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Investigating Alien Abduction Attempts in Peru – An Interview with Timothy Alberino

Timothy Alberino recently returned from an investigation of claims that aliens were attempting to abduct members of an indigenous tribe in Peru’s Amazon region. Alberino investigated dozens of witnesses to the strange phenomenon which continues to occur. Witnesses described beings wearing full body armor as well as exotic technologies such as levitating circular boards that are not known to exist in open-source technologies. Alberino also found that a flying saucer craft was seen in the vicinity of the abduction attempts, suggesting either an alien or secret space program connection.

Alberino’s conclusion is that the beings are likely humans using unknown exotic technologies from secret space programs. He concludes that the motivation of those behind the phenomenon is not part of a land grab but is to terrify local residents either to prevent them from learning about a classified black project in the area or preparation for a false flag alien event of some kind. The fact that the alien abduction incidents began around the same time as joint US-Peru military exercises does strengthen the conclusion that what is occurring in Peru involves secret space program technologies that may have an extraterrestrial connection.

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