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Nordics take control of Space Arks & Reveal Disturbing Timelines to Earth Alliance –JP Update No.27

On November 4, 2023, JP encountered a Nordic-looking extraterrestrial who landed in a flying saucer-shaped craft similar to one that JP photographed in 2018. The Nordic, whose name is Jafis*, wore a distinctive baggy pants type of uniform, a style similar to what is worn by Indians or in the Middle East.

Jafis told JP that the Atlantic space ark had relocated to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, making it inaccessible to surface humanity as it was being increasingly ‘worshipped’, and this was becoming a problem. Consequently, the Nordics were taking increased control over all the arks and restricting access to Earth militaries.

JP further said that he felt very peaceful inside the Nordic spacecraft and consequently accepted a drink with a blue substance inside it. Jafis told JP that the substance would remain inside his system for a long time as it would be absorbed by his bones. The substance would allow the Nordics to better track and monitor JP. It made him feel very good and enlightened. Soon after, JP began getting urges to become innovative again and build healing technologies using crystals.

Jafis became very emotional at one point and revealed to JP that a temporal war was causing much damage to different timelines. JP was told that he would be taken by the Nordics in a future mission to view some of the timelines that were being shown to the militaries of different nations, aka the Earth Alliance. JP says that a friend took a video of Jafis’ departing spacecraft, and he is attempting to get a copy for public release.

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[* Correction: A few listeners have pointed out that the name of the Nordic does not sound like Yusif. I therefore asked JP for confirmation about the pronunciation of the Nordic that gave him the blue drink. He said it sounds more like ‘Jafis’ and not Yusif as he originally spelled it out for me. So to summarize, the Nordic’s name can spelled out phonetically as Jafis rather than Yusif. I have therefore made the necessary corrections in the above description.]

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