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Exopolitics Today – Week in Review with Dr. Michael Salla – Dec 16, 2023


  • How to deal with Religious Zealots proclaiming extraterrestrials are demons
  • David Adair Interview -1 – Rocket building child prodigy
  • Elena Danaan webinar on Enki and the teachings of Jesus
  • David Grusch claims gutting of UAP Disclosure Act is the greatest legislative failure in US history
  • Senator Mike Rounds on failure of UAP Disclosure Act and creation of a UAP Records Collection
  • Tucker Carlson reveals how UFO issue is one of two that scare him the most about the future
  • Dr Gary Nolan on whistleblowers coming forward and support for the interdimensional hypothesis
  • Tucker Carlson interviews David Grusch on UFO disclosure
  • Nordics and Inner Earthers take control of space arks
  • Did Senator Chuck Schumer support the UAP Disclosure Act knowing it would be gutted in the House of Reps?
  • More insiders are claiming there’s an official cover up of extraterrestrial life and contact has happened.
  • NDAA Act for 2024 with UAP provisions passes Congress and heads to White House for adoption into law
  • Why Files Episode on Book of Enoch reveals pre-flood legends of ET contact and Space Arks

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Chucker Schumer, David Adair, David Grusch, Elena Danaan, Tucker Carlson, UAP Disclosure Act