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Tag: Nordic extraterrestrials

The Ancient Underground Castle with Gold Plates – JP Update #31

On February 20, 2024, JP was sent on a five-man mission to an underground location in an icy cold region of the US. He was taken by a Blackhawk helicopter, where he and his companions were drugged and woken up when they arrived at the destination. They were dressed in black outfits equipped with radio-connected...

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Unveiling Catastrophic Disclosures and Moonquakes

Exopolitics Today Week in Review – Feb 3, 2024 Topics Catastrophic Disclosure is Coming Despite Deep State Opposition – Trailer Surge in Moonquakes – a sign of massive infrastructure projects or fighting Additional 85 habitable exoplanets found by British PhD student – JWST will find signs of biosignatures...

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Exploring President Eisenhower’s Close Encounters

Paul Blake Smith has extensively researched historical records, whistleblower testimony, and documentary evidence that President Dwight D. Eisenhower had multiple close encounters with extraterrestrials. These encounters may have begun as early as 1948/1949 when he was working with the Truman administration,...

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