photo of departing Nordic Spacecraft Close up of 4th photo of departing Nordic Spacecraft

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In 1982, at age 10, Tony Rodrigues began 20 traumatic years as a slave owned by an Illuminati family that inducted him into multiple programs that included the drug trade, child sex trafficking, and secret space programs. The final 15 years of his ordeal was spent on Mars and Ceres as a slave.

In early 2022 Tony released his book, Ceres Colony Cavalier, which detailed his harrowing experiences. After reading Tony’s book, Dr. Courtney Brown from the Farsight Institute set out to confirm the truth of Tony’s incredible claims by having four world class remote viewers investigate key incidents from Ceres Colony Cavalier. The remote viewers corroborated Tony’s eyewitness testimony of having served on a slave colony on Ceres, and having briefly served on Mars as an auxillary fighter to lure native insectoids into ambushes by Mars colony supersoldiers.

In this ground breaking Exopolitics Today interview, Tony joins Dr. Michael Salla to discuss the Farsight Institute’s remote viewing investigation. Critically, they also discuss Tony’s experiences with a French secret space program supersoldier, Jean Charles Moyen who met Tony four years prior to his 1982 child abduction. Jean Charles involvement with a joint US French Secret Space Program and with a Galactic Federation suggests that Tony was also a starseed performing a covert mission. The startling possibility that Tony was part of a sting operation conducted by the Galactic Federation against the Illuminati to expose the problem of slavery on Earth and in space is discussed in the interview.

Interview available on Rumble, YouTube & Odysee

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A review of the Farisight Institute’s remote viewing investigation is available here

Tony Rodrigues book, Ceres Colony Cavalier, is available on Amazon. His website is here.

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Randy Cramer claims to have completed a 20 and back tour of duty with a secret space program where he attained the rank of Captain in the USMC special section. He was sent to Lunar Operations Command in 1987 for his induction and spent the next 17 years as a supersoldier protecting Mars corporate colonies from attacks by indigenous Reptilian and Insectoid species.

Randy says that he subseqently spent 3 years as a pilot of various types of spacecraft that belonged to the Solar Warden space fleet. He asserts that he next completed a ten year assignment performing rescues or assassinations in special space operations. Randy has undergone a lie detector test which confirmed that he was not being deceptive and he discusses the results in the interview.

Interview available on Rumble, YouTube & Odysee

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Randy Cramer currently teaches psionics courses. More info is available on his website:

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Andrew Basiago, J.D., claims that he visited Mars 20 times between 1981 and 1984 through a Jumpgate located in El Segundo, California. He says others, including VIPs such as former CIA Director Admiral Stansfeld Turner, were also sent to the Martian surface through eight jumpgate portals dispersed around the middle latitudes. Basiago says the average daily temperature was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air was similar in oxygen content to an altitude of 11,000 feet on Earth.

Basiago claims that at any one time there were up to 1,500 Americans on Mars surface that were there to maintain a continuous presence, and they had to escape numerous predators. His experiences with Mars predators and other wildlife led to him recognizing some of these animals and vegetation in NASA Rover images. In Basiago’s first paper about Mars dated December 12, 2008, he examines NASA image PIA 10214 and claims a number of creatures are in it which he recognized from his trips there, which include plesiosaurs and water buffalo.

His most controversial claims concern unusual creatures he says can be identified in other Mars Rover and satellite imagery, which includes a scorpion man and gremlins. Basiago refutes criticism that what he witnessed in the Mars images is merely a case of paredolia, especially when it comes to an alleged image of a striding gremlin in what appears to be a small grove of trees. In the subsequent discussion, Dr. Michael Salla proposes a distinction between objects Basiago recognized from his time on Mars, which can be asserted to be corroborating evidence for his overall experiences, to other objects such as gremlins, which may be attributed as paredolia.

Regardless of the more controversial elements of Andrew Basiago’s analyses of Mars Rover and satellite images, his detailed memories of travel to Mars on 20 occasions where he spent significant periods on the Red Planet from 1981 to 1984 have been independently corroborated by several other individuals. These include Brett Stillings, William White Crow and Bernard Mendez who all have publicly confirmed their participation in the Mars Jumpgate program, and the involvement of others such as Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetaro) and Major Ed Dames.

Interview available on Rumble, YouTube & Odysee

Audio Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or Google

A selection of Andrew Basiago’s papers on Mars can be found here.

Public Testimony by William White Crow supporting Andrew Basiago’s experiences on Mars can be found here.

Public Testimony by Brett Stillings supporting Andrew Basiago’s testimony is available here.

Public Testimony by Bernard Mendez supporting Andrew Basiago’s testimony is available here.

This is the fourth in a series of interviews with Andrew Basiago examining his participation in two teleportation programs, Project Pegasus (1969 to 1972) and Jump Room to Mars (1980 to 1984).

Prior Interviews are: “Jump Room to Mars – “Training, Participants & Purpose” (9/6/22); “Using Time Travel for Intelligence Gathering & Predicting Future Presidents” (8/4/2022); and “Project Pegasus & Time Travel: Interview with Andrew Basiago” (7/6/2022).

Basiago’s facebook page is here.

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Chris O’Connor claims to have completed three “20 and back” tours of duty with secret space programs including one run by the United Nations. He says that he was born into a human family as an extraterrestrial starseed as part of a pre-life agreement with the US Navy/Air Force. In 1970, at age 2 Chris claims he was “age-progressed” to 25 years old where his past life memories as an extraterrestrial were fully restored, and he became a liaison/ambassador for different space programs.

Chris says that around 1990, he began serving with a United Nations run SSP that was based in the rings of Saturn that would conduct diplomatic negotiations with extraterrestrial civilizations. He asserts that many of the negotiations involved exoplanet populations that had been negatively impacted by SSPs such as the Dark Fleet. Chris says that he currently is experiencing two timelines as his third “20 and back” tour of duty completes in 2030.

According to Chris, his SSP memories began returning around 10/12 years ago, and he is currently doing hypnotherapy sessions to fully restore these. Chris says that one of the conditions he required in exchange for his SSP service was that he would be permitted to release advanced healing technology used in the programs. Chris subsequently invented an electrotherapy device he calls a Divine Evolution Electromagnetic Micro Singularity Device (DEEMS) which is publicly available at

Interview available on Rumble, YouTube & Odysee

Audio Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or Google

Chris O’Connor will be a featured speaker at the October 21-23, 2022, Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection Conference in Orlando, Florida where he will discuss his life in the secret space programs and his DEEMS device. More info at:

Andrew Basiago, J.D., claims that from 1980 to 1984 he participated in a Mars teleportation project along with former President Barack Obama who was known at the time as Barry Soetaro. Basiago says that he was recruited into the Jump Room to Mars program by his father, Raymond Basiago who took him to Camp Siskiyous in Weed, California, where he met Obama and others including Regina Dugan (the future head of DARPA); Mary Jean Eisenhower (granddaughter of President Eisenhower); Admiral Stansfield Turner; and Buzz Aldrin.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Basiago explains the training at Camp Siskiyous, the role of Major Ed Dames, Obama’s Muslim religious practice, and activities on Mars. He discusses others who have publicly come forward to confirm their participation in the Mar Jump Room program: William Brett Stillings, William White Crow, Bernard Mendez, and Ken Johnson.

There is discussion over the ultimate goals of the Jump Room program and anomalies with what Basiago and others experienced. The number of supporting witnesses, CIA involvement, and anomalies raise three possibilities. First, Basiago, et al.,  were really on Mars to establish a foothold presence for a secret space program under development. Second, Mars jump room program was an elaborate CIA run simulation designed to trick participants into believing they were really on Mars. Third, the Mars jump room was an elaborate cover program to hide the real secret space program taking place on Mars.

Interview available on Rumble, YouTube & Odysee

Audio Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or Google

This is the third in a series of interviews with Andrew Basiago examining his participation in two teleportation programs, Project Pegasus (1969 to 1972) and Jump Room to Mars (1980 to 1984).

Prior Interviews are: Using Time Travel for Intelligence Gathering & Predicting Future Presidents” (8/4/2022); and “Project Pegasus & Time Travel: Interview with Andrew Basiago” (7/6/2022).

Basiago’s facebook page is here.

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In Jean Charles Moyen’s new documentary movie, Starseed Revelations 2, he presents for the first time physical evidence, eyewitness testimony, and scientific data corroborating his remarkable claims of advanced psychic abilities that led to him being recruited for a joint US French secret space program. Jean Charles had his first extraterrestrial contact experience in July 1973 at age 4 when his psychic abilities were activated after his one hour disappearance from a French beach.

At age 13, he was taken aboard the flagship of a joint US French Secret Space Program, the Solaris, where he underwent advanced psychic training with extraterrestrial children and one other human child under the tutelage of Maria Orsic. Jean Charles’ psychic abilities included physical teleportation, control over electrical energies, remote influencing, and astral projection that led to him being recruited for a 20 and back program with the US French SSP that began in 1991, when he was serving with the French military.

Jean Charles advanced abilities also came to the attention of Deep State leaders who tried to unsuccessfully recruit him. As a result of his refusal, he was the target of three assassination attempts involving Men in Black.

In his Starseed Revelations 2 documentary, Jean Charles presents compelling interviews, photos and scientific data from a number of sources including his parents, friends, witnesses, and independent researchers investigating his claims or testing him.

In his fourth Exopolitics Today interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Jean Charles discusses the dramatic background of the assassination attempts on him, eyewitness accounts of his experiences, and some of the corroborating scientific evidence for his remarkable claims. Jean Charles is among a select few contactees and SSP insiders that have come forward with compelling evidence to support their claims.

Interview Premieres on Monday Aug 29 at 1 pm US East Coast (10 am Pacific)

Watch on YouTube, Rumble or Odysee

Jean Charles Moyen’s Starseed Revelations 2 will be released on August 31 on Vimeo. You can pre-order from here

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  • Starseed Revelations 1 is available on Vimeo
  • South Shore Origin is available on Vimeo

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