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Underwater UFOs, Artemis Accords, & Galactic Federation Update on Iran-Israel Conflict

Exopolitics Today Week in Review – April 20, 2024


  • Interview on the Greg Reese show about exopolitics
  • A Message from the Galactic Federation of Worlds on the Iran-Israel Conflict
  • Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet releases a Report on underwater UFOs aka USOs
  • Next Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection runs from Sept 27-29.
  • JP video commentary on his interactions with the underground Ant People
  • NASA Astrobiology workshop discusses announcing the discovery of ET life.
  • Investigative Filmmaker Discusses UFOs, Underground Bases, SSP’s & Non-Human Intelligence
  • Biden Admin officials, Jake Sullivan and Lloyd Austin, shut down any prospects for passage of the UAP Disclosure Act due to election year concerns
  • The declassified Kona Blue document shows that UFOs were taken seriously by the Dept of Homeland Security, but it never got access to any retrieved alien tech.
  • Sweden & Switzerland just signed the Artemis Accords expanding it to 38 countries.
  • Some important insights shared in this Liberation Times article about a newly released batch of FOIA documents concerning whistleblower testimonies about UFOs.
  • These stories and more in Exopolitics Today – The Week in Review

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