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JP Update on Ancient Library at Military Base Revealing History of Arks on Earth

In his latest update, my US Army Insider, JP, was taken inside an underground library in a US military base where he visited a mysterious Aisle 10. It contained ancient Sumerian records about how large Space Arks operate and their use of probes to gather intelligence on the level of civilization development at any historical period. JP further added that we are in the midst of a surge of orb sightings from Arks, which are activating all over our solar system, including subterranean areas on Earth.

JP responds to questions about a recent paper written by Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, Head of the Pentagon’s All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, and Harvard University Professor Avi Loeb, who speculate that recent UFO sightings may be orbs originating from alien motherships (aka Arks) in our solar system. In his update, JP further stated that the orbs could have deadly consequences for those that get too close.

He asserts that these orbs and motherships they originate from were well known to the ancients, who knew that only individuals with the right genetics and consciousness could safely approach and interact with the orbs. The orbs contain an organic and/or artificial intelligence designed to protect themselves from those that get too close. JP’s answer further reveals why he and other contactees have been recruited into the US military since they have the right genetics and consciousness to safely interact with orbs emanating from the Arks/motherships and other ancient artifacts found around the Earth, which in many cases are connected to Inner Earth Civilizations.

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NOTE: In this interview, JP reveals and I can confirm that he took my wife and I on a tour of a military base with him. The guard at the entrance recognized him and didn’t bother to check our photo IDs. Why would an active duty Army soldier risk his career which pays for a nice home for his family to live in just to fool me? The truth is that his superiors know about these interviews and JP’s real identity but have green-lighted him to reveal these missions and are protecting him from Deep State operatives that are not happy with JP’s revelations.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to Angelika Whitecliff for completing the sound editing of this video, and thanks also to Jas Marlin for its final production.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

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