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Q & A Webinar Announcement

Space Arks are real and have recently been confirmed by multiple sources which even extend into Mainstream media coverage. People are seeing probes in the skies and military pilots are losing their lives when they get too close. An alien false flag event is on the Deep State’s agenda docket. Continuity of Government is being questioned as is the role of NORAD. Contactees are reporting major developments regarding the future of this world and the list of baffling current events are growing. This is why on April 22, I will be offering my first Question & Answer Webinar on Crowdcast to directly address your most pressing questions on a wide range of extraterrestrial, UFO and exopolitics related topics.

This upcoming webinar will be different to my past conference-style presentation webinars, which only allow a brief time to answer a small number of people’s questions. The current format only scratches the surface for individuals to ask their questions relating to the many major issues of today, so I have decided to create a new Q & A webinar series.

I will begin the Q&A webinar with a brief overview of key current events, new developments, and include positive elements taking place around the globe not covered by Mainstream news. This is a crucial time for humanity, and I will stress the importance of maintaining our optimism as it relates to extraterrestrial events unfolding around us now. Then we will dive into 2 full hours of answering your questions.

I will continue to offer my 2 ½ hour conference-style webinar presentations every 6 weeks, and in addition, offer the Q&A webinar in between my regular schedule. Therefore, every 3 weeks I will be offering a new webinar, alternating between the two formats.

In this time of great change and fast breaking developments on UFOs and extraterrestrial life, this is a great opportunity to have all your questions answered in one place where I draw upon my 30+ years of teaching, researching and writing about international politics and exopolitics.

Finally, I’ve priced my Q&A webinar at only $10 to make it accessible to as many as possible to join. I look forward to this exciting deep dive into your questions and seeing you at my new webinar.

Michael Salla, PhD.

Date: April 22, 2023, at 2 pm East Coast / 11 am Pacific Time

Length: 2 hours Q & A plus brief intro

New Platform: Crowdcast

Cost: $10*

* Please Note: Crowdcast uses Stripe as its credit card payment processor. If you do not have a credit card and wish to use Paypal, click here. If you do not receive any Crowdcast notification email after registering, please login to your Crowdcast account to ensure the webinar is listed in your Joined Events. If the webinar is not listed please contact Angelika Whitecliff for assistance. If you experience difficulties logging in one hour before or during the webinar, please contact Jas Marlin.



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