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Tag: Curiosity Rover

NASA Curiosity Rover photographs pyramid on Mars

Click image to Enlarge. Click here for NASA Image Source On May 7, NASA’s Curiosity Rover photographed what clearly appears to be a pyramid on Mars. The pyramid is estimated to be the size of a small car or the capstone of a much larger pyramid buried beneath the Martian sand. The straight-line geometry...

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Is that an elongated human skull on Mars?

Is this an elongated skull on Mars and is it connected to ancient Egypt? Source: UFOvni2012 A photograph taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover shows what appears to be an elongated skull on the Martian surface. According to an October 18, 2014, report by UFO Sightings Daily, the curious object is an elongated...

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Does Curiosity Rover photo reveal buildings on Mars?

Zoom of NASA Curiosity Rover photo showing apparent buildings on Mars. Source: NASA JPL NASA’s Curiosity Rover has again transmitted intriguing pictures from the surface of Mars. On April 9, a photo was discovered that appears to show a set of buildings on top of a hill. On Earth, such building locations...

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Is that a lizard on Mars – why is NASA silent?

Curiosity photo showing lizard on Mars. Click image for original NASA photo. Credit: A photo from the Mars Curiosity Rover reveals what appears to be a small animal or lizard on Mars. The photo was taken on February 20, 2013 by Curiosity’s MASTCAM and a high resolution copy is...

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