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Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr. Michael Salla – Nov 18, 2023

Week in Review Topics

  • Webinar Trailer War III or ET Disclosure – Factoring in the ET element in world events
  • Review of 2nd Mexican Congress Hearing on UFOs
  • David Grusch addresses Italian UFO Organization on retrieved UFOs and witness intimidation
  • Rare 1974 interview of John Northrup who confirms reality of UFOs and exotic propulsion systems
  • Interview with Jean Charles Moyen on French Secret Space Program
  • Article on Remote Viewing Info shared at Orlando GSIC event in Oct 2023
  • Weaponized podcast on history of UFO shoot downs & similarities between 2021 and 2009 Mushroom shaped UFOs
  • Interview with Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak on Ancient Aliens, Giants and UFO Disclosure
  • Speculation on possible new AARO Director – Col Karl Nell
  • Pentagon fails audit again – the two black budgets
  • Summary of first day of Sol Foundation Conference on UFOs/UAPs on Nov 17/18
  • One Week to Go to Next Webinar on the Exopolitical State of the Planet

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