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Applying the Science of Consciousness to SSP & ET Technologies

Dan Winter has worked for over four decades on the frontiers of consciousness studies from the perspective of an electrical engineer. He has encountered and/or collaborated with cutting-edge pioneers such as Andrija Puharich, Marcel Vogel, Itzhak Bentov and Tom Bearden in understanding the principles and applications of longitudinal waves (scalar waves), implosive forces, brain waves, the Kundalini force, and the Schuman Resonance.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Winter discusses his scientific background and collaboration with various consciousness researchers. He explains how advanced technologies based on longitudinal waves/antigravity have been operationalized by different groups such as Nazi Germany, secret space programs and extraterrestrial intelligences. He gives a unique perspective on contemporary exopolitical issues such as space arks, hibernating Anunnaki scientists, and the Halls of Amenti. He finally discusses his scientific testing of a secret space program witness, Jean Charles Moyen, who simulated a teleportation experience while his brainwaves were being measured. Winter’s positive test results support Moyen’s incredible claims of teleporting to four space arks, two of which were physically corroborated by a former French archaeologist Elena Danaan.

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