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Remote Viewing Experiment of Atlantic Space Ark

Last night, I participated in a debriefing with a team of four remote viewers associated with the Cryptoviewing project created by Dick Allgire out of Honolulu, Hawaii. The veteran team had just completed a double-blind remote viewing session of an alphanumeric target which I had specifically chosen. The target was the space ark at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean visited by JP, who is currently serving with the US Army. Prior to the RV session, I told the first of two targeters the place I wanted viewed, and that person relayed the location as only a set of alphanumeric coordinates to a second targeter, who in turn passed the coordinates onto the remote viewing team of four. This double-blind protocol ensures that the remote viewing is not influenced by any foreknowledge by the targeter, who interacts directly with the remote viewing team.

The results of the remote viewings were astounding. The team corroborated many key elements of JP’s eyewitness accounts from his Atlantic space ark missions, which I have discussed in three interviews with him (see here, here, and here). What follows are some of the key elements that the four remote viewers identified.

The RV team identified an ancient structure containing space-time portals that create an extensive network which connects to worlds in different star systems. This data matches what JP witnessed in the Atlantic ark. The remote viewers also identified hieroglyphic writings on the walls telling the history of our planet, including ancient peoples being taken to the safety of a Noah’s ark type structure/craft.

The Aztec language was detected by the team among the writings on the walls of the structure, just as JP had described in our interviews about the Mexican Aztec shamans recognizing the writings as prophetic. Large sarcophagi were witnessed as well, which were associated with giant God-Kings possessing tremendous wisdom and power that made them figures of reverence to the populations of ancient civilizations.

Further, the remote viewers found a temporal element in the structure/craft that corresponds to the time dilation effect which JP described in our interviews as affecting personnel moving through the Atlantic space ark. A connection to underground civilizations was identified, which matches what JP described about the space ark connecting to one of the Ant People’s kingdoms. Finally, several of the remote viewers identified the target as an ancient spacecraft – a space ark, just as JP said in our interviews.

The results of the remote viewing experiment will shortly be available to members of the Cryptoviewing Patreon channel, which is available here. I will soon interview Dick Allgire about this remote viewing session on my Exopolitics Today podcast. Tomorrow, in my webinar, I will elaborate on the remote viewing session as part of the Rediscovery Plan that is now underway to reveal the truth about our forgotten history, ancient technologies, underground civilizations, space arks, mothership orbs, and extraterrestrial civilizations.

I look forward to sharing more about this critical corroboration of JP’s remarkable testimony tomorrow and in the weeks ahead. If you haven’t already done so, there’s still time to register for my webinar and to get the scoop on this groundbreaking information that reveals some of the exciting details of what lies before us all.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

[NOTE: Due to a power outage 30 mins into my presentation, I will redo the entire webinar on Sunday 2 pm EDT, 11 am PDT- link here.]

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