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Reverse Engineering Roswell UFO Crash Technologies & ET Contact – Col Philip Corso Revelations

Paola Harris, M.Ed., first met Lt. Col. Philip Corso during the 50th anniversary of the Roswell UFO Crash in July 1997. He was the author of the newly released New York Times bestseller, The Day After Roswell, where he revealed his participation in the classified study and reverse engineering of captured extraterrestrial technologies from the Roswell UFO crash. In addition to disclosing that he was confidentially briefing Attorney General Robert Kennedy on UFOs during the Kennedy Administration, Corso also told Harris about his direct physical contact with a stranded extraterrestrial while a commander of an Army missile facility at White Sands Missile Range in the 1950s.

Harris has been researching UFO cases since 1979, and in the subsequent decades, she has traveled extensively to interview leading UFO whistleblowers, researchers, and ET contactees worldwide. She has written multiple books recording her interviews and teaches courses for the Exopolitics Institute’s Certificate Program.

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Paola also teaches four courses with the Exopolitics Institute, in which she sits on the Board of Directors. More info about Paola’s courses is available here.

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