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Researching the Dulce Underground Alien Base & Recent UFO Reports: Interview with Anthony Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez had his first extraterrestrial contact experience at age 5 with a cube-shaped spacecraft. He has had similar encounters and witnessed multiple UFOs throughout his childhood. In 1989, he began actively researching UFO reports about Area 51 and a mysterious underground facility in Dulce, New Mexico. He did extensive research on the revelations of Paul Bennewitz, Phil Schneider, and other witnesses about the existence of extraterrestrials living in a vast underground tunnel system performing biological experiments on captive humans. He later met with a military whistleblower using the pseudonym Colonel X, who shared first-hand reports about classified joint military and extraterrestrial programs being conducted at Dulce.

Sanchez’s first book, UFO Highway (2011), focused on his Dulce research and featured the revelations of Colonel X. More recently, after recovering from a debilitating illness, Sanchez wrote UFO Nexus (2023) where he brings his UFO research into the contemporary era by examining recent developments featuring the whistleblower and witness testimonies of David Grusch and other military officials. In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Sanchez discusses his personal contact experiences, professional work as a computer software engineer in Silicon Valley, research on Dulce, and recent whistleblower UFO revelations.

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