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Official UFO Disclosures are on the way – 3 Days to What’s Coming in the Closing Months of 2023 Webinar

We are fast approaching the end of summer, and with it comes the dawn of a historic new era filled with official UFO disclosures that will shock and amaze the American and worldwide public. Several critical factors point to unprecedented disclosure events starting in Fall 2023.

First, the US Congress will reconvene on September 4 and is all set to pass its ground-breaking UAP Disclosure Act for 2023, which creates a formal process through the National Archives for historic UFO records to be finally released. Official records of all UFO incidents older than 25 years, i.e., those prior to 1999, will be automatically released in 2024 unless compelling national security reasons warrant withholding these longer. Most importantly, it will be the US President that will be directly involved in deciding what UFO records to release, a level of access to classified UFO records that has not occurred since the Eisenhower Administration. Presidents Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, Obama, and Trump all tried to get access to classified UFO records during their administrations but failed. It’s hard to imagine any US President not agreeing to disclose UFO records given the level of public support this will give to their administration—especially in an election year.

Second, the US Congress will be holding further hearings on UFO information from whistleblowers who are ready to come forward and blow the lid on secret reverse engineering projects on retrieved alien spacecraft and bodies. David Grusch is merely the first in up to 40 highly credentialed whistleblowers that will be briefing members of Congress in the months ahead. Investigative reporters such as Michael Schellenberger confirm that whistleblowers know of up to 30 UFO craft that are held in various corporate or military facilities, which are being secretly studied.

Third, it’s not just the United States that is in the midst of launching ground-breaking UFO disclosures. Other countries in the Five Eyes Intelligence sharing group are about to unleash their own official disclosures. The likelihood is so great that Larry Maguire, a Canadian Member of Parliament, wrote an official letter to Canada’s Minister of Defense, where he expressed his concern that Canada will be made to look foolish given upcoming official UFO disclosures by other Five Eyes nations, Australia, United Kingdom, and the US. There are also highly credible rumors that France and the United Nations are about to launch their own UFO disclosure initiatives.

Fourth, recent events in Peru point to a very disturbing possibility unfolding in the Fall. The much-anticipated alien false flag event appears to be on the verge of happening there. Why Peru? There are several reasons why. Peru has a population that fully believes in the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, and can handle the cultural shock of very rapid disclosures of extraterrestrial life that would accompany an alien false flag event. Critically, the Peruvian Parliament passed a resolution in May 2023 that allows the US military to enter Peru with weapons of war. The recently completed military exercise Resolute Sentinel saw the involvement of the US Space Force, and overlapped with the first in a series of alleged alien attacks on the Ikitu indigenous tribe on July 11. As many researchers have noted, false flag events often occur after the launch of official military or government exercises. So it’s worth keeping a close watch on Peru.

Finally, the Ukraine War is going badly for the US, NATO, and the Deep State, which fully backed an international media gaslighting campaign that Ukraine could impose a military solution upon Russia through a summer offensive to determine the future of Russian-speaking areas in the Donbas region. As Ukraine’s military collapses, calls for a diplomatic solution are accelerating, thus bringing to a humiliating end the US and NATO’s efforts to humble Russia on the battlefield through their Ukrainian proxy. New major distractions will be needed to redirect an angry European and US population that learns they have been gaslighted, and official UFO disclosures and/or a false flag alien event will handily fulfill that need.

Join me this Saturday in my upcoming webinar as I examine the above factors and what to expect in the final months of 2023. Official UFO disclosures are finally coming but may unfold in unexpected ways through a major false flag event. It’s, therefore, best to be prepared for the various contingencies that can play out, which will ultimately elevate UFOs and extraterrestrial life to the mainstream public consciousness.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.


Date: August 19, 2023

Time: 11 am (PDT), 2 pm (EDT), 6 pm (GMT)

Length: 2 hours, plus 30 min Q & A

Cost: $35*

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