Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET

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Advance autographed copies ship on May 30. release date is Father’s Day, June 16, 2013.

Advance autographed copies ship on May 30. release date is Father’s Day, June 16, 2013. Order your autographed copy here.

[Update June 16, 2013: Now Available on Amazon as a paperback and in a Kindle edition] Galactic Diplomacy is a new book that introduces first hand witness and whistleblower testimonies revealing that the USA, Britain, Russia and other major national governments have been secretly conducting, or known about, diplomatic relations with different extraterrestrial civilizations since at least 1952. These testimonies reveal that ‘galactic diplomacy’ (aka ‘exodiplomacy’) with extraterrestrial visitors began with discussions over the development of thermonuclear weapons, the first of which was detonated by the Truman administration in November, 1952. Diplomatic discussions then expanded to include issues such as technology development, alien bases, extraterrestrials living on Earth, human rights, and use of earth resources. In frustration over lack of government transparency with their citizens, some extraterrestrials began contacting private citizens to inform them of the true nature of alien activities on Earth, and diplomatic relations with governments. Extraterrestrial life has been discovered, and senior national security officials have been reticent to disclose this fact not only to their citizens, but to most elected representatives. While the traditional approach among UFO researchers has been to accumulate further evidence to indisputably prove the existence of UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis, after seven decades of officially sanctioned deception, such an approach is no longer suitable. The information age makes available the evidence of visiting extraterrestrial life at any computer terminal around the world. A new approach to the massive evidentiary pool is necessary.

Galactic Diplomacy prepares the reader for the fact that technologically advanced extraterrestrial life exists, and has been visiting our planet since at least the 1940’s. This fact has been kept secret by a carefully orchestrated set of policies developed by national security officials with the historic support of a small select group of elected government representatives. These policies are implemented in highly classified compartmentalized programs with strict need-to-know security provisions in place. This means that the vast majority of government, military and corporate officials are simply out of the loop on the extraterrestrial issue.

Not only have select governmental authorities deceived their citizens and peers about extraterrestrial life, but major governments led by the U.S. have secretly entered into direct diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial life. Most disturbing is evidence that some major governments, principally the U.S., have entered into secret agreements with some extraterrestrial groups that have de facto ‘treaty’ status. Some of these agreements concern the acquisition and development of extraterrestrial technology, and their advanced knowledge, found around the world or in outer space.

“Galactic diplomacy” – which I use as a synonym for “exodiplomacy” – is currently a highly classified national security program where a select group of authorized government, military and corporate officials, are secretly meeting to discuss extraterrestrial life and technology. In some cases, these officials are communicating directly with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

The reader has basically three choices given the startling evidence that galactic diplomacy is secretly occurring. The first is to dismiss testimonial evidence of extraterrestrial life, and tacitly allow select government authorities to indefinitely continue their secret galactic diplomacy. Debunkers typically raise the cliché “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof,” and proceed to establish an extraordinarily high standard for accepting any evidence as admissible on the issue of extraterrestrial life. They then proceed to debunk all evidence for alien visitors to our world on the basis that none of the testimonial evidence reaches the extraordinarily high standards required to prove “extraordinary claims.” Yet, truth remains true even when one is unable to prove it. Eyewitness testimony doesn’t cease to be evidence simply because a witness or whistleblower can’t prove what they saw or experienced.

Exposing governmental agreements concerning or directly involving extraterrestrial life is the second choice before us given the evidence that galactic diplomacy is secretly occurring. Becoming active in a global process to pressure government authorities to disclose all they know about alien life and technology, will be the preferred choice of many once the evidence persuades them.

The third choice is the most proactive. It invites the reader to seriously contemplate becoming active in a citizen based diplomatic outreach with extraterrestrial civilizations visiting our planet. This choice will appeal to many who are disheartened by the depth of deception by select national security authorities over the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Galactic Diplomacy is a book that assists those attracted to the second and third choices over how to react to the exodiplomacy that has been occurring. Those desiring to expose secret governmental activity in diplomatic relations concerning extraterrestrial life, will be given the necessary basic information tools to hold responsible government, military and corporate officials accountable for past policies, and to ensure governmental transparency in the future. Alternatively, those desiring to become active in citizen diplomacy initiatives will be given essential information for discerning the motivations and activities of visiting extraterrestrial civilizations. This is indispensable for practicing a citizen based form of galactic diplomacy.

Getting to Yes is the title of a popular book in the field of conflict resolution that reveals how to conduct negotiations based on recognizing all the parties “needs” or “vital interests”, rather than positions. A necessary first step is recognizing the needs of all parties in a negotiation, and having them adequately represented. In “principled negotiations”, all parties interests are represented. When it comes to the visitation of extraterrestrial life, testimonial evidence reveals that private citizens are a party whose vital interests in secret negotiations have not been represented at all. This indicates that secret negotiations are “unprincipled” according to the model developed in Getting to Yes.

“Getting to Yes with ET” is consequently not solely diplomatic activity secretly pursued by government, military and corporate entities from around the world, but an inalienable right that belongs to private citizens. Private citizens have a right to have their interests directly represented in any negotiations where their vital interests are involved. In the United States, this is recognized in the Constitution where diplomatic agreements require ratification by the two thirds of the U.S. Senate which directly represents the interests of private citizens. Private citizens have an inherent right in being directly represented and/or participating in any decisions over who among the various extraterrestrial visitors are willing to satisfy our vital interests in any diplomatic agreements. Guaranteeing a direct role of private citizens in any agreements reached with extraterrestrial civilizations will ensure that our vital interests are met, and we properly evolve as a planetary civilization. The choice is up to you. Order your copy of Galactic Diplomacy and prepare yourself for the grandest adventure of all – the journey to galactic citizenship!

Note: This article is an extract from the “Introduction” to Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET (Exopolitics Institute, 2013).  Release date on is Father’s Day, June 16, advance autographed copies will be shipped by May 30.
Copyright. Michael E. Salla, M.A., Ph.D.



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  • TinFoilHats


    Thank you, Dr. Salla.

    I actually approach this topic from a very different angle. I’m not interested in “evidence”. Only in seeing how people react to the stories and all the rest of the meta-perspectives. Because of that, what I’m seeing is this:

    1. there is a cacophony of conflicting, tho generally similar stories being circulated. The gen-pop tends to believe stories when they are in agreement with other stories in some way.
    2. there seems to be precious few people actually helping us learn how to shift our own consciousness so that we can see for ourselves what is going on all around us, but are instead simply offering us more and more objects (pictures, videos, documents, witnesses, stories, etc.) to goggle at. There are important exceptions.
    3. The gen-pop is reacting to the stories in ways that can be easily categorized and predicted.
    4. There doesn’t seem to be any “panic” on the side of the govt. about what the gen-pop supposedly “knows”.
    5. The gen-pop has been brought to a point where we are demanding to be told a story over which the Powers That Be (PTB) will have total control. A story which will include things which cannot be proven or disproven. A story which we may argue with them about on some minor points, but which we have already been conditioned to accept once we see pictures, videos, documents, witnesses, stories, etc. – which they will prolly be able to provide by the truckload.

    It is possible that they have been conditioning us to suspect that a certain group of stories is true, while keeping us from seeing or believing any information on a very different group of stories. Stories which conflict radically with the general trends get NO attention from ANYONE. I’ve heard a few of these. They are not usually accompanied by extensive proving and physical evidence. But some elements of them ARE exaggerated and magnified by certain trollish voices – making them even easier to ignore or disregard.

    This is happening. I am not bringing myself to a state of certainty about what it all means, however, I do suspect that it would be prudent to make a plan should these radically different scenarios actually materialize. Certainty is not necessary. Neither is fear. Only preparedness.

    I’m not a “Prepper”. No amount of guns or food will protect us from what some of these stories are indicating might be real. I have nothing to sell to anyone. But I would like to see some acknowledgment that teaching the gen-pop how to perceive what is happening in such a way that cannot be “managed” would be a high priority.

    I don’t believe that we can believe any one single species or individual – human or not – about anything. But I do believe that it is possible to learn how to perceive enuf to make decisions and take actions and that when we do take actions, we have some kind of control over what is happening. If these decisions and actions are based on what our entire species would be able to perceive, in a way that has not been interfered with, then those decisions and actions would be appropriate and ACTUALLY in our best interest.

    Incidentally, one of the things I think we can learn to perceive is when someone is deceiving us. That should be Priority #1.

    When some entity tries to manipulate our perception in order to get us to decide and act the way they want us to, we get to see it right away. Right in front of us the way we would see a cup or a rock.

    We need that ability and we need it now. Before any of this “Disclosure” bs starts.



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