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Alien Attacks in Peru – The Real Thing or a False Flag Psyop?

Timothy Alberino has spent over a decade living in Peru, where he spent much time in the Amazon Basin jungles and fluently speaks the Spanish dialect used by locals. He is very familiar with paranormal events in the Amazon jungles close to where reports of Alien attacks on the Ikitu tribe recently took place. In this Exopolitics Today interview, Alberino discusses his detailed knowledge of the local geography, customs, and behavior of tribes like the Ikitu.

He dismisses international news reports claiming the alien attacks were gold miners trying to scare off the Ikitu tribe using jet packs and drones. Alberino explains his reasons for believing genuine extraterrestrials were involved in the attacks and the possibility these were the same Tall Grays involved in the Las Vegas UFO incident on May 1. He further discusses the presence of US military forces and the launch of the military exercise, Resolute Sentinel, only weeks prior to the alien attacks that began on July 11.

In their conversation about the different possible aliens involved in the attacks, Alberino and Dr. Michael Salla discussed a range of possibilities, from indigenous non-human life forms, off-planet visitors, inter-dimensional beings, and the possibility that the attacks are the initial step of an End Times scenario described in the Christian Bible and other religious scripture. They discussed recently arrived motherships to our solar system and whether these involved AI or organic extraterrestrial life forms. The involvement of the US military in what was occurring suggested advance knowledge of unfolding events that supported a psychological operation involving genuine extraterrestrials that would lead to the intervention of other extraterrestrial groups.

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