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George Adamski Photos & Videos of UFOs are the Best Evidence of ET Contact

George Adamski became famous in the 1950s with startling photos and videos of flying saucer and cigar-shaped spacecraft he began taking in the 1940s, which he claimed were piloted by human-looking extraterrestrial visitors. He learned from face-to-face contact experiences that the extraterrestrials had secretly embedded themselves in human society to help humanity learn about galactic life. Multiple witnesses saw one of Adamski’s face-to-face meetings in 1952 and provided compelling evidence of what had happened.

Captain Glenn Steckling, a retired civilian pilot who flew for 30 years with a major airline, was only 4 years old when his father, Fred, befriended Adamski in 1963 and became a close aide in the latter’s remaining two years of life. During his subsequent experiences with Adamski, and later in his father’s dissemination of Adamski’s material, Glenn Steckling met with several of the extraterrestrials secretly living among us.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Glenn Steckling discusses the Adamski case, the incredible photos and videos taken by Adamski, his father’s relationship with Adamski, and his directorship of the George Adamski Foundation after his father’s passing. Steckling asserts that humanity needs to learn to ethically mature and solve its own problems before it can expect human-looking extraterrestrials to fully reveal themselves. He is very skeptical of official disclosure efforts by government entities and of the existence of non-human extraterrestrials that he believes are a product of fear-based disinformation.

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