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Strange Medical Experiments & More on Nordics Taking Over Space Arks – JP Update #28

In a December 30, 2023 update, JP describes a bizarre series of medical experiments he underwent at a military hospital he was sent to along with five other soldiers. He describes the group of six soldiers being connected to unusual equipment and taking medications that led to very strange physical and temporal situations. He describes being hooked up to a brainwave scanning machine where his dreams would be monitored and how space-time was distorted in ways that tested one’s sense of reality. JP says that the testing involved him and the other soldiers going to sleep and being repeatedly woken together at 2 am to test their reactions to unusual temporal distortions and situations. He says that a Nordic extraterrestrial was involved in running the experiments. JP was able to take a photo and video of the hospital ward where the experiments were conducted.

JP also reveals more information about his prior encounter with Jasif, a Nordic ET, and his last Atlantic Space Ark mission with Nordics in response to concerns over whether he was being manipulated. JP describes what he felt about Jasif, who invited him to enter his spacecraft and the Nordics aboard the Atlantic Space Ark that had taken over temporary control from the Earth Alliance. JP explains more about the nature of the cooperative relationship between the Nordics he has encountered with the Earth Alliance.

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