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2 Days to The BIG Rediscovery Plan Webinar – UFO Shootdowns & Space Ark Probes

Photographs of the three UFOs shot down by NORAD have been classified for national security reasons, according to a Pentagon spokesperson who responded to a March 27th  media request for images of the crashed UFOs. This marks the first time NORAD has taken such drastic action in the US. Many are speculating about why the Pentagon is not releasing the photographic evidence given the unprecedented public interest in the UFO shootdowns. Is it out of genuine national security concerns, or embarrassment, or is it part of a UFO psyop that is underway?

Earlier this month on March 7th , a paper was released by Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Officer, and Harvard University Professor Avi Loeb, who runs the Galileo Project. They speculated about the UFO mystery unfolding in the US and why these sightings might be alien probes from motherships that have recently entered our solar system.

Three days later, Fox News host Tucker Carlson shared an eye-opening discussion he had with a tenured Stanford University professor who specializes in traumatic brain injuries. This professor was tasked by the Defense Department 11 years ago to help the US military deal with the death’s caused by brain injuries – suffered by over 100 military personnel who got too close to a UFO!  The timing of Carlson’s revelation appears to be tied in somehow with the UFO shootdowns and Kirkpatrick and Loeb’s mothership hypothesis, but how?

I found answers in my most recent update from US Army Insider, JP, who had just returned from a mission inside an underground library of ancient texts. Remarkably, this library was located on a US military base and here he visited a very mysterious ‘Aisle 10’. It contained ancient records about orb-shaped ships being released by space arks (aka motherships) that are designed to act as probes, gathering intelligence about contemporary conditions on Earth and in space. JP further added that we are in the midst of a surge of orbs sightings from motherships which are activating all over our solar system, including within subterranean areas on Earth. If accurate, this would explain why Kirkpatrick and Loeb have developed their ‘mothership proposal’ as a serious explanation for UFOs being increasingly sighted worldwide.

JP further stated that the orbs could have deadly consequences for those who get too close. He asserts that these orbs, and the motherships they originate from, were well known to the ancients, who knew that only individuals with the right genetics and consciousness could safely approach and interact with them. The orbs contain an organic and artificial intelligence interface designed to protect themselves. JP’s revelation gives important context for why the US military approached the Stanford medical researcher for answers about how and why their personnel suffered deadly brain injuries from close encounters with the orbs/UFOs. JP’s answer further reveals why he and other contactees have been recruited into the US military since they have the right genetics and consciousness to safely interact with the orbs emanating from the motherships, as well as other ancient artifacts found around the Earth, which in many cases are protected by Inner Earth Civilizations.

In my upcoming webinar on April 1, I will discuss JP’s startling update, which I plan to release in full next week for free, and how this information fits into a “Big Rediscovery Plan” to reveal Ancient technologies and Inner Earth Civilizations to the world. Those attending the webinar will be given the latest information and crucial context for understanding the surge in the sightings of UFOs, why senior Pentagon officials are openly speculating that many UFOs are associated with motherships, and how Carlson’s admission gives us important insights into why the military is taking a cautious approach to revealing UFO data.

Join me on Saturday at 2 pm EDT / 11 am PDT for a comprehensive analysis of the startling revelations coming out about the truth behind UFOs and how this fits into the Big Rediscovery Plan that is well on its way to revealing many advanced technologies which the inner Earth civilizations have been protecting for millennia, waiting for the right time to release. Now is that right time. Prepare yourselves for amazing revelations!

Note: The webinar was completed on April 2 and a replay is now available on several platforms in edited and unedited versions. The edited version has improved sound quality, additional graphics, the countdown is gone, and does NOT have the Q & A segment or the chat. For those that attended or watched the webinar, the unedited original recording with Q & A and chat will continue to be available in your Crowdcast account indefinitely. 

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Recording on Brighteon & Vimeo (edited version without Q&A)

Also on Crowdcast (unedited original version with Q&A & Chat)

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