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JP Update – Returning the Activation Jewel to the Atlantic Space Ark

In mid-September 2023, JP was part of a joint mission to return an activation jewel taken from the Atlantic Space Ark earlier in July 2023. He described how five Nordic extraterrestrials handed off the jewel to JP’s team of four special operators after it had been returned by them. Four of the Nordics joined JP’s team as they descended into the space ark from a donut-shaped naval surface ship.

After it had been taken from the space ark, the jewel had been used to activate ancient technologies around the world. Once again, JP described the deep emotions of sadness and happiness created by the jewel, which affected all members of the joint team including the four Nordics. After completing the mission, JP said the ark had begun moving and would soon detach itself from the elevator shaft connecting it to the naval surface ship. JP was told the space ark was now on the move and was expected to rise into space with the approach of a new Atlantic hurricane.

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