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Sasquatch, AI, Australia & UFOs, Congress requests captured UAPs info – Week in Review – Aug 26

Exopolitics Today the Week in Review for August 29, 2023 discusses the following topics:

  • Release of the audio book version of US Army Insider Missions.
  • Australian media begins covering UFOs. Artificial Intelligence and copyright law.
  • Sasquatch are working with benevolent ETs.
  • Update on Peru alien attacks.
  • Remote Viewing of Atlantic Space Ark.
  • US Congress requests Intelligence Community Inspector General for info about classified UFO reverse engineering programs.
  • Jeremy Corbell believes UFOs are alien craft and not reverse engineered spacecraft.
  • Curious Space Force connection to Lahaina, Maui fire.

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artificial intelligence, Directed Energy Weapons, Lahaina Fires, Peru Alien Attacks, UAPs