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ET Contact, Artemis Accords, Space Ark and “20 and back” SSP claims

Exopolitics Today Week in Review  – April 27, 2024


  • Tucker Carlson on UFOs causing serious brain injuries to individuals that get too close.
  • Slovenia just became the 39th country to sign the Artemis Accords
  • Russia’s Hidden World of SSPs, Psi-Corps and ET Alliances: Webinar Trailer
  • News update from Galactic Federation about recent events on the Moon and the Iran-Israel.
  • Video introduction to six courses that are part of the Exopolitics Certificate program for Summer 2024.
  • Another communication Ruezo Zanrico about suspicious Naval activity in Atlantic Ocean where a giant Space Ark lays submerged.
  • Jason Sands is a new whistleblower describing his participation in a 20 and back program
  • Former Snr Pentagon official releases insider info about an intact UFO recovered in Kingman Arizona in 1950
  • A Lifetime of ET Contacts, Paranormal Experiences & UFO Investigations: Interview with Robert Morningstar
  • Billy Carson publicly reveals his ET contact story displaying his powerful emotional reaction and the havoc it created in his family.
  • Shenzhou-18 [divine vessel] is China’s seventh crewed mission to the Tiangong space station and 13th human spaceflight mission.
  • Why did Russia veto a UN resolution preventing nuclear weapons in space?
  • Galileo Project uses its latest large grant to establish a third UAP observatory while ET and SSP experiencers continue to be ignored.
  • One Week to Go to Webinar, Russia’s SSP

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