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The Book of Enoch, the Watchers, Antediluvial History & the modern UFO Threat

Timothy Alberino is the author of Birthright, where he describes the Book of Enoch as the oldest authoritative source on ancient history and on ‘Watchers’ or extraterrestrials interacting with humanity. He asserts that the Ethiopian version of the Book of Enoch (aka Enoch 1) contains information that is older than Sumerian records and is consistent with Plato’s account of the final days of Atlantis. While Sumerian cuneiform texts date from around 3800 BC, the Book of Enoch derives from oral traditions that can be traced back further in time to the Antediluvian era, according to Alberino.

The Book of Enoch provides a rare first-hand account of what life was like in an Antediluvian “Golden Age” that degenerated as Atlantis embarked on a series of imperial wars and genetic experiments that ended with the Great Flood event around 9600 BC. The Great Flood marked the end of Atlantis as described Plato, and is corroborated by scientific studies showing the Younger Dryas period ended at this time with the melting of the massive North American and European Ice Sheets.

Alberino’s radical assertion has support insofar as the Slavonic Book of Enoch (aka Enoch 2) discusses how the patriarch Enoch wrote 360 books of knowledge dictated to him by positive groups of Angels (aka Watchers/extraterrestrials) in different heavens. Enoch’s books of knowledge were subsequently handed off to Methuselah, who was responsible for preserving these for post-flood humanity. Methuselah subsequently passed these off to his grandson Melchizedek (Noah’s cousin) who created the Order of Melchizedek that was responsible for preserving Enochian books and knowledge for a post-flood humanity.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Alberino addresses how this antediluvial history is relevant today with a UFO threat that emanates from a group of Gray and Insectoid extraterrestrials. He believes there is also a human-looking group of extraterrestrials interacting with humanity, corresponding with the heavenly angels described in the Book of Enoch. Finally, he addresses questions about a recent paper written by the head of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office about alien motherships releasing probes and who these ships belong to.

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