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3 Days to Enki’s Return, Adamic DNA, the Tree of Life & Awakening Giants Webinar

The Great Awakening is upon us; however, it’s not just humans waking up because of the most recent political machinations done by Deep State elites. Ancient giants are also waking up after millennia of hibernation, according to multiple sources. The subject of giants is shrouded in mystery and controversy today thanks to the Smithsonian Institute. In the 1800s, there were over one hundred news reports about the discovery of giant skeletons, but the Smithsonian Institute arranged for the skeletons to disappear and for researchers to be silenced. The little we do know about giants comes from historical texts such as the Hebrew Bible, Sumerian cuneiform tablets, and Egyptian glyphs.

The Book of Genesis tells of the creation of giants (aka Nephilim) from the union of Fallen Angels (aka extraterrestrials) with the daughters of man. According to the Bible, the giants soon began corrupting humanity and were so wicked that Yahweh ordered the early Israelites to slaughter them to the last man, woman, and child. Subsequent ethnic genocide campaigns against the Anakites, Amorites, Moabites, etc., were all encouraged by Yahweh’s prophets to decimate these tribes of giants. If you believe that the Bible is the literal word of God, then the only good giant is a dead giant—end of story.

Thankfully, we know more of the truth about the giants because of even older Sumerian and Egyptian records. The Sumerian and Egyptian accounts paint a very different picture of the giants. It is important to note here that stories found in many Hebrew texts are merely derivatives of the far older and more authoritative Sumerian cuneiform tablets. These Sumerian texts describe extraterrestrial visitors from another world, the Anunnaki, who were giant in stature.  The Anunnaki decided to create modern homo sapiens from primitive hominids in order to have a worker race to serve them. 

The chief Anunnaki scientist responsible for the genetic experiments was Prince Ea, aka Enki, who created multiple versions of humanity with the assistance of his sister, Ninhursag. It’s clear from Sumerian records that different-sized humans were created who varied in intelligence and fertility. Some humans were intended to be workers, others were to be soldiers, a select few would be intermediaries with the Anunnaki, and finally, others would become avatars for the Anunnaki to use while staying on Earth. This explains the variation in the size of giants, since Anunnaki society used social status to determine the size of the human avatar an individual would use while on Earth.

Enki’s half-brother, Enlil, orchestrated the great flood around 9600 BC. Enlil believed that humanity had advanced far too quickly and become a big problem for the Anunnaki as overlords, so humanity needed to be radically culled. According to historical texts such as the Atrahasis, Enki objected and prevented a select group of humans from being obliterated, thereby saving his genetic experiment. The Atrahasis tells us that Enlil was enraged by his brother’s deed. Consequently, Enki left our solar system taking his core scientific team with him. However, 12 of his trusted colleagues were left behind and went into hibernation to await   humanity’s eventual recovery from the flood or Enki’s return. Enki’s departure made it possible for Enlil’s scientists to subsequently manipulate human DNA, and dramatically shorten the human lifespan from a thousand years to under a hundred, as evidenced in Sumer’s Kings List, Egyptian records, and the Bible.

This takes us to the modern era: Enki has returned to our solar system, according to multiple credible sources, and his former Anunnaki scientific colleagues are waking up from their stasis chambers. Is this something to be welcomed? Are there other, more unfriendly giants also awakening who pose a genuine threat to humanity? Whatever happened to Enlil and his minions, are they still manipulating human DNA or have they been made to account for their crimes? Has Enki brought back humanity’s original Adamic DNA blueprint that will reverse the damage done to human DNA by Enlil and his cronies? Finally, how does the legendary Tree of Life fit into this complex mystery?

To learn more, I encourage you to attend my all new webinar this Saturday, December 3, titled: “Enki’s Return, Adamic DNA, The Tree of Life & Awakening Giants”. In this webinar, I will give a 2-hour presentation where I analyze the complex history of the Anunnaki, Enki, giants, Adamic DNA, and the Tree of Life. I will be followed by a special panel featuring the legendary Alex Collier and former French archeologist Elena Danaan, both of whom have much to share on these elusive topics. Finally, there will be an opportunity for attendees to participate in a Q&A session. This webinar is the last one of 2022, so don’t miss out—register today.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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