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MAJIC Eyes Only: Understanding UFO Crash Retrievals through Majestic Documents

Ryan Wood is a leading world expert on UFO crash retrieval operations and leaked Majestic-12 classified documents. In December 2023, he released an updated edition of his pioneering book MAJIC Eyes Only where he analyses 104 UFO crash retrieval operations from around the world. His books and UFO Crash Retrieval Conferences (2003-2209) predate by two decades the more recent testimonies by David Grusch and others on UFO crash retrieval operations.

In his second Exopolitics Today interview Wood discusses historical UFO crash retrieval cases such as the 1933 Italy crash; the 1941 Cape Girardeau crash; the 1942 Los Angeles Air Raid incident; the 1947 Roswell crash; and the 1948 Aztec flying saucer crash. In addition, he comments on several Majestic Documents such as leaked correspondence between President Franklin Roosevelt and General George Marshall on the Los Angeles incident; the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Assessment of the Roswell crash; the Special Operations Manual detailing procedures for crash retrieval operations; and a leaked 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency briefing document.

Finally, Wood describes the process he used to gather historical data on UFOs from thousands of pages of leaked and official documents, and a vast library of books and journals to upload to an Artificial Intelligence program that would then respond to a list of 30 key questions about alien life and their agendas.

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