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Award-winning filmmaker on a Quest to Prepare Humanity for ET Contact

Craig Campobasso is an award-winning filmmaker and casting director who has had multiple experiences with extraterrestrials who have encouraged him to write books and make films preparing humanity for full disclosure. He has worked with famous Hollywood producers such as Dino De Laurentis and David Lynch, and actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Campobasso met with legendary extraterrestrial contact Frank Stranges, who in the 1960s revealed the stunning story of Valiant Thor, a Venusian extraterrestrial, being hosted at the Pentagon for three years. Campobasso subsequently produced a short film about the story called Stranger at the Pentagon.

Campobasso has written the first four books in what will be a seven-volume series called Autobiography of an Extraterrestrial Saga that details how aliens incarnate on Earth in a Cosmic saga of good against evil. He has also written a book, The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac (2021), which gives detailed descriptions and illustrations of 82 alien species visiting our planet, which is also the subject of a documentary he plans to release in the middle of 2024. In addition, Campobasso discusses his most recent book, UFO Hotspot Compendium, where he discusses the most famous spots on Earth for UFO-related phenomena. Finally, he shares his thoughts on the End Times and what that means for extraterrestrial disclosure.

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