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Unveiling the Truth: Exposing Machinations of Secret Societies and UFO Debunkers

Exopolitics Today Week in Review Jan 26

  • Illuminati Insider revelations, machinations of secret societies
  • Dr Sean Kirkpatrick’s oped for Scientific America is fodder for UFO debunkers
  • Expose of Wikipedia’s secret cabal of UFO debunkers
  • Belgium becomes 34th signatory to the Artemis Accords, ensuring US leadership in space affairs for decades to come
  • Dr Steven Greer’s recent statements corroborate Jean Charles Moyen and Tony Rodrigues claims about children being chosen for SSPs based on psychic abilities
  • 2nd Edition of Majic Eyes Only covers 104 UFO crash retrieval operations from around the world
  • Chris Mellon reveals three insiders with direct knowledge of classified UFO programs that briefed Sean Kirpatrick contradicting his op ed claims.
  • Report by the Dept of Defense Inspector General points to flaws in the current UFO reporting mechanisms by military services
  • Uri Geller tells about Werner Von Braun showing him alien bodies at a NASA facility corroborating claims of a 4th Reich secretly controlling NASA
  • Rare interview of Dr Michael Wolf’s whistleblower revelations
  • Trailer released for Feb 3 Webinar, What’s Coming in 2024
  • All that and more in Exopolitics Today the Week in Review

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