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Unveiling the Astounding Truths about UFOs and Deep Space Mysteries

Exopolitics Today Week in Review – Jan 20, 2024


  • Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability built by Northrup Grumman is a cover for AUKUS taking charge of DEW for Earth Orbit and Deep Space
  • New York Times emphasis on UFO Mystery is a bellwether for how the Deep State wants us to think.
  • Tracking Lucifer back to the Anunnaki warrior Marduk
  • Forbidden Archeology shows human presence on Earth goes back 100s of millions of years
  • Australia, Britain and US conduct Exercize Red Flag Neillis 24-1 – practicing for an alien invasion?
  • US House Oversight Committee members describe what they learned in classified UFO briefing by Intel Community Inspector General
  • New Webinar Announcement – What’s Coming in 2024 – Catastrophic Disclosure
  • Fox News report focuses on UFOs as “Interdimensional” in nature – contrasts with what public witnesses describe
  • Alien Lovebite – How extraterrestrials manipulate relationships of human abductees
  • Pentagon relaxes classification rules for SAPs to facilitate info sharing among Combined Space Operations Initiatives members.
  • Academic paper on Crypto Terrestrial Hypothesis opens door to better understanding of ancient underground civilizations and spaceports
  • Joint Japan Australia corporate venture to destroy space junk using fusion power is indicator for what classified programs developed decades ago
  • New Key West Office for Exopolitics Today reports.

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