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Nordics & Inner Earthers take control of Space Arks – JP’s 6th Mission to Atlantic Space Ark

On November 28, JP completed his sixth mission to the Atlantic space ark that was moved from the Bermuda Triangle further towards the mid-Atlantic in deeper waters in order to generate greater international cooperation. He says he was taken again by a TR-3B craft to the donut-shaped naval ship that has repositioned itself over the ark. An elevator tube from the donut-shaped ship was still in the process of being re-attached to the space ark, so JP says that a submarine/spacecraft with large hemisphere-shaped radomes attached to it transported him and his team down into the Atlantic ark.

JP said that the Nordics, along with Inner Earth beings, had taken over control of the ark and were now activating it far more quickly than when it was under the control of the US Navy. He saw 18 Nordics & Inner Earthers who were dressed differently walking around the ark but believes there were probably more in other areas they did not visit. The Nordics were particularly interested in what JP knew about what the Aztec Indians had activated during their visit to the ark.

Upon the mission’s completion, JP told the officer in command that he didn’t want to do future missions due to the personal toll they were taking on him. The commanding officer was extremely angry, and upon returning home, JP was followed and attacked with some kind of frequency weapon by individuals in a black van. The next day, he ended up in the hospital. This is third time that JP has ended up in the hospital after doing missions, which has made him reluctant to do future missions.

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