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Book Reviews of Kennedy’s Last Stand now available!

There have been many reasons for the murder of JFK proposed by numerous researchers, however for myself, they didn’t make sense. Everything that Kennedy supposedly did to aggravate various groups who likely were complicit in the murder could have easily been undone. Why the extraordinary spectacle...

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New Exopolitics Conference Presentations & Special DVD Offers

Two New Conference Presentations featuring Dr Michael Salla at the inaugural Contact in the Desert Conference, Joshua Tree Retreat, August 9, 2013. Hear about the latest developments concerning leading South American contactees, and how they combine spiritual principles and extraterrestrial contact....

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ExoNews TV Launches on Father’s Day 2013

Happy Fathers Day – ExoNews TV has arrived! [June 16, 2013 – ExoNews TV] Nearly every day we hear news that we are not alone in this vast universe. Scientists are confirming the existence of exoplanets in the habitable regions of their suns. Scientific opinion has shifted from outright skepticism...

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