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Geo-engineering Earth through Weather Modification technologies – dual use energy weapons

Dane Wigington has been researching and exposing clandestine geo-engineering efforts since 2002. He first became interested in weather modification when he noticed the decline in the energy output of solar panels due to a strange increase in cloud cover and the impact of acidic rain on pristine forests in the Lake Shasta area. His website contains multiple documents and patents going back to the late 1800s showing how geo-engineering efforts have been pursued as a means of controlling the planet.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Wigington discusses the incontrovertible data that geo-engineering has been occurring and used to steer hurricanes, create droughts, earthquakes, and events that are part of a secret geopolitical agenda. He believes that the Georgia Guidestones revealed the true intent behind weather modification of reducing the planet’s population to 500 million. He also responds to questions about the dual use of weather modification technologies as energy weapons that can be used against satellites and UFOs, whether of human or non-human origin.

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