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NASA Funding Cut as Corporations Dominate Space Missions

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – March 16, 2024


  • US Congress cuts funding to NASA while corporations are funding more space missions.
  • Detailed breakdown of UAP historical report cites glaring deficiencies
  • Article proclaims Pentagon is heading for disaster due to AARO UAP report – catastrophic disclosure more likely
  • Webinar Trailer released- Ancient Alien Experiments and Crypto Terrestrials
  • Space Force budget exceeds NASA but will surge as elements of secret space programs are integrated
  • UFO Disclosure Project Attorney Danny Sheehan recounts his encounter with secret Project Blue Book files in 1977 that contained photos of retrieved flying saucer craft
  • Could Romanian President entering race for NATO leadership be a reward for him suppressing news of the discovery of an ancient Hall of Records under Bucegi Mountains in 2003?
  • President Eisenhower’s role in agreements reached with Aliens Revealed by Great Granddaughter in New Book
  • Afghanistan is another example of a major war ostensibly caused by geopolitics, typically involving deeper exopolitical factors.
  • New JP video highlights ETs monitoring humanity’s consciousness and the importance of the love ethic
  • The wise Reptilian entity depicted in Japanese art is similar to Naga beings in Vedic art and literature.
  • Analysis of AARO historical report discussing July 1952 shootdown attempt against a flying saucer involved in Washington flyover
  • Four primary goals in AARO historical report point to a coming false flag UFO event

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