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Orbs, Space Arks & Motherships Webinar – Now on Vimeo & Brighteon

In my Orbs, Space Arks & Motherships webinar completed on May 13, I presented and analyzed newly released information from a wide range of sources on Space Arks, ET Motherships and their connection to the many orbs that are increasingly being sighted around the world. Some of the orbs are extraterrestrial in origin, while others have been built by aerospace companies. Historical examples of both were presented to attendees to better understand what is happening today.

I further showed how and why the Deep State is using its controlled mainstream media assets to sow the seeds of fear about the orbs’ presence and activity.  Finally, I showed how the truth about the orbs and their connection to ancient space arks and visiting extraterrestrial motherships will uplift humanity, and is being covertly supported by an Earth Alliance of military forces, led by US Space Command, to bring about a Star Trek Future.

A replay of the webinar is now available on several platforms in edited and unedited versions. The edited version has improved sound quality, additional graphics, the countdown is gone, and does NOT have the Q & A segment or the chat. For those that attended or plan to watch the live webinar replay, the unedited original recording with Q & A and chat will continue to be available in your Crowdcast account indefinitely. 

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Recording on Vimeo & Brighteon (edited version without Q&A)

Also on Crowdcast (unedited original version with Q&A & Chat)


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