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Orbs, Space Arks & Motherships – Why the Deep State Fears Them

In 2021, the first reports emerged of Space Arks activating with the arrival of fleets of Motherships from different extraterrestrial civilizations into our solar system. Multiple sources assert these Motherships are historically linked to Space Arks that have been hidden in underground and underwater locations on Earth, as well as on the moon and various planets in our solar system. The Space Arks and Motherships have been releasing small orbs acting as probes to study humanity and planetary situation. These orbs have become a great concern for the Deep State and are consequently being increasingly depicted by the mainstream media as a national security threat. Why?

While the US military and other national militaries have known about and covertly investigated Space Arks since at least 2015, their recent activation and release of orbs/probes has led to furious attempts to better understand the technologies they contain, determine the location of their crews, and discover how the Space Arks have historically behaved.

To this end, the US and other national militaries have enlisted the support of extraterrestrial contactees to work as guides, advisors, and liaisons for covert missions to hidden Space Arks. A US Army insider, JP, is among these contactees recruited by the military. Since 2021, he has been at the forefront of releasing information about the locations, contents, and activation of numerous Space Arks, and their connection to the newly arrived alien motherships.

On April 14, 2023, a world-class team of Remote Viewers released a video report corroborating vital elements of what JP claims he witnessed in three multinational missions to a Space Ark submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, there have been other contactees who have traveled to and witnessed buried Space Arks in Antarctica, Japan, Tibet, and Egypt.

In new testimony before the US Congress on April 19, Dr Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office set up in 2022 to investigate UFO sightings, released more military videos of small metallic orbs and how these are increasingly being sighted. In addition, Dr Kirkpatrick co-wrote a paper with Professor Avi Loeb, the head of Harvard University’s Galileo Project, hypothesizing that the small probes may have been sent by a recently arrived extraterrestrial mothership. Mainstream news sources have been covering Kirkpatrick and Loeb’s startling hypothesis, which is gaining increasing global attention. This has transformed the topic of extraterrestrial motherships from one of immediate ridicule to a topic carrying serious national security implications.

In his next webinar on May 13, 2023, Dr. Michael Salla will pull together newly released information on Space Arks, ET Motherships and their connection to the many metallic orbs that are increasingly being sighted around the world and have become a hot topic of mainstream media interest.  He will show why the Deep State is terrified by the emergence of these probing orbs connected to Space Arks and Motherships, and how it is using the controlled mainstream media assets to sow the seeds of fear about the orbs’ presence and activity. Despite the Deep State’s fear mongering efforts, Dr. Salla will show how the truth about the orbs will uplift humanity and is being covertly supported by an Earth Alliance of military forces, led by US Space Command, to bring about a Star Trek Future.

Date: May 13, 2023, at 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time / 11 am Pacific Time

Length: 2 hours, plus 30 min Q & A

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