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Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla Dec 2, 2023

Week in Review Topics

  • Battle over the fate of the UAP Disclosure Act began on Nov 27
  • Interview with John DeSouza on links between Ukraine, Israel-Palestine and False flag alien invasion
  • Ancient Akkadian test, the Atra Hasis, reveals agenda of Prince Ea
  • Star Nations News revals ET activities in our solar system
  • Effort to remove Eminent Domain from UAP Disclosure Act will strengthen hand of aerospace corporations
  • Retired Rear Admiral speaks out on the need for UFO transparency
  • Britain’s Daily Mail reveals role of CIA in tracking UFOs and crash retrieval operations
  • Tucker Carlson speaks with Tim Burchett on who’s behind the effort to shut down the UAP Disclosure Act
  • Michael Salla interviewed on Redacted about UAP Disclosure Act
  • The Hill publishes article calling out four Republicans opposing UAP Disclosure Act
  • Interview with Devara Thunderbeat about ET contact and sound and Earth activations
  • Passing of Henry Kissinger will have a big impact on disclosing the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation
  • Clarification by UAP Caucus on the 25-year rule for declassification in the UAP Disclosure Act
  • Press Conference on passing the UAP Disclosure Act and opposition to its enactment
  • Russel Brand exposes travesty of turning over crashed UFO artifacts to corporations that seek to profit from it
  • Visit and interviews featuring David Adair’s encounter with the engine of an ancient extraterrestrial spacecraft
  • Current State of Play of UAP Disclosure Act
  • Nov 25 Webinar on the Exopolitical State of the Planet now on Vimeo

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