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3 Days to What’s Coming in 2023 Webinar

After three shootdowns in as many days of unidentified flying objects over Alaska and the China balloon incident from a week earlier, the Pentagon claimed not to know with certainty what the objects are but yesterday offered a “leading explanation” that they may be benign and tied to commercial research. Meanwhile the mainstream media is acting like it’s received talking points from their Deep State handlers to focus on the unknown national security threats posed by UFOs after decades of ridicule and silence.

Edward Snowden and other alternative news sources believe it’s all an “engineered” distraction from the Deep State to get investigative reporters to avoid unwelcome news about the Biden administration’s destruction of the Nordstream pipeline, and the impending collapse of Ukraine’s military despite the mainstream media gaslighting the public about Ukraine’s chances of military success.

Meanwhile the Biden administration has convened an “interagency team” headed by his national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, to examine the UFO threat and come up with “protocols and policy implications for these kinds of objects going forward.” Could the proposed interagency team finally implement the long planned “Project Bluebeam?”

While the Biden administration has publicly ruled out any connection to extraterrestrial life, the commander of NORAD and Northern Command, General Glen VanHerck says the extraterrestrial explanation is still on the table. What makes Gen VanHerck’s involvement in the whole UFO shootdown incidents significant is that only a month earlier, he was identified as the recipient of an extraterrestrial disclosure plan from the Galactic Federation of Worlds at Raven Rock Mountain Complex, a higher classified continuity of government facility.

This leads to the all-important question, is what we are witnessing a mass distraction, or is it part of a disclosure plan to prepare humanity for the truth about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life? Alternatively, could it be both?

In his first webinar for 2023, Dr. Michael Salla will review all the twists and turns of the recent UFO shootdown incidents and explain how these relate to an unfolding disclosure plan involving an Earth Alliance of space faring nations headed by US Space Command and positive extraterrestrial organizations. He also will describe other unfolding events happening behind the scenes concerning the activation of space arks, underground civilizations revealing themselves, and Nordic space fleets preparing to appear in the skies.

Finally, he will reveal why the Deep State is doomed to fail in its desperate effort to distract the public from the truth about what’s really happening in the skies and in space for much longer. This webinar will prepare and inspire you for the amazing revelations in the months that lie ahead and is not to be missed.

Webinar Completed on Feb 18, 2023

Recording now available on Brighteon & Vimeo (edited version without Q&A)

Also available on Crowdcast (unedited version with Q&A)



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