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UFO Revelations: Are We Ready for Extraterrestrial Contact?

Week in Review – Jan 13, 2024 – Topics

  • A primary source for David Grusch is Dr. Eric Davis
  • Miami Mall incident was likely a Deep State Psyop using holographic tech for a potential bluebeam alien event
  • The Spectator reveals an intriguing official disclosure plan from Britain’s scientific establishment
  • Anthony Sanchez discusses whistleblower accounts of Dulce Underground Base
  • Recent Move to Florida’s Key West
  • Gen Stephen Whiting replaces Gen James Dickinson as head of US Space Command
  • JP Update – Strange Medical Experiments and More on Nordics taking over Space Arks
  • Elena Danaan answers questions about using electronics aboard ET spacecraft
  • New Bill proposed to US Congress to prevent retaliation against civilian pilots for reporting UAPs/UFOs.
  • Key problem with Jacques Vallee and John Keel speculative theories on the unknown aspects of UFO phenomenon.
  • House Oversight Committee given a classified briefing on UFO phenomenon and members promise more disclosures to come.

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David Grusch, Elena Danaan, extraterrestrial contact, Gen Stephen Whiting, UFO disclosure