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Ghosted by the US Army to keep SSP & Ancient Phoenician secrets

Mary Beaver comes from a multi-generational US Army family where her father and grandfather served in the Army and were involved in classified programs that led to Mary being identified at a young age as a person of interest. Mary’s great uncle (her grandmother’s brother) was General Walter Bedell Smith, General Eisenhower’s deputy during WWII and a former CIA Director (1950-1953).
Mary possessed unique abilities such as being able to speak, write and understand ancient languages such as Phoenician. She was subsequently handed off by her father/grandparents to classified programs where she claims to being age progressed and regressed up to five times from age four to seven, for service in secret space programs.
Mary subsequently served for eight years in the US Army where her involvement in classified projects continued due to her detailed knowledge of the ancient Phoenician language.She was given access to secure vaults where ancient artifacts were stored and also saw a captured giant being tortured to death. After completing her Army service, Mary was “ghosted” as she knew too much. Nevertheless she possesses several documents and pictures supporting her claim of military service.
In this Exopolitics Today interview, Mary discusses her family background, the role of her grandparents in having her taken into classified programs, her understanding of the Phoenician language, and some of the things she witnessed during her military service.

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