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Investigating Ancient Civilizations in the Grand Canyon & the Extraterrestrial Connection

Brad Olsen has traveled the world investigating legends of ancient civilizations, paranormal phenomena and UFOs. Among the many places he has visited is the Grand Canyon, Arizona, which has long been rumored to have ancient Egyptian and Far Eastern artifacts in its numerous caves estimated to be over a 1000.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Olsen discusses his 21-day boat trip through the Grand Canyon river system to investigate legends of ancient artifacts in caverns. He discusses the 1908 G.E. Kincaid expeditions to a mysterious cavern filled with Egyptian and Far Eastern artifacts, along with the recent claims of a US Army Insider, JP, who claims to have seen similar artifacts along with an ancient saucer-shaped spacecraft during a covert mission in February 2023 to the Grand Canyon.

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Brad Olsen is a best-selling author, publisher, and has appeared in many popular shows including Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast AM. His websites are &

Correction: In this interview an unconfirmed rumor about an alleged US Supreme Court case involving the Smithsonian Institute dumping giant skeletal remains at sea was discussed. After the interview it was found that the rumor was a rehash of similar claims debunked in August 2022.

More info about Dr. Salla’s April 1 webinar on The Big Rediscovery Plan is available here.

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