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Russia’s Secret Space Program: Its Enigmatic Psi-Corps & Non-Human Connection

During WWII, the Soviet Union learned of the great advances made by Nazi Germany in developing powerful aerospace technologies with the help of extraterrestrials, and how German nationalists and secret societies established a breakaway colony in Antarctica. The Soviets also learned that the Germans had discovered that psychic abilities were a major factor in finding, developing, and using advanced non-human technologies. Consequently, the Soviets began their own highly successful initiative to gain access to non-human technologies, trained a highly developed elite Psychic Corps (aka Psi-Corps), and secretly collaborated with the US in monitoring and countering the threat posed by the Antarctic Germans highly secretive space program. 

Today, Russia’s well established secret space program continues development with non-human intelligence and utilizes its enigmatic Psi-Corps to assist in on-planet and off-planet operations. In addition, Russia is collaborating with the US in investigating and exploiting the technologies found in ancient space arks found in our solar system. In his next webinar, Dr Michael Salla will examine the origins, history, and capabilities of Russia’s SSP and what it means today for coming events. 

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