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The BIG Rediscovery Plan Webinar – Now on Vimeo & Brighteon

Thank you for all those that attended my “BIG Rediscovery Plan – SSP Disclosure of Ancient Technologies & Inner Earth Civilizations” webinar, which experienced a 17 hour power blackout 38 mins into my first presentation attempt on April 1, at 2 pm EDT. I had just begun presenting my data about Freemasons being the primary organization behind the historical repression of discoveries of ancient artifacts and long-lost civilizations when all power in my neighborhood of Dandridge, TN, was lost due to high winds. This was despite it being a sunny day after an early morning rainstorm which was quite suspicious. Was it mere coincidence or retaliation? Thankfully, my second presentation attempt on April 2 went flawlessly without any interruptions.

In my webinar, I gave a comprehensive overview of what to expect concerning upcoming announcements about the “discovery” of ancient technologies from long lost civilizations, the emergence of Inner Earth and Sub-aquatic civilizations, and the appearance of Space Arks. All these events would be part of a multi-stage disclosure process being coordinated between an Earth Alliance/White Hats and positive extraterrestrial organizations, which is underway and can’t be stopped by the Deep State.

The webinar was completed on April 2 and a replay is now available on several platforms in edited and unedited versions. The edited version has improved sound quality, additional graphics, the countdown is gone, and does NOT have the Q & A segment or the chat. For those that attended or plan to watch the live webinar replay, the unedited original recording with Q & A and chat will continue to be available in your Crowdcast account indefinitely. 

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Recording on Vimeo & Brighteon (edited version without Q&A)

Also on Crowdcast (unedited original version with Q&A & Chat)


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